Sonic Relief 2010 Update

Sonic Relief 2010 Update

MK Skillz the generous guy behind Sonic Relief who we’re working with to help raise money for the Sport Relief 2010 charity fundraiser has issued the following update:


We’ve officially hit the halfway point of Sonic Relief 2010’s two month fundraising drive, with just one month remaining until the campaign ends at midnight (GMT) on 21st March.

With the official Sport Relief campaign now kicking off in the UK, it’s now a mad dash to the finish line to raise as much money as we can!

The total currently stands at £154 thanks to some generous donations on our JustGiving page, but the number of actual entries we’ve received (be it artwork, music, video… anything!) has been disappointingly low. In fact, you can count the amount of entries we’ve had so far using the fingers on one hand, which pales in comparison to the 30 or more entries we received in Sonic Relief 2009’s shorter two week run.

So our message to you all is this – we need your entries! You know what they say, the more the merrier!

The theme for entries this year is “something sporty” but you can make them as humorous as you like as well! Why not take some inspiration from the upcoming Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing, or Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games… both sport-related Sonic titles! We’d love to see your submissions based on these recent games!

Remember, you don’t have to make a donation to enter. However, entries that are accompanied by a donation to our JustGiving page will be entered into the “Best of Sonic Relief 2010” competition and the winner will receive some fantastic Sonic goodies (which we will hopefully be able to reveal to you soon!)

What are you waiting for? Get your imaginations in gear and get creative! Do your bit for the community as well as for a good cause! This is your time to shine, Sonic fans!

Submissions wishing to be entered into the contest should be sent to as an attachment or a link (depending on what your submission is), along with some form of proof that you have made a donation to Sonic Relief 2010 (be it a name so that we can check you have donated on our JustGiving page or a print screen of your donation).

All other submissions should be posted in the official Sonic Relief 2010 topic. It is recommended that submissions both paid and non-paid should be posted in this topic to give inspiration to others, as well as showcase your creative talents!


  1. @Extaticus: It’s for charity, who really cares? 😛

    Sport is just a loose theme for this year’s entries because we’re campaigning for Sport Relief, but in reality the entries can be about anything Sonic!

  2. On a side note, Songs for Sonic has currently raised an extra £75 on it’s own, and I’ve just added The Robotnik EP, a 9-track demo collection that I used to gauge interest in the idea, as well.

    Money raised from donations on either album will be added to the final total.

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