Sonic Goes Golfing Again, But This Time… it’s DX

Sonic Goes Golfing Again, But This Time… it’s DX

Hey, westerners!  You probably will never be able to play this game, but at least you’ll know about it!  That’s good, right?

I digress.  Remember when I told you that the original Sonic Golf was hella cool?  Well, now there’s a sequel and it’s in 3D, but it’s currently only slated for a Japanese release at ¥315 through the Puyo! SEGA service.

Sonic Golf DX is a mobile golf game that features 9 holes of Green Hill action.  Aside from the obvious graphical upgrade, the game includes a challenge mode and extra events to keep you entertained.

Thanks to HunterTSF of SSMB for spotting this release.

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  1. God I’ve been wishing for these games to come out here since the dawn of time. I’d never have a phone that’d be capable of playing them though, not until my contract expires.

  2. At least WE get sonic at the winter olympics for iphone! I would rather have that than a boring golf game anyways…ok I want all the puyo games so bad…oh well at least we got sonic rivals..

  3. really golf??? mario golf wasnt fun (well in my opinon) next we gonna sonic baskitball or football which probely be an better game

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