Some ASR reviews scores are in; looking good! [UPDATED]

Some ASR reviews scores are in; looking good! [UPDATED]

I’m pretty sure Sonic fans are used to horrendously low review scores to their most anticipated games. It looks like SEGA Allstars Racing is breaking that cycle. The following are the conclusions and review scores from IGN and 1up, two of the biggest game sites out there.


Closing Comments
Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing may not have a whole lot in the gameplay department that it can call its own, but Sumo Digital took what worked and built a SEGA-themed experience that captures what makes the company’s games so memorable. This racer is surprisingly deep and robust, and even with its unoriginal design it’s a great time no matter which version you get.

IGN Ratings for Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing with Banjo Kazooie (X360)
Rating Description  
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8.0 Presentation
There’s a huge variety of characters and tracks that reference SEGA games, but it’s hard not to wonder where missing franchises are. At least there’s Banjo Kazooie for 360 owners!
8.0 Graphics
The HD versions look excellent with some fantastic texture and lighting detail. Shame the framerate can’t keep up.
8.0 Sound
Lots of variety in the background tunes and the character remarks during a race. The obnoxious play-by-play is hilariously Americanized British: “The crowd go crazy!” and “Tails takes a pounding.”
8.0 Gameplay
Fun and tight action racing with a decent sense of speed that lifts most of its ideas from Mario Kart Wii.
8.0 Lasting Appeal
Tons of single player modes, and a great focus on multiplayer, both offline and on.

You can find the full review here. It should be noted that, while not all versions of the game share the same categorical scores, they all share the same overall score.


Though it has some hiccups, unexciting party modes, and a questionable difficulty curve, All-Stars Racing is a respectable effort that makes a good kart racer at its core (and is at least much more cohesive than Sega Superstars Tennis). But, again, it’s storied Sega fans that will get the most out of the game — because, really, who else is going to recognize or care about racing as the cartoon lovers from the Japan-only House of the Dead EX?

Well, I do.

    Grade: B

You can find the complete 1Up review here.

UPDATE: And rounding out the big three, GameSpot has also put up their review:

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Review

Smooth controls and a bunch of awesome tracks make this an exciting kart racer.

The Good

  • Tight controls with a great sense of speed  
  • Well-designed courses with lots of variety  
  • Good mix of characters, from the popular to the obscure  
  • Racing against friends, online or offline, is a blast  
  • Great visual style with a steady frame rate.

The Bad

  • Online play is limited to just racing  
  • No way to play through Grand Prix with a friend

Score: 8.0 “Great”

You can read the review in full here.

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  1. Seriously? 1UP is bashing the difficulty? What is with gamers these days? Don’t they know in order for a game to be fun it most have some sort of challenging difficulty? I played the demo and the game isn’t even that hard on advanced mode!

  2. for real!?!?! i agree, they are complaining about the difficulty!? i have to demo, and i can get a 1st place on the hardest mode! and it actually takes skill! they are just used to their bitchy rubberbanding snot! news flash, mario kart is fun, but its bull shit! nothin like loosing at the very last minute of a race caz of a blue shell. the items in sega racing are clever in a way where in the race, you actually have to DRIVE, and not let the shells or bullet bills fly you around!

  3. @Hudson

    The difficulty “curve” is at question, not the difficulty itself. Which means that it probably got too hard too fast. I wouldn’t be surprised. The demo was on hard difficulty at default. It kicked my butt! The first few times…

  4. If IGN likes it, then this game has got to be good. Hooray for an awesome kart racing game that doesn’t include Mario!

  5. really??? if the game wasnt hard then it just be another mario kart like most of u said u gotta drive and not relay on items still looking forward to getting this ^^ and OMFG IGN LIKES IT?!

  6. @thewafflefactory

    I’ve tried to explain to so many people that mario kart sucks because of the rape the items layout.
    Blue shelled, bullet billed, red shelled and getting starred really do suck at the finish line lol

    I’ve played the demo of all stars with my brother heavily and no matter what difficulty or how many items we throw out we always end up neck and neck at the finish line with the ai not too far behind.
    Nice and fair =D

  7. Nice! I think I’ll buy it this weekend. I wish Ristar was playable, but oh well. Looks like a pretty fun game anyway.

  8. Wow, I’m very impressed it got good scores from IGN and Gamespot. I’ll most definitely pick it up very soon! 🙂 I tried the demo and it was a ton of fun!

  9. I’m not sure exactly what to make of this. 1UP says “…a steady frame rate.” and IGN states “…shame the framerate can’t keep up.”. So does this mean that IGN and 1UP reviewed two different versions of the game? or maybe 1UP can’t tell the difference in framerate while IGN had more detailed eyes.

  10. i never EVER EEEEVER listen to the reviewers anyway, i gotta try it myself to play. everyone on earth hated the werehog on planet reviewer, but i loved the idea, hell, sonic 06 isnt the best, but i still find enjoyment out of it. Sonic is just an unlucky opponent to be smashed down for his sense of differentness. OH sorry he cant do the exact same thing every game like mario! seriously, only good mario is sunshine, caz its different!

  11. I’ve been playing the demo for the last five days. I can’t wait to get this. Tears of joy came from my eyes when I read the reviews…thank you, Sumo Digital….thank you….

  12. GAMEStm gave the game a 5/10 and I am inclined to agree with them because they are better writers than both IGN and Gamespot.

    They also gave Mario Kart Wii a 6/10 before you start whining about some noncense about them being Mario lovers or something ridiculous. After playing the ASR demo I noticed that several of the faults and mechanics I noticed about the game were pointed out by GAMEStm: bad drifting system, uninspired weapons and a driving system that holds little depth.

    So a game that’s fun but not even trying to push any boundries. I’ll stick to F-Zero GX and Burnout Revenge for my racing thrills thanks.

  13. @thewafflefactory

    Yes, we should all play a game so we can get our own experience and verdict but the point is that games are expensive and we turn to reviews to give us a well written experience of what the game holds.

    The idea that all the reviewers in the world are anti-Sonic is one that’s been fielded before and I have one thing to say to that. BULLSHIT! The very idea that every reviewer goes out of their way to put the blue one down is ridiculous.

    Firstly Sonic is just a character, we need skilled developers to program an interesting game world and environment to provide a fufilling experience, let alone a great one. Secondly is that every reviewer is an individual and thus the very notion that they all just naturally hate Sonic is cut from the equation. Lastly Mario. Mario is a gaming legend because his main games are either great fun or evolve a genre, the character is endearing but not flaunted like Sonic.

    Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t love Sonic but I won’t delude myself into thinking the games great because it has the Sonic logo stambed on it. I’ll stick to the 2D greats and Sonic the Comic for the memorable stuff. Maybr Sonic 4 if that delivers.

  14. Now I’m even more hyped for it. Just hoping my pre-order actually gets delivered in time now…

  15. Just got the wii version today and I love it so far. If only there was gcn support, oh well.
    Also, anyone notice the random Sonia cameo on the ground in Roulette Road? That or it’s supposed to be old school amy… but the colours and hairstyle…

  16. @Secretchaos1: Wow, really? I’m sure it’s probably Amy but it’d be sweet if they threw a cameo like that in there. 😀

    As much as I’d love this game I can’t buy it yet as I’m having major surgery next week . 🙁
    At least it’ll be cheap nice and quickly. 😉

  17. Finally a good review for a gam with Sonic (since its not tecnically a Sonic game)

    Lets hope Sonic 4 does well too.

  18. Been playing the demo all day; “I can’t wait to buy this!”

    Mario Kart Wii was pretty much a crappy retreat, IMO, and Sonic & SEGA have already got the best Mario Kart game beat in terms of controls (DS d-pad sucks for racing games). Now all that I need to see to declare it the new king of kart racers is a good variety of track layouts.

  19. I have to rage pretty hard, where I live in Australia, Allstars racing got pushed back a week, so I have to wait till the 4th of March. >:(

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