Sonic 4 Japanese Site Goes Live, Features Longer Version of Jingle

Sonic 4 Japanese Site Goes Live, Features Longer Version of Jingle

If you head on over to the Japanese Sonic 4 website, you can listen to the jingle you heard on Hedgehog Day, but this time it’s a bit longer.

Aaaaaand… that’s all there is to that story.  There’s nothing else to see there besides some sweet clouds.

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  1. So it’s the title screen theme for episode 1…. which means there may be different ones for each episode.

  2. I´m sorry, but it sounds like the title screen music from a handy game with those cheap synths (I don´t mean the YM2612, I mean the other ones)! Then again its going to be on the iPhone, so technically its a handy game!
    I dunno, to me it doesn´t sound like…. quality to me! :/ It´s a bit catchy though!

  3. I appreciate the thought that they want to make the music retro, but the graphics are really anything but, and it’s going to be interesting to see how this musical style fits with the actual gameplay. I hope it works out :\

  4. It sounds just a teensy bit like “Sweet Dream/Sweet Sweet Sweet” from Sonic 2, just a bit more upbeat.

  5. I think they’ve since removed the music and moving clouds…I saw it earlier but if you try to click it now, there’s no movement or anything, just the emblem and writing.

    May wanna put this in the story Brad…

  6. It fits the game. Its like a fusion of the past and the future music coming together in one game to OWN all -^^-

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