Drunken College Students Have a Sonic Party

Drunken College Students Have a Sonic Party

The University of Manchester “Korfball” team (linkage here if you said, “what the fuck is Korfball?”) loves to play Korfball and have team socials.  With all that partying, the kids have to mix it up every once in a while, eh?  At their most recent social, they decided to all dress up like Sonic.

Here is the result of college students, lots of alcohol, and blue paint:

The man who submitted the photos to UK: Resistance says that these photos were the least incriminating.  Save us all.

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  1. My cousin plays korfball. He’s a Sonic fan, too. But thankfully, he’s never done THIS… 😀

  2. I feel like if I was being eated alive by a bunch of piranhas, while I’m swiming in a pool of acid and I am forced to have my eyes open while all this happens, and I can’t die no matter how much I want it….

    Yeah, that pretty much sums up my feelings about this… “pictures”…

  3. Oh, hey, there’s one that looks like Amy in the first picture.


  4. Sonic with a posing pouch? I guess that’s where he’s been keeping his rings all this time.

  5. black sonic white sonic EVERYONE DRESS UP AS SONIC *sings* WAIT WAIT WAIT WTF Who said dress as Amy xD I smell a lawsuit, for every male in that pic. xD

  6. Whats with you guys!? This part looked awesome, and yes the girl in the bottom pick is hot! I would!

  7. *HURL*
    …Oh that thing shouldn’t be on the ground right now.

    I’m rather impressed they bothered with the shoes, to be honest! xD

  8. I like the one up front who thinks a dash of blue paint on his forehead passes for a Sonic costume.

  9. Pffft! Hahaha..Hey, I love how there’s just that random normal girl with the pink scarf in the first pic. This is some of the funniest stuff I’ve seen all day! XD

  10. @Dreadknux

    I second that notion, not sure if Sega and AAUK will approve through……..

  11. @Misk: I’d rather hang out with these guys than the butt-hole sonic elitists who keep whining about modern Sonic games.

    @Casanova: You have to understand that half the people on this site either haven’t drank, or just haven’t been invited to a party before. lol So stuff like this would look weird or scary to them….they just haven’t bloomed into social butterflies yet. 8D

    Rock the paint, guys.

  12. Pfft, look at all these pansies in the comments. Pretty sure most of the negative comments are from Americans too, figures they’d be uptight and closed-minded about something like this. Grow up already, kids! 😀

    Looks like a great party, good to know other people in the UK know how to have a good time and not give a damn what they look like in the process. I was worried it was becoming a lost art.

    I tip my proverbial hat to you, good sirs and madams.

    (And yes, definitely try and get these guys down to Summer of Sonic, they know how to have a good time. ^_^b )

  13. Some people should NOT be given alcohol. Or Sonic costumes. This is proof.

    And yes, I rly hate to think what happened to Amy 😛

  14. Amy there looks like she’s about to throw up XD
    Awesome idea, I’ll see how well that goes down at the next drunken party I’m at. No one’ll go for it, but never hurts to try 😀

  15. Just, just what brand of alchohol would it take to get a party like this… CHAOS COOLER?!

  16. Looks like they were having fun. Damn, I wish I could have joined in the shenanigans. XD

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