EU PAL Wii Version Of ASR Hacked

EU PAL Wii Version Of ASR Hacked

Released just 5 days ago in Europe the EU PAL Wii version of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing has already been hacked by the Wii game hacking community who are giving themselves benefits to use in online races such as abilities to always hold items and which of those items they would like to use at their will among many other things.

I for one found a hacker online earlier today hosting a room who in races would blast off ahead at incredible speeds, wait at the finish line for everyone on the last lap before oddly allowing everyone to cross the line before him/her then in other races simply win as quick as possible.

If more hackers do the rounds in online play this could become a large problem for Wii players searching for a fair game online. The online feature is part of Nintendo’s free service but game fans may well feel shortchanged from their purchase of the title if these hackers ruin the experience. We’ll keep an eye on this issue and update you if things become better or worse.

Note: We dont condone the hacking of games and so we’re not disclosing our source or info about our source.


  1. Damn…when we people learn that playing games isn’t about hacking to win? It’s just no fun.

    Hopefully nothing like this ends up in the 360 version… 🙁

  2. I doubt the 360 version would be affected.

    Unlike Nintendo, Microsoft actually care about online play and thus rarely get hacks, or solve them as quickly as possible. Wii’s online is made of epic fail.

  3. well i’ve been accused of hacking ALOT over PS3… i won races 30 seconds+ before everyone else as Ryo… and simply got kicked from that hosted game for winning… theres no such thing as a fair game, its all bitchers AND sore losers =/ unlike if it was my game, i wouldn’t mind if i lost a game.. i certainly wouldn’t shout abuse down the headset -.-;

  4. I don’t see the fun in winning using hacks or cheat codes.
    Besides, the developers spend one hell of a time developing a game, then some wannabehaxxorz come and try to show the world how big their ***** are by hacking it. Great deal, huh.

  5. @ProjectZuel: Exactly, I don’t think I’ve played too many games online as it’s just…well, as you said, fail. 😛

    I was seriously disappointed with Brawl’s online play…but still, it’s great enjoyed with friends. 🙂

  6. Actually, last night I was playing a hosted game of ASR for my Xbox 360 and they were hacking it. x__X Badly.

    They did the same thing. Wait at the line, or drop the race purposely. I would get no points cause of it.

    This continued to happen mainly with one host, and people began to get infuriated.

    They’ll even do a thing where you’re items will be locked. You wouldn’t be able to use them for the entire time of the race. Oy, it was terrible. This should get some attention as well. Not just the Wii version. >__<;

  7. Ah…not good. How come it’s seeming so easy to hack into this game?

    I guess the only thing we can do is file complaints against the hacker’s Gamertags…

  8. Hacking can be a fun thing to do in general if you want to mess with the games limits, but you should definatly keep it to yourself and not use it to cheat online.

  9. @Will: Say, Mr. Bean on MKWii. He hacks just for the hell of it. He never wins, and pays handsomely in VR for all the chaos. THOSE are the only hackers I’ll accept.

  10. Oh sure the PAL version is hacked already…*sigh* Anyway as an amateur hacker myself I will say I frown about this kind of hacking. I do not believe in hacking during multiplayer. That’s just dishonesty which I hate. Hacking in single player to make the game more fun is alright but doing it during Multiplayer is just wrong!

  11. Uh…PsychoJosh? I OWN A WII thank you very much! D=<
    Back to the POINT…this isn't the first time that an online racing game has been hacked – I for one have seen TOO MANY OF THEM on Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart DS.
    Nintendo haven't actually released an update to the Wii Menu in ages – perhaps that is why the Bannerbomb hacking tool hasn't been detected yet (the Twilight Hack, infamous for being the first on the Wii, has been blocked).

  12. Exactly why I’m getting it on 360, I stopped playing MarioKart Wii online due to hackers.

  13. @ShadoHejjihoggu

    The 360 version will get patched to stop hacking, the Wii version won’t because Ninteod doesn’t care about their online community.

  14. Well, hacking online isn’t fun. When I was younger I used to hack Sonic DX on PC, change color and so on. And do other kind of hacks. Just for fun, but hacks online just suck!

  15. @ Sinister Swiss

    Exactly. I was looking forward to Brawl’s online. What’d we get? Serve lag, friend codes and no level system.

    Nintendo’s online is far worse than the previous generation of consoles.

  16. I have 360 version. I heard that there are hackers in the Wii. But I think there may be the chances that players meet some hackers on Xbox 360. Hopefully that I don’t run into them.

  17. i feel sorry for people who don’t hack why should they not have fun because of those ****ing hackers
    i hate all hackers

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