PS3 ASR Trophy Fix Coming With DLC & Patch

PS3 ASR Trophy Fix Coming With DLC & Patch

UPDATE: In a post at TSSZ correcting a statement made in an article regarding the upcoming ASR patch Steve Lycett has revealed the patch will not only prepare the game for DLC and fix some problems but will also give Xbox 360 and PS3 owners the ability to access the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace in-game. Steve also reassures fans that the update will be released soon.

You won’t have to pay for the update – that’s going to go out free. It purely add’s support for us to do DLC and provides in-game access to the PSN store and XBLA marketplace. As a bonus, it’s allowed us to address a few concerns players are having to boot.

End of that day, sometimes things get missed, despite extensive testing. It does work for the majority of users, just there are fringe cases where it doesn’t. We know why and it’s fixed now, update not too far off.



There have been reports from some but not all PS3 owners of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing including myself claiming that the Dreamarena Trophy will not unlock. The bronze Trophy is described as “Play with a Friend online.” but despite many efforts it still wont unlock but now you can put your worries to rest as Sumo Digital have discovered the cause of this problem.

In a post at the official SEGA forums Steve Lycett Executive Producer at Sumo Digital had this to say –

I’ve been looking for the thread of this…

We are looking at it, especially as we’ve figured out why it doesn’t work for some folk. It’ll be sorted soon…


A member at the SEGA forums has received the following e-mail response from a query they sent in about the problem but doesn’t state their source be it a rep from Sumo Digital or a SEGA rep. Here is the response –

just to let you know i got a reply today..

“Thanks for your email. We’ve been looking into reports with an issue with the Dreamarena trophy. It seems depending where the player exists in your friends list, sometimes this may not trigger.

We are looking to release an update to support new DLC in the near future, our plan is to include some new code to address this.

Apologies for the problem you’re having, hopefully we’ll have the update out soon and it should make this work as expected!”

Yiippeee hopefully it will be fixed soon!

Also of interest is the mention that the patch will enable the game to support the earlier reported to be coming sooner rather than later DLC, so anyone worried that the DLC will just be an unlock key for content already on the disc can now rest assured that this will be pure and fresh new content.

We’ll keep an eye out for the patch and any further information regarding this and DLC then update you here.


  1. Is this problem only on the PS3 version? Anyone know if the XBOX or Wii versions have this problem too?

  2. While its good that they’re fixing this problem, I find it a bit of a piss take that people will have to pay for it.

  3. @ FTA
    You don’t have to pay for it, its a patch that will fix the problem and prepare your game for the upcoming DLC.

  4. @Shad

    While I don’t question you, TSSZ said in their article that you will have to pay. I don’t really care either way, I don’t own a PS3, I just thought having to pay to fix something that shouldn’t have been broken in the first place was out of order.

    But if this is indeed free, then good show chaps.

  5. FTA: I wouldn’t take anything as read until it is actually announced as such. Title updates are usually free. It is the DLC itself that costs money. Not sure what this other site’s source is, but until it’s confirmed I wouldn’t assume that paying for fixes is a foregone conclusion.

    EDIT: “You won’t have to pay for the update – that’s going to go out free.”
    ^ Steve Lycett.

  6. Tristian must either be totally desperate for page hits or a total blitherin’ idiot for thinking that you would have to pay for the patch.

    Then again given recent history, most likely both is correct.

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