SonicVerseTeam rises from the grave!

SonicVerseTeam rises from the grave!

   In March of 1999,  the world’s first Sonic fan comic website was founded by Jason “Sonic Adventurer” Torres. Over the course of the next several years, the website would balloon in popularity, playing host to some of the best pieces of fan art and fan fiction available from the (often surprisingly talented) Sonic fandom. Comics such as “Collision Chaos”, “Other-M”, “Tete-A-Tete”, “Mayshing Comics”, and “Sapphire Luna Comics” help demonstrate just what the fandom was capable of. In it’s best days, the website even ran an online based Sonic comic convention similar to SAGE, in which people from across the fandom would set up websites and show off their work, in hopes of getting both attention from the community at large, and awards from SVT. Archie creatives such as Ian Flynn and Dubs even did work for the site years before they became proffesionals on the actual, official comic. You can catch their collaboration in the short lived web comic “3B”.

   Though the website  fell into disrepair years ago, it seems SVT is finally ready to return from the grave, complete with a new team of people ready to lead it into the next decade. If you guys feel like helping them out, be sure to let them know on their forums!

Now, I’d like to leave you with a page from Collission Chaos, a comic from Fireball20xl’s own Hyper, currently available on SVT:

Not the best example of the website’s art or writing, but when it came to the best single page I could use to try and get you guys over there, this was the one the came to mind.



  1. Umm… somebody help! How do I add a story to a series? I’m trying but it keeps taking me in a loop…

  2. Okay. now I can’t even send an email to the admins. Anybody out there that can lend a hand here? SA Tails?

  3. We haven’t set up a new email yet. >_> Our host’s email system sucks, so we’re going to use another service. It’ll be announced what the new email will be. Sorry about that…

  4. Ugh, sorry for spam, guys. In any case, if you’re talking about the fanfiction, we just upgraded it and it’s been giving us some issues too. Just post about the problem in the forum so we’ll know about it.

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