Tony Blair Plays Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

Tony Blair Plays Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

Did you know ex UK Prime Minister Tony Blair enjoys a bit of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing? Well if you own the DS version you’ll find he is a very competitive player as he is in quite a few of the top 6 leaderboards. Think you can beat his times?


  1. @ Sinister Swiss
    Thank you XD

    There are some other funny names on the leaderboards too like Disco Stu and ABBA

  2. @ Will
    Of course its someone using his name, its something I noticed and thought it was funny so I thought I’d show you guys. Imagine if it really was him XD

  3. @ HiFiHedgehog
    XD It might just be him then, I must track him down for a game and see if he lives up to his leaderboard times.

  4. @ Angel C.
    Its more than likely someone pretending to be him but as HiFiHedgehog pointed out further up that he has been involved with the gaming business recently so it could be him lol!

    If you have the DS version check the leaderboards, he’s in quite alot of the top 6.

  5. You’ve hit a new low, mister ex-prime minister…

    Ok, we all know this isn’t the real guy. If a member of parliament even gets seen near a local games store then they get the boot.

    Meh, hopefully he gives Sonic 4 a go!

  6. Ha, I’ve beaten Mr. Blair and gotten #1 in a few of the courses. With Chuih, no less.

    Also anyone else notice that EVERYONE on the leaderboards uses Sonic, Shadow, Jacky, or Eggman?…

  7. Lol, I use Sonic but I keep stumbling upon new ideas to get awesome times during my races. o.o

    Just so you folks know. :3

  8. I think I still win for most awkward player name. Sonadow.

    (It’s also the name of a Chao I own on SA2B.)

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