Bentley Jones Protests “Unauthorised” SEGA Releases

Bentley Jones Protests “Unauthorised” SEGA Releases

Earlier today Lee Brotherton – better known as Bentley Jones – posted a statement on his blog regarding the use of his work on recent Sega/Wavemaster music album releases. In an uncharacteristically formal language, he singled out last year’s True Colors: The Best of Sonic the Hedgehog Part 2, notable for his previously unheard vocals in the track Open Your Heart (K-Klub Remix).

The full message from his blog is below.

It disappoints me to announce that the latest SEGA / Wave-Master releases relating to the Sonic series have proceeded without my consent, approval or notification. Specifically regarding the “True Colors” album, I wish to stress that I have not paid any direct contribution to its production at any point and is therefore not an accurate representation of my work. Furthermore; the music, vocals, production, engineering and my likeness(es) that appear on these albums do so without my permission, proper crediting and, in some instances, by breaching the copyrights of my work.

The royalties that I would normally be entitled to for any music that I have written have been denied, and so the only people who have been profiting from the exploitation of me and my music are SEGA.

The delay in issuing this statement has been due to legal investigations, and because of ongoing inquiries it may not be possible to comment on this area of my work through any medium: my sincerest apologies to the fans. Under protest, I will not list nor promote these albums as I do not consider them to be official additions to my discography.

I hope that my fans will understand and sympathise with this situation and I hope it will be resolved very soon.

// Bentley x

Bentley Jones rose to Sonic stardom some years ago when he was invited by Jun Senoue to create some remixes for Shadow the Hedgehog’s soundtrack. He has since worked on one of the theme songs to Sonic 06, Dreams of an Absolution, along with various remixes. From this – and his past work creating club mixes of pop songs for Remix Factory – Bentley Jones has created a solo career that resulted in a hit dance cover album in Japan. His popularity in the fanbase has made him a regular at the Summer of Sonic convention.

This could be a case of legal misunderstanding between the two parties, and Bentley Jones remained tight-lipped about any potential litigation process. But, this is some pickle, and we at least hope it’s resolved soon with minimal fuss.

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  1. WTF….tsk tsk Sega. I wonder whats next…hopefully nothing to big.
    In Nintendo related news yes Lunar is going to buy Mario Galaxy 2
    Don’t get so surprised >.>

  2. I really don’t think this is true. I have the True Colors album and Bentley Jones is properly credited in the booklet for Open You Heart (K-Klub Remix). Besides, Jun was the one who produced this album along with The Works and The Best of Crush 40 and I know Jun is not the type of person to do anyone wrong or take money from them.

    If you need any proof here it is:

  3. Not to mention that that song is Jun’s and Kenichi Tokoi’s in the first place. All Bentley did was remix it and it clearly states in the booklet “Remixed by LB (Remix Factory)”. So I don’t understand what the gripiing is about.

  4. @Sonic1991

    The original Open Your Heart was produced by Jun and Tokoi, but not the K-Klub remix. They were just involved in it. The remix was originally done by the entire Remix Factory, including Lee

  5. The issue is not whether or not he’s been credited. What he seems to be saying, is that he did not contribute anything to the album. He did not contribute in any way to the song he is credited for on the album. Therefore they are making improper use of his likeness, and arguably making profit off of his name.

    Think of it like this. If I had a hip hop album and told everyone Jay-Z was on it (and they weren’t able to tell the difference), people would buy it. If Jay-Z was not on it, they wouldn’t buy it.

    Therefore, he’s saying if credited on an album you need to be compensated for it, and he is not being compensated for it. They either need to take the improper reference to him off the album, or start paying him.

  6. I’m not Bentely’s biggest fan but after meeting him at SOS 09 I couldn’t help but like the guy but popularity or not this is a huge mess Sega have gotten themselves into. Bentley Jone’s as a music artist deserves to be credited for his works and using his music without permission his outrageous.

    At worse this could lead to a breakdown in relations between him and Sega with the latter having only themselves to blame. Hopefully the situation is cleared up before complications arise.

  7. I think Bentley wants $. Jun is too honest and humble a person to take advantage of another person knowingly. Maybe Bentley Jones is taking advantage of – here’s a theory – an over-the-phone agreement he made for the soundtrack. And no legal paperwork for his remix means he has the ability to sue – and fulfill his passion for cash.

    But I hope this is just a misunderstanding. And I hope no tensions arise in this mess.

  8. Addition: I never saw Bentley as a money grubber, but I may have been wrong. I KNOW Jun is clean in this entanglement – at least out of ignorance.

  9. That Bentley Jones is only a fucking EMO who wants the money from those who give him a chance to be famous. Screw you emo! i hope sega dont work with you again! You are horrible!

  10. I’m not shocked, Lunar, I’m not shocked. I also intend on buying Super Mario Galaxy 2, but I traded in Sonic and the Black Knight, almost immediately after beating the game’s final boss.

  11. @Dakota Jones

    Nope, just because im a Sonic fan, and not a Bentley Jones fan sorry. I dont like his music, and if he comes now with the stupid copyright problem to Sega, he’s the one to shut up!

  12. I dont give a damn if your not a fan or not, If u dont have anything productive to say, then shut up. your not helping the situation at all by calling him an emo and a money stealer. what the hell would u do if u had to go through all this legal crud for the past few months for your stuff that someone illegally distributed?? Lee is a good person, he would never do something like this unless he had too

  13. Agreed. Attacking Bentley over this is pathetic. He has every right to complain if he feels that his name is being used for profit without his say and without compensation. That’s not ’emo’ – that’s simply business. Whether the other party actually IS to blame is for the legality teams to sort out, but flinging abuse at BJ without any real insider knowledge of the situation is highly childish and immature. If you have nothing productive to say then simply keep quiet.

  14. @Nameless:

    Uh… mate? Bentley is the -exact opposite- of emo. If you’ve ever met him, you’ll notice that immediately.

    And regardless of whether you like his music or not (and you’ve made it pretty obvious that you don’t, and that’s fine by me), this is still a legal mix-up, and what he should do has absolutely nothing to do with your opinion whatsoever.

  15. @Umiyuri: You said “this is still a legal mix-up, and what he should do has absolutely nothing to do with your opinion whatsoever.”

    That makes me wonder: Why did Bentley Jones bring the fans into this mess? I don’t think he needs our opinions to make his case in court – if necessary.

    What he needs to do is be mature. Bentley pulling the fans into his personal problems is like the media pulling the world into the life of Tiger Woods. While I can possibly see a good intent in his call to his fans, we cannot do much for the man aside from argue amongst ourselves if he is telling the truth or not. And even then, that exercise is a bit pointless and exhausting.

    And so, we should hope Bentley does not prove to be an immature, money-thirsty musician. At least I do.

  16. @ YoshiAngemon:
    O_O Really. I keep every sonic game after I beat em. Mainly because I love the worlds and unique design. I…uh kinda drooled when sonic transformed in Excalibur sonic. Then I hooked it up to my HD TV and was blown away. xD I still have the game, mainly because I love using Lancelot. Gawain, bleh. Percival, well I wasn’t surprised she had a thing for sonic ((sonaze fan ;p)) Personally the game was good BUT it wasn’t really a good idea to have it after sonic unleashed.

    @ Nameless:
    WTF >.> Dude the man is cool. He cheery and happy. I don’t sense and emo-ness coming out of Bentley and dont see it soon. How can he be emo, especially after that last pic. He was a little to happy xD

    @ everyone who thinks he a money grabbing hoddy
    The Captain says it all…

  17. @hifihedgehog

    Dude, he has been acting mature.

    He’s been keeping this whole situation behind closed doors ever since True Colors was released last year (read his twitter, “The truth is finally beginning to emerge…”). Something bad must of sparked though between him and sega recently, which would make him announce this.

  18. @Dakota Jone:

    But why does Bentley Jones need us? I’m sure he has a slew of lawyers at his disposal who could easily settle the case. And also: the way he wrote his post – “The truth is finally beginning to emerge” – seems quite like an attention grabber for publicity. It does not sound sincere or definite.

    Trust me – Bentley Jones is after something here, whether it be money or publicity, and I do not like it. I guess I have another celebrity to add to my “Do Not Like” list.

  19. @hifihedgehog

    He’s only saying that “the truth is beginning to emerg” because there were alot of questions that were coming out that were not getting answered about the starry night remix and the K-klub remix.

    when me and my friend asked him via twitter about if he made/finished those remixes for True Colors awhile back, he didnt say anything due to what sega did without his permission

  20. Darkota Jones, you should shut up really:S and others who think like you should shut up too

  21. Dude, get a girlfriend;) i dont want to offend anyone but you are defending a singer who tries to fuck Sega with copyright. Suspicious your name is Dakota Jones like Bentley Jones, you are married or something?

  22. @nameless

    First things first dumbass, His REAL last name is BROTHERTON, repeat, ‘BROTHERTON’ not JONES. My last name is in fact, JONES.

    Second, I told you before, he would only do this if he HAD too.

    Third, I have a girlfriend thank yew very much 🙂 what about you?

    Fouth, what kind of retarded name is ‘Nameless’? xDDD my god dude a freakin 17 month old baby would be able to think of a better name than that. are you THAT big of a wussy to put your Real name up (or at least a better online name up)?

    Last, Im only defending him because I know he a good person. Would a selfish, money stealing, emo who works in a high class corporation Ever talk to his fans? what about even letting his fans pick the Album cover for his EP? Or even better yet, would a selfish guy give the whole sonic cummunity a chance to star in his fucking Music Video??

    I dont think so.

    So before this blows out even more than it should: Shut up, Grow up, and get a fucking life. Your just making a complete fool of yourself. and as much as I love to sit here bitch with you, I need to go talk with more sophisticated people now 🙂

  23. Woooh those words are from a real man:D you must feel very important right now:D well, as i said, i dont defend the part of Mister Lee Brotherton, because when he make a deal with Sega to record songs like ”Dreams of an Absolution” or ”So much More” Sega has all the Rights to use those Songs, in games, in compilations, etc. Sega has the same rights as Mr.Brotherton to use them. So, i still think this singer dont have any reason, and im sad to see that panorama… people should defend more Sega and not those singers without taking care if he’s a good singer or not.

    And for you Dakota Jones, i got a life, and you are the first to say me ”Shut Up” when you dont have any authority, you lost your manners first. I gave my opinion and you should defend more Sega than a Singer.

    Oh, and say Hi to your girlfriend;)

  24. K I’ll tell her buddy ;D

    I respect people who voice their opinions, but it aint right when people like you start to desecrate people for who they really arnt.

    Oh and one more thing, Im not the one who lost thier manners cause I wasnt the one that started calling people emo and gay 😀

  25. @Nameless

    Look…I apolegize for what I said. I respect that you are not a fan of him, but I dont believe its right for you to be calling him things that he isnt. You and I both know that we dont know what EXACTY is the main reason for all this, hell it could be multiple reasons, not just because the songs. but HiFiHedgehog is right, arguing about all this is pointless and its stressful on everyone. again I apolegize, but I dont believe its right to say all that

  26. Ha ha!

    Sonic drama that’s not even directly related to Sonic. Only on the internet. ¦D

  27. I got a reason to be so angry with this. I live in a country, where an organization who protects the copyrights of the singer and gets money from those who violate them. In actual times, this organization become some kind of Mafia, getting money from inocent people for simply hearing a song in name of actual pop singers, etc and governament does nothing to stop them cause they get a bit of the money they got. Im angry with the copyrights for this, and im loyal to Sega, Sonic and everything related to it since i was a child. I dont know the reasons of brotherton to do this now, but im allways with Sega.

    and with this, i close this stupid discussion, we dont get any useful from this

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