Sonic Says, “Buy Some Cigarettes”

Sonic Says, “Buy Some Cigarettes”

[via Kotaku]
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  1. Sonic….. smoking….! HOW COULD YOU!

    Ahem. At least we all know better that Sonic would never do this.

  2. “It’s like giving each kid a packet and saying ‘Light up!’ ”

    Bonus points to anyone who gets that reference.

  3. Only in Russia. At least he’s not promoting beverages, like Soda Popinski! That Russian Boxer, with his Soda bottles, I knock one out of his hand, and get a Star Punch.

  4. I would love it if someone photoshopped the body of that Sonic sticking a finger up at natzis whilst wearing that backpack from about a week ago.

  5. Heh, it seems wrong, but I’m not really surprised to see something like this from another country, especially one with such a different culture to ours.

  6. Sue them! Yes! Do that!

    An infringement of copyright, using a famous trademark character to promote advertising without an official agreement! Sue them! Sue them now!

    Sue them all! (ie only those involved with the creation of the ad. Don’t sue EVERYONE, that would cause an unnecessary uproar)

  7. @F1Krazy

    Amy promoting lingerie? Ha ha ha, that would be hilarious.

    On the Sonic smoking thing I doubt Sega endorsed this so maybe we should let them know so the culbrits can get their asses sued.

  8. It is interesting, in what city (Moscow Sankt-peterburg Novosibirsk or another) it have made?
    I live in Russia, but saw Sonic pics only in console shops, but not with cigarettes! (sorry if i made mistakes)

  9. Oh, and i whant to say that pic with smoking Sonic on a window is a poor imagination of sellers, what you want from that idiots, who locate
    their sigarets shops nearer than 10 meters to school! Maybe, they do that becouse Sonic is most known game caracter in our country?

  10. @Extaticus: Dammit! I new the answer too… lol I think this is pretty funny. and I think you all need to see a South Park episode entitled “Butt Out”.

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