Sonic Wrecks Reveals ASR Wobblers

Sonic Wrecks Reveals ASR Wobblers

ArchangelUK of Sonic Wrecks/SEGA Europe has posted the above photo of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing themed wobblers at Sonic Wrecks today, the sort that you see the kids easily amused with in the shops. The wobblers also confirm the games tag line mentioned in the recent PS3 trailer “Winning has never been so sweet”, pretty cool though I wonder if they could come up with a tagline for those sore losers you’ll meet up with playing online. Any ideas?


  1. @ Sheza and Brad Flick
    They are these plastic advertising thingies. At the end of that plastic strip at the top of them is a thick double sided glued up sticker pad that you attach to a shelf where the product is stocked. This leaves the circle advertisement/POS sticking out wobbling.

  2. Interesting, I never knew that upon til now. Thanks for clearing some confusion, there, Shadzter!

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