Three Clean Screenshots from the Sonic 4 Trailer

Three Clean Screenshots from the Sonic 4 Trailer

Our friends at SegaOnline have sent us clean, high-definition gameplay images from the trailer.  Check them out in the gallery below.

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  1. Really digging the Sonic model in this so far. This looks excellent so far, but I have a feeling that Sonic Team will probably fuck it up…

  2. I hope everything goes well please dont let us down sega i really thought chubby sonic was going to be used but oh well

  3. Yeah…dodgy running animation…and second character to be unveiled on website. Let’s hope they use whirly legs as a dodgy HEY GUYS HERES SOME MORE MINOR NEWS ABOUT SONIC 4 and that second character is either original style Sonic or Tails for coop

  4. fix the running and consider Sonic 4 to be a GOD under the video games.

    however again i’m impressed how none of these:
    “HE HAS GREEN EYES!!!111!! EPIC FAIL1!!1”
    guys are here at tss.
    this site is just awesome to stay and have a good time as a sonic fan. =)

  5. They don’t look 3D at all. Is it a low-quality footage? I assume so, since we saw a clearly 3D model of Sonic on the website. Hmm, but the rest of the graphics look OK. I’d rather the graphics to look like that, because Sonic looks more like a sprite that way.
    I think I know what the thing on the right of Sonic on the website is (second character). It’s the same model, but with that cel-shading sort of filter he has when playing the levels. Hooray! Let’s keep waiting.

  6. I don’t know…I’m not feeling the look of this game. If SEGA is doing things the “old-school Sonic” way, I think they should have gone all the way and made this game totally 2D. I just hope that not all the Sonic games released after this one follow in this pattern *still hoping for a legit Sonic Adventure 3*.

    On a side note, I can see all the so-called critics (IGN, GameInformer, etc.) ripping this game apart, whether it turns out to be good or not.

  7. Aside the running animation, am I not the only person who thinks that the grass is a little too flat, too? I like what they did with the spiral, but it’s as if they put all their effort into making that one prop, and then paid no attention to what we’d be seeing the most in that particular zone – since we’d be running on it, after all.

    Furthermore, I have to say that the trailer did the game absolutely no justice (when they used the models OUTSIDE of the gameplay). Even with legit gameplay footage, I’m afraid that it might not be as fast as the originals. Something tells me it’s been dumbed down. And frankly, the one thing that I want out of all this is to see the camera being unable to keep up with the blue blur at top speed.

  8. You all realise that they first trailer is always the beta form of the game not the end product?

  9. Welcome to Tuesday Dan 🙂

    Anyhow, I have a feeling the Sonic model is 3D, but for some reason, everything else looks 2D. Which is weird to me. If you’re gonna go 3D, go all 3D. If you’re gonna go 2D, go all 2D. I really hope that Sonic is a 3D model, too, and not a 2D sprite model generated from a 3D model. That’s just the definition of lazy, although I guess it would make a little sense considering how high-res the game is. Also, third picture, look at the final part of that loop. Something’s wrong there…

    I don’t know, the trailer looks really rough. You can claim “IT’S AN ALPHA BUILD” (there won’t be a beta until it’s FAR closer to release, genius), but the fact remains that this game is supposed to be out in July, and that’s not very far away, and I would have hoped the game was looking a bit better by this point.

    Ugh, I have a bad, bad feeling we’re gonna be stuck with that awful running animation that looks like he’s walking, as well. I mean seriously, I don’t care if it’s Sonic, Mario, whoever, that’s a BAD running animation. His back remains upright like he’s trotting down the streets greeting people on his merry way. The reason I have a feeling we’re going to be stuck with it, is that they used the same animation for a loading animation on that Japanese Sonic 4 site. NO Sega! Make it look more intense, like he’s actually running, and while I know you don’t want to for some reason, just make him have spinning cyclone tornado feet when he gets up to speed! That was a retro Sonic staple! Don’t take it out!

  10. Actually looking at the pics up close are amazing. I GET the style they were shooting for and they hit it right on the head. Basically its the exact same graphical style as the genesis games, but updated to modern resolutions. Even the cartoony stange lighting from the old games is represented on the light reflection coming off of sonic. I love the style they went with and to be honest my only complaint right now is they are missing the cyclone wheels running animation. Add that and you hit the old days perfectly!
    .. Still in awe about the art style

  11. Even Sonic’s lighting I feel doesn’t blend with the backgrounds. The backgrounds all look a bit more realistic, with normal lighting and shading, yet Sonic is for some reason cel-shaded. It also just looks really obvious that he’s running on flat, 2D images, in front of flat, 2D backgrounds, which is made even more apparent due to him being a 3D model.

    I hope the backgrounds get a little updated as well. All this zone’s background consists of is three layers of leaves, and random pieces of stage geometry. Where’s the ocean? Where’s the trees and mountains off in the distance? I think Sonic 1, 2, and 3 all had much better looking opening levels.

    I don’t know, it still looks fine, but it looks to me like more effort still went in to those old-school titles, and I really wish they were supplying this game with that same amount of effort, but they probably aren’t due to it being a downloadable retro title, and they’re probably working on a new console release at the same time.

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