A Pair of Splash Hill Remixes

A Pair of Splash Hill Remixes

Guess who’s back.  Back again.

Today, in honor of the recent release of Splash Hill screenshots and music, we’ve got a pair of remixes (holy shit, already?).  This first one is a “modern” twist on the latest obligatory green zone by remixing it in the style of  the Adventure games or Sonic Heroes:


Reminds me of Seaside Hill, so big ups on this one.  Seaside Hill is my joint.  P4KO, nice work on this remix and thanks for sending it our way, bronik.

This next remix of “Green Hill: Part 7,000” is by none other than Gecko Yamori.  His interpretation is of the “classic” variety, using the 16-bit sounds found within the Genesis/Mega Drive:


Once again, I am personally wowed at how fan remixes have been making the Sonic 4 songs catchy. I guess I just find the choice of instruments obnoxious in the official tracks, especially the synth.  That’s just me, though, so what do you guys think about the music and these remixes?

Do that shit.

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  1. the cassic one reminds me of Sonic Advance 1,2 & 3. Both of theese remixes are awesome! 😀

  2. Gah, that first one there makes me wish I had done something like that! Nice tone on the guitar.

    I’ll try maybe and do one of these when a new track gets out cause thats awesome.

  3. God, I can’t get this song out of my head. It’s not quite as good as Green Hill, but it still beats Emerald Hill IMO.

  4. holy crap. These are both incredible. There are some really talented fans. I wish the songs were more like this, I don’t like the synthetics as much

  5. holy crapola! The second one needs to replace the current version. It is so genesis era and perfect!

  6. The second one sounds like it’d be perfect for a pinball (or “bouncy”) style zone. Seems to use the same instruments as Balloon Park.

    Yes, the tunes so far are perfectly fine and catchy but I too am struggling to get on board with the actual instruments in the official versions. It would be great if these remixers re-did the whole soundtrack, so you could download several complete, alternate Sonic 4 soundtracks to the XBox to play over the top of the original. It would be a pain to keep switching them at each act granted, but would be an interesting fan development. DIY soundtracks.

  7. The second one reminds me of the music from Streets of Rage 2, from the nightclub area mainly

  8. I’m loving the second version! It’s reminding of something from Pokemon Gold though. Maybe some new bike music?

  9. The classic version is awesome! it has a lot of green groove (genesis version) and that can only be good. 😀

    The rock version needs some work, I readed Seaside Hill and I got all excited, now I am dissapointed. =l

  10. There are some fans out there with skill. Both of those were amazing, especially the second one. I swear if Sonic 4 was released in 1995 it would sound just like that!

  11. Hm, I miss the sound of the bass in the first remix (or some low strings, maybe), but it sounds awesome :] As for the second one, it sounds good, but I think it stays too much between something sonic 3d blast-ish and the master system tunes, maybe because the beats don’t fit this type of meldy so well.

    Now that would be awesome!

  12. “This next remix of Green Hill”

    It should be Splash Hill. 🙂

    The remixes are mazing, and already they have a lot!

  13. The rock version is more of a straight remake, while the genesis one plays with the tune a bit more. I agree that an expanded soundtrack option would be great though. I’d spend a buck to download new songs for each act by Gecko Yamori.

  14. @Sonic: That was the joke. Note how it’s called “Green Hill: Part 7000” since Splash Hill has the checkerboards and wrecking ball boss. Hooray, you have a sense of humor. Gold star.

  15. @Brad Flick

    It wasn’t very obvious to me, it could’ve meant the millions of remixes or levels made after it…I also don’t quite like that attitude when you could have very well been making a mistake. So much for being helpful…

  16. Wow. Just wow. The fans can make better old-school Sonic music then SEGA can! I totally agree with what LiQuidShade said. Maybe after the first episode comes out there can be some sort of collab with different music people like with the Sonic 3 remix album Project Chaos or something.

    These guys need to get paid =P

  17. I like that second one. It reminds me of a cross between Green Grove and Balloon Park.

    I still don’t get the hate for the official songs though. It really bewilders me. I look at comments like “appalling” and “not catchy” and wonder if we’re listening to the same songs…

  18. I don’t find the choice of synth in the official tracks obnoxious. However, I wouldn’t want to have all the tracks in the game end up sounding like that.
    That second remix is pure gold.
    I wonder what the other acts of this stage will sound like. Simply rearrangements like in Sonic Rush Adventure, or heavily remixed like Hydrocity/Lava Reef?

  19. Sudden realization of irony.

    Gecko Yamori is an classic OCRemixer.

    Yet no one wanted OCR to have anything to do with Sonic 4.

    But now a lot of people like what he did.

    Hindsight it 20/20. Maybe for Episode 2?

  20. @Burtzman I was wondering that myself. Act variations in the Advance and rush series have always been very similar, whereas in S3&K they could often be very different – in a couple of cases, the link between the tunes was incredibly loose. I think what helped there was how visually different the acts could be from each other, particularly in the case of Lava Reef. Splash Hill has the sunset variation for Act 3, but I’m not sure how strong an indication this is for variety within the acts of the other levels. Look forward to finding out.

  21. Well no, me either, Burtzman. I’d be hoping for different instrumentation for different zones at the very least.

    But yeah, the official one to me sounds like Emerald Hill as remixed by Alex Brandon. (Tyrian, Unreal Tournament)

    Others: Gecko’s is awesome like I said, but so are a lot of remixes.
    Besides, extra tracks as DLC? Would you not just turn down the ingame music and play it from Media Centre or, hell, an Ipod?

  22. Sorry….but the second one totaly sucks and it was a long time ago I heard something that bad….seriosly…it’s not good at all, just incredible annoying. Sorry to the person who made it.

    I don’t say that I can do it better…but it was just not good at all.

    But the first one was really awesome! I’m going to listen to it again! I realllllyyyy like it!

  23. i’ve been making a remix myself, learned how to play it on guitar 😀
    lemme know if you guys wanna see a metal version 😛

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