First Footage Of Sonic Classic Collection

First Footage Of Sonic Classic Collection

UPDATE: The same YouTube user has posted game play from Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic 2. Thanks Eggman123 and Pearl for the heads up.
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[youtube][/youtube] Thanks to YouTube user RondoOfBloodX fans of Sonic’s Mega Drive/Genesis series who are on the wall about purchasing Sonic Classic Collection on Nintendo DS can now rejoice as from this footage we can see everything is running perfectly smooth, graphics are fine and the sound seems to be fine too. Check it out in the above video and let us know if its a yes or a no from you in the comments.

Direct link to video

Thanks to sagagadego09 at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. I think I MAY have seen a TINY bit of slowdown just before the first Drill encounter…but I’ll still be getting this. 😀

  2. It’s looking to be another Sonic collection….that we’ve had before….a million times….with an inflated price tag.

    God bless Sega.

  3. ^ Yes, but as opposed to the others, this is handheld. So you know those long bus/train/airplane rides? Yeah. Classic Sonics on the go.

  4. How can he say its better than Genesis when it is EXACTLY the same as Genesis?

    Have fun guying this game for the umpteenth time, folks~

  5. I’m just happy to say that I’ll be playing those games for the first time starting tomorrow.

  6. @Stan

    He means “Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis” the port of “Sonic the Hedgehog” on the Gameboy Advance.

    I think this looks excellent! I’ll definitely be picking it up.

  7. @Shadzter

    Beat me to it, by nine minutes too. That’ll teach me to hit the refresh button.

  8. Resolution is cropped a bit to fit on the DS’s screen. This is why I’ve decided to pass on this collection. I own these games enough times that I’m okay with not getting it. If I really need portable, classic Sonic, I’ll get a Genesis emulator whenever I finally get a PSP, and play the exact game with no slowdown at all, and the full resolution.

  9. My dad’s giving me a little money,I should save it for a PSU for my computer,but if I have any left,I’ll pick this up.

  10. @ Stan Agree with Shadzter and Nostalgia, they are talking about Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis for GBA.

  11. Couldn’t this be a megadrive emulator for an R4 or something? he never shows the bottem screen.

  12. Is there a level select in Sonic 1 and 2 that doesn’t require you to put in those stupid codes that I can never remember?

  13. @The HumbleFellow
    Not sure, I’ll have to ask AAUK or someone in the U.S. who will have picked it up since its out now in the shops there.

  14. @ TheHumbleFellow;
    What’s so hard about UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT,START + A and 19,65,09,17,START + A?

  15. @ Stan

    He’s saying it’s better than Sonic Genesis for the GBA. You know the one with all the glithes, frame rate problems and awful collision detection?

  16. @ Sinister Swiss

    I think it may have been just the video quality itself that made it look as though there was a spot of slowdown. Either that or it was because Sonic ended up losing all his rings at that moment (even the original Mega Drive/Genesis versions suffered some framerate troubles whenever that happened). In any case, it’s very reassuring to find out for certain that it’s not the failure that Sonic 1 on GBA turned out to be 🙂 I don’t know about anyone else, but I plan on tossing my copy of that monstrosity as soon as Classic Collection gets released in the UK!

  17. @Knuxtaben

    The Sonic 2 code is a bit more complex than the Sonic 1 code, that really would be difficult to remember.

  18. @Psych

    But Sonic Genesis on the GBA didn’t even get a UK release; did you import it or something? XD

  19. @ Will

    Yeah, it was a US copy that I bought from Ebay. When it first came out I felt gutted it didn’t get a UK release, but after buying it and giving it a go, I’m actually thankful they decided against it. I hated having to turn all the sounds off on the GBA just to keep the game running as smoothly as possible, and even then it didn’t make much difference. But judging from what we’ve seen, it looks like Sega won’t be making the same mistakes again, so I’m definitely going to get CC when it gets its UK release next Friday

  20. This is DEFINITELY a buy for me! I’ve always wanted to play these games on a portable system and Nomads are always really expensive so this is my best option especially since the gameplay is faithful to the original Genesis games.

  21. i went to my store and they dont have it in and i preordered it a month ago lol. they said i have to wait till the 12th 🙁

  22. Wonky DS resolution aside, the emulation looks like it doesn’t have any obvious or obnoxious hiccups. I’m impressed!

  23. Looks cool, but I think I’ll stick with my Sonic Mega Collection for the GC. If I need a Sonic fix on the go, I never get sick of the first Sonic Advance, and I’m still missing a few S-ranks on Sonic Rush Adventure!

  24. Just one thing to be aware of before purchasing this is that the two player is locked on the games, so only single player is possible. The options and sound test are also locked, so you can’t listen to the music, nor use the level select (or use debug mode.) As far as I know, I believe that the level select does work on Sonic 1 but not on the other games.

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