Sunday Poll: Sonic 4 Price Point

Sunday Poll: Sonic 4 Price Point

It has been a busy few weeks for Sonic 4 news.  We’ve had more foliage and badniks revealed, a gameplay video leak, and a community member/game localization employee attempt to leak the whole damn thing.  We’ve seen more than enough to maybe gauge how much this game is worth to us.  So, today’s Sunday Poll deals with the game’s price point.

How much money are you willing to spend on a single episode of Sonic 4?  (Prices are in American dollars, since I am American.  If you’re British, convert that shit.)

  2. $25
  3. $20
  4. $15
  5. $10
  6. $5
  7. I felt like giving a joke answer and saying “free.”  (aka “Where’s my leak, Endri?  A C&D can’t stop you!”)

Who dat.

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  1. probably a mix between 5 and 4, seems reasonable as it’s only one episode, thus more are to come and people will get furious over paying like $20-$30 per episode.

  2. Going on the conversions… Id probably go somewhere between $5 and $10. About £5 given we’re only getting four acts here.

  3. I’m hoping each episode will cost the equivalent of 1000 Wii points (around £10 in UK).

    Assuming there’s 2 or 3 episodes, that means we’ll be getting a full brand new Sonic game for around £20-£30, which seems reasonable enough to me.

    But as long as it’s not ridiculously over-priced, I’ll pay whatever.

  4. Personally, I’m not prepared to pay anything until I am able to play a reasonably long demo version of the game; I like to know what I’m about to spend/waste my hard-earned cash on…

  5. I would pay anything, but I would also like to convince one of my friends to buy it and then download it off his PSN account for free. Anyone who didn’t know that, now you know.

  6. If MM9 is 800MSP dollars…Episode 1 should be as well. So 800MSP dollars is what I think the price should be set at per episode. MSP being Microsoft Points, which I think 800 = 10 dollars?

  7. I’d shell out as much as 15 US Smackers for one episode. But 25 for just one? Eh… I wouldn’t like it, but I’d probably cave in anyway.

  8. 3 $20, if it was a bigger game I’d go $30 but seeing as it isn’t $20 is going to be the maximum I’m going to pay.

  9. I’d say 800 MS Points sounds fair…but I’d still pay the full 1200 if it came to it. 😛

  10. I don’t care about the price I’m willing to pay what it takes to have it 🙂 But I hope when the episods end they realease a CD version for the Xbox360 😛 , then I’ll have all episods download in my Xbox 360º and the cd version 🙂

  11. Depends on the content really, i’d expect as it is downloadable it’ll be between £8.50 and £17 (1000 to 2000 MSpoints)
    Usually downloadable titles are about 1500, so i’d think between 2 and 3 if that translation thing is right.

  12. Well, if Episode 1 speaks for the rest, that’s four zones with three acts each, making a total of 12 levels. At the pace of a normal Sonic game, I doubt that’d even be as long as Braid. I’d say that’s worth about $10.

  13. The game isn’t even worth free, if you Want to play this play some stages from sonic 2 and advence 3

  14. 800 points and no more, and that’s assuming it’s longer than what we’ve been let on to.
    If it really is that short then you give me half a game Sega, and I’m giving you half the price.

  15. Considering this is episodic, I’d take the price of retail and divide it by the number of episodes.

    So, let’s use PSN for instance. Episode 1 would retail for $10, maybe even $15.
    Xbox Live Arcade would be 1200 MS Points, or about $18.75.
    WiiWare=Anywhere between 1000 and 1500 Nintendo Points, about $10~15.

    If this game is as good as its demo version, I’d be between 5. and 6.

  16. Numbuh 5 is the option I’ll go with. I mean, I’d pay more, if it were like Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People.

  17. If each episode is indeed 4 zones, five dollars.

    If each episode is a full length old Sonic game, ten.

  18. 5 to 10 Dollahs, seeing as how this is only a prolouge and the game will only have approx. 5 zones.

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