Sonic Wrecks Holding Competition To Win ASR Concept Art

Sonic Wrecks Holding Competition To Win ASR Concept Art

Sonic Wrecks have just announced a Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing competition in which you can of course win Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing merchandise but a couple of the prizes arent your average type of merchandise they’re large prints of concept art for Sonic’s car and Big the Cat’s bike.

So how do you enter?
What do you have to do to enter?
What are the rules?
Are there any runner-up prizes?

Here’s the full details from Sonic Wrecks:


Imagine through some ingenious act of blackmail, presumably involving photos and/or inciminating video footage, Sonic Wrecks has procured a spot on the SEGA board and has already made sure there is a Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing II. Yay us! Now being a benelovant and charasmatic despot we’ve seen fit to grace our fans with the chance to participate in choosing new characters to add to the roster – I should point out in this fiction NiGHTS is already in so you’ll need to think of someone else that can be from any point in SEGA’s past. Anyone at all, though maybe you think we might be able to tie up an exclusive character for our Wii2, PS4, XBox 720 or DS2 formats and have a suggestion? Well the suggestions box is OPEN.

We want to know:

•The Character
•The Series
•The Vehicle
•The All-Star Move
•And why they’d make a good addition

No you can’t win AAUK silly… but we do have 10 prizes to give away! The best justified suggestions as judged by the Sonic Wrecks staff will be awarded the following prizes.

1st Prize – A large Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing print of the Sonic The Hedgehog car concept art.

2nd Prize – A large Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing print of the Big The Cat bike concept art.

3rd prize – Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing – Double sided A2 poster + door hanger.

7 Runners Up – Receive a Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing door hanger.


Simply leave the details for your prospective ASR2 entrant in a comment which you can write at the bottom of this page – hey why not sign up for a user account on SW while you’re at it and set your own avatar and other details. Please note: Comments are moderated so will not appear immediately, this does not mean your entry has not been recieved.


•Entries must be received before 12:00 UK Time on March 12th.
•The contest is open Worldwide, yes even Puerto Rico and Quebec.
•One entry per person.

•Entrants must include their email address in the required comment field.

•All decisions are final.
•Abusive comments will not be approved and your entry will be invalidated. Sonic Wrecks retains the right to refuse any entry.

•Winners will be individually contacted by email and asked to supply name and address for postage, refusal to supply or failure to reply to the email will result in the prize not being sent.
Good luck!

Note: The above info is a quote from Sonic Wrecks where the competition is being held so please dont post your entries in OUR comments box :p

Source: Sonic Wrecks


  1. Those 1st and 2nd prizes are super lame. I’d rather have a poster and door hanger than some dumb looking concept art that I can just print sooner or later.

  2. Okay, let’s see…

    The Character: Mario (Wii2 exclusive)
    The Series: Super Mario Bros
    The Vehicle: Mario Kart
    The All-Star Move: Superstar (Basically the same as the star from Mario Kart.)
    Why they’d make a good addition: Because Mario’s proved that he and Sonic can work well together before. Thrice.

  3. here what i came up with
    the charather
    -mighty the armidillo
    the series
    sonic series (knuckles chaotix)
    the vehicle- shell shock (armor plated car)
    all star move – calls an chaotix member (vector ,espio ,charmy) gets tag team ring ,pulls it across and runs all the way to the finish line (whoever gets in the way it spun out) (like knuckles chaotix gameplay basically)
    all star move name
    chaotix choas

  4. The Character : Blue, Red and Yellow (Gunstar Heroes)
    •The Series : Gunstar (SUPER) Heroes
    •The Vehicle : Gunstar Ship (The one Yellow flies around in)
    •The All-Star Move : Rapid Fire – Red and Blue will hop on top of the Gunstar Ship and proceed to fire away with their rapid-fire guns. The player can control which direction they shoot and simply need to hold down the A button to fire. Anyone hit by the rapid fire will spin out and anyone that the ship collides with will be flipped over.

    •And why they’d make a good addition : Gunstar Super Heroes was one of the most action packed games for the Gameboy Advance published by Sega. Not to mention that it’s predecessor was also very well recieved. Side-Scrolling shoot-em-ups are not always a big deal– but Gunstar Heroes did it with lots of style and pretty colors. I’m sure there are many sega fans who would appreciate the inclusion of the Gunstar Heroes whether they be in their Genesis designs or their newer “Super” designs. What better way to show their explosive origins than to bring it to the race track?

  5. As I can’t go to Sonic Wrecks, here is mine:

    Metal Sonic

    Sonic Series

    Robotic Nightmare

    ASM: Jumps up out of the drivers seat and into the back of the vehicle, turns around, and unleashes a fiery blast from the middle of his stomach that makes players behind him spin out. (The direction he unleashes the blast is controlled by using the analog stick. For instance, if you press up, he will jump to the front of the car and blast everyone in front.)

    ASM Name: Metal Fire from Inside

  6. Here’s who I entered…
    *The Character: Captain Falcon (Wii2)
    *The Series: F-Zero
    *The Vehicle: Blue Falcon
    *The All-Star Move: Captain Falcon Jumps on top of his blue falcon to deliver his Falcon Punch. When he punches fire comes out in the shape of a falcon and hit whoever is and font of him. It can be done multiple times till the All-Star Move runs out.
    *Why they’d make a good addition:Sega Developed F-Zero Gx for the Nintendo GameCube. If Mario is to afraid to race Sonic then let someone represent Nintendo who knows what true speed really is. Plus it might be easier to get him for a console exclusive then Mario.

  7. •The Character: ToeJam and Earl
    •The Series: ToeJam and Earl
    •The Vehicle: Their rocket from the end of the first game.
    •All-Star Move: The two star breakdancing on the rocket , causing the other racers to follow their funk.
    •Why they’d make a good addition: They were going to appear in ASR but SumoDigital couldn’t get the rights to these guys. Also you ned to consider that these guys are part of the “SEGA Duos” along with Ristar and Dynamite Headdy & Sonic and NiGHTS.

  8. •The Character: metal sonic
    •The Series: sonic the hedgehog
    •The Vehicle: the rocket crusher
    •All-Star Move: rocket strike (as metal sonic charges with fast speed like 50 or 100 miles per hour, crushing who stands in his way)
    •Why they’d make a good addition: he could return like in mario & sonic at the winter olympic games but with a atitude and a out standing car and he could show everyone who he is made of.

  9. I gave it a shot. I posted this:

    The Character – Selvaria Bles
    The Series – Valkyria Chronicles
    The Vehicle – An Imperial tank
    The All-Star Move – Selvaria would go into her Valkyria form, complete with lance and shield, and shoot energy blasts at other racers.
    And why they’d make a good addition – Valkyria Chronicles is one of Sega’s latest franchises and is critically acclaimed. Selvaria may not be the main character from the series but she is one of the most iconic characters from the game so she would be one of the best choices to represent the series. Her inclusion would also spark interest in the series for those who don’t know about it and potentially promote sales for the game and it’s a good series that more people should be aware of.

  10. Character: Jack
    Series: MadWorld
    Vehicle: His chopper
    All-Star Move: Chainsaw Rampage (Jack speeds forward and slices anything in his path out of the way. No gore of course, being E-Rated.)
    Why: MadWorld is a new and popular title, Jack already has a signature vehicle, and being published by Sega (at least in America) I can forsee it working out.

  11. CHARACTER: Shantae
    SERIES: Shantae (Wii2/DS2)
    VEHICLE: Elephant Shantae w/ Shantae riding (paradox, anyone?)
    ALL-STAR MOVE: Elephant Shantae charges at her opponents with Shantae hanging on to ES’s tusks. Otherwise, the two Shantaes have no where to go but straight, and can only be stopped by walls (unless there are none – then there’s the danger of falling off a cliff). This is called “Shantae Elefrenzy”.
    WHY: Shantae hasn’t seen the light of day on any video game console – particularly portable Nintendo consoles like the GBC and DSi – until nearly eight years ago, when “Risky’s Revenge” was scheduled for release in December of 2009 but was pushed to March 2010. Being a long-forgotten gem, Shantae does deserve a lot more recognition than she is recieving, and I think S&SASR2 would be a nice start – aside from a possible SSB4.

  12. Ahhh, sweet! i actually drew this just in case such things would happen!!!

    >>> <<<

    Character – Silver the Hedgehog

    Series – Sonic the Hedgehog

    Vehicle – Future Psycle (A hover bike with a single floating wheel that glows as silver touches it)

    All Star – Super Silver (Silver uses the emeralds to glow and zoom forward! using his powered telekinesis he grabs nearby players and pushes them to the sides!)

    Why is he a good addison- I think silver would make a great addison to the team of racers! he has such unique characteristics and access to future capabilities. Silver has been in many sonic the hedgehog games, and though only a few show you his story, i still consider him one of the three main hedgehogs!

  13. Of course the hint here would be to go to Sonic Wrecks and put your entries in there since thats where the competition is!


  14. I figured we were posting here so people could be original and not just come up with something someone else did.

  15. I was thinking of someone who is not from the gaming world but loved just as much worldwide.

    Charactor: The Doctor
    Serise: BBC TV Show Doctor Who
    Vehicle: TARDIS
    All Star Move: He time travels throught the Time Vortex putting him in the lead or a better position in the race.
    why they’d make a good addition: i think The Doctor would make a great new charctor because he would invite a whole new set of people buying the game. For me it would make it extra exra awsome Sonic and The Doctor together in a game Pure heaven for me.

  16. What I don’t understand is what AAUK is looking for in entries. Creativity? Humour? Characters that would actually make sense?

  17. here’s my entry, i’m guessing the majority of you need to do research for it though lol

    •The Character – Sir Tongara de Pepperouchau III (“Pepper”)
    •The Series – Clockwork Knight
    •The Vehicle – Barobaro (his Noble Donkey Clockwork Steed)
    •The All-Star Move – Wind-Up Charge! – Pepper and Barobaro become invincible for a limited time, they speed up and Pepper launches Barobaro’s cork head at opponents in front
    •And why they’d make a good addition – i’ve always loved the clockwork knight series, i played it as a kid and was one of the most inventive and awesome games i’ve ever played… i think he fits the roll since he’s a forgotten SEGA classic, and he already seems fit to be part of the game since he already has somewhat of a vehicle!

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