Sonic Adventure DX XBLA Officially Revealed In 360 Gamer Magazine

Sonic Adventure DX XBLA Officially Revealed In 360 Gamer Magazine

You may remember a while back a couple of photo’s hit the internet outing Sonic Adventure DX: Directors Cut for Xbox Live Arcade, well a Destructoid reader picked up a recent issue of 360 Gamer magazine which contains a review for the game in which the port received a 5/10 as the reviewer doesnt think the game has aged well. Details such as price and release date are to be confirmed which is more than likely due to the fact SEGA havent announced the game on any of their websites, we’ll keep you posted.

Source: Destructoid

Thanks to Brad for the heads up!


  1. @ Lando the Bat,

    Well then, get an Xbox! XP Nah, I’m sure SEGA will release games for PSN….. some time………

  2. Of course it did not age well, it was the inferior model. My god, The current regime of SEGA and Sonic Team are hell bent to destroy any evidence that there such a thing as a GOOD 3-D Sonic game, arent they?

    Lando, I wouldn’t be complaining if I where you. From what I’m hearing, PSN will be getting actual DREAMCAST game as opposed to arcade ports and shoddy remakes.

  3. @Eggman123: Well, the game did also come out for PC a bit later, so they could be getting the PC version with Xbox controls instead of the GameCube version. Or if it is the GameCube game, they could say it’s the PC one just to cut any connections with Nintendo they could possibly have. (I don’t think there’s any differences between version anyway, so it’d be impossible to tell, just thought I’d bring it up though.)

  4. @ rhonddaboy13
    The guy who tipped the magazine stuff off to Destructoid says price and release date are listed as ‘To be confirmed’

  5. I just used the GC cover in our image catalogue as I couldnt be bothered to upload the PC one XD Oh what the heck I’ll go change it lol!

    It was only on the GC at first, the PC version wasnt released until many months later, I dont know if the GC copies sent to stores after that got rid of that corner thing.

    EDIT: Posted both instead XD

  6. I believe the PC version was better in the framerate department (I have both the PC version and the original Dreamcast one and the Dreamcast version is still my favorite and gets the most play).

  7. Baah! Why should i be banned from Xbox Live just now!? I bet very soon that they are going to announce Sonic Adventure 2 on Xbox Live Arcade to… .___.

  8. I have never had any problem with Sonic DX. So I’m going to buy this, I mean, becaus of some framrate issues and some other stuff it dosen’t have to destroy the whole game. I think it dosen’t destroy so much at all. I have no problem at all and I enjoy the game. And I hope they realease Sonic Adventure 2/Sonic Adventure 2:Battle for XBLA in the future since it’s something wrong with my game and it freeze at one Shadow level. And the esiest way for me is to get it for Game Cube and it cost about 55 $!
    So plz SEGA! Gimme SA2!

  9. Well i have both systems and will more than likely get this on xbox but really i want to play it on my ps3. Truely its the better system.

  10. Buying this first day. I have every Sonic game on the Gamecube… from Sonic Mega Collections to Sonic Heroes all the way down to Sonic Riders, nevertheless, I will be gladly replay this gem just to max out it’s Achievements. I did everything in SA:DX before and the game will be fun to do all over again.

  11. Will Sega fix the frame rate problems…

    Probably not!!

    I’ve already got Sonic Adventure on my Dreamcast and I long since sold the DX version so I won’t be getting this. Com’ on Sega how about giving use Nights from the Saturn instead?

  12. Cool! I hope SA2 comes out after this, I would love to have a chance to play that game.

  13. I hope the PSN version is of the of the Dreamcast version, because DX was a shoddy port in my eyes.

  14. I have the PC version. No Dreamcast and I don’t really want to shell out any cash for a new console at the moment, so I couldn’t buy the original.

    GADDAMMIT SO MUCH FUUUUUN~ I really have fun playing Twinkle Park’s race track, and though Big’s gameplay was some trouble to begin with, once I got the hang of it I was actually playing missions with it. O_o I know.

    @BlueChaos: Hey, did you know that CEX has copies of SA2B? If you’ve got a Wii, you just need a Wii-compatible GC controller and a GC memory card. That’s how I found my copy.

    (I then eternally stuck the audio on Japanese and the menu on the Rouge theme. :D)

  15. @Umiyuri Really? I do have a Wii, just need to get a hold of a GC controller and memory card so!

  16. I heard that this was going to be on PSN as well anyway… I certainly hope so, I’m not about to go out and get an Xbox for a Dreamcast game, lol, but I think it’d be good to make it available to everybody and not just half of us, especially after so successfully making Sonic multi-platform for the last number of releases.

    I’m not assuming this as an Xbox exclusive until proven otherwise, heh.

  17. I did try it for the computer,loved it!Sadly I had to return my computer due to the hard drive going kablooy*I think I know why it did that now actually…*i need to get the internet up and running.

  18. hmmm…Sonic Adventure on Arcade already, eh?…I wonder when SA2 will be releasd…Perhaps in time for Sonic’s 20th anniversary, and 10th anniversary of Sonic adventure 2???

    and I wonder what new Sonic game would be there right with it…8)

  19. Sonic adventure is a great game, no questions asked. But they are right; it hasn’t aged well.

    I just look at the cutscenes and want to weep.

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