Sonic Thwarts the Vile Count Robotnik

Sonic Thwarts the Vile Count Robotnik

I haven’t checked one of my favorite webcomics, “Brawl in the Family,” in a long time.  The guys behind it went on break and forgot to check it again.  I went there after finding it in my internet history and found this following gem:

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  1. @ Sonicophage

    You must’ve been watching Fighting Foodons, because that’s who RapScallion was, or something. I mean, there were other Foodons like Fried Ricer, Sir Dumpling, and the ever-fireproof Burnt Meatballs!

  2. Funny.

    The animation style reminds me of someone else.

    Uh… what was his name?

    Maurice… Morty… Something that began with a “M”…

    Oh, well… it’s not important.

    Eager to get Sonic 4.

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