Something Happening at “”…

Something Happening at “”…

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If you go to the mysterious and recently uncovered “,” you’ll see that you have to log in to see its content.  You also have to be a part of “SEGA West Staging.”  Hmm… interesting… What could they be *ahem* “staging?”

UPDATE: All the other “sonicthehedgehog#” websites do the same thing.  Except “,” which doesn’t exist.

UPDATE #2: Go to “”  You don’t have to log-in to see its contents, which is some text that says “IT WORKS!”


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  1. Not just
    but also Sonicthehedgehog5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

    Jumping into conclusions much? XD

  2. and .de also take you to the password screen. I’ve tried the most obvious guesses, but it’ll most likely be a name. Who was the site registered to again?

  3. Some of these sonic websites do work.One said:IT WORKS.LOL yeah,what’s the point?two just kept loading.Someone said three didnt exist.Four required a name and password Oo weird.

  4. “It Works!” is the standard welcoming message used to test the Apache Web Server just after it has been installed. There is nothing suspicious or outstanding about it.

  5. Are they having past relations with sonic games? ~ “IT WORKS!” ((The first sonic game was a success)) ~ Keeps loading ~ ((The game is getting better, let take it further)) ~ Needs log in ` ((From this moment on, Sonic stays, but in the future we will return))

    ((Several years later)) ~ Needs log in ~ ((We return, and this time we will taunt with horrible sneak peeks and miss guilding images and games, THEN we will come out of the shadows with something extreme that will make nintendo regret there worthless character.MUHAHAHAHA *collueges laughing and clapping*))

    O-e I smell something evil and its not eggman underwear…

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