??? Shortest competition ever – T-Bird’s Mystery contest ???

??? Shortest competition ever – T-Bird’s Mystery contest ???

*Spooky noise* Yes, this is all shrouded in a fog, but I want to keep this a little bit vague as to not give to0 much away! As from making this post, you have 20 hours (Until Midnight 0:00GMT Sunday Morning) to come up with an answer. In fact this competition is so mysterious, I haven’t even thought of a prize yet…maybe I’ll find it when I go shopping today…

ANYWAY: here’s your question, and the best answer will receive a MYSTERY prize:

If you could ask any question to a certain Crush 40 guitarist, what would it be?

Creative and thoughtful questions will be considered the most! To enter, simply post your question below in the comment box.

Right, off for some shopping!

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  1. My question would be… “What made you want to become a guitarist, and how did a video game company giant like SEGA find out about your musical talents?”

  2. My question. Since you’ve done music in classic Sonic games such as Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic The Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles, and with the recent anouncement of Sonic The Hedgehog 4, are you, in some way, involved involved musically in Sonic The Hedgehog?

  3. “Hello (Insert guitarist name here). I would like to ask some questions. What inspiration do you get for your songs? Is it the beauty of live, as shown by “Live Life”, “Open Your Heart”, & “Live & Learn”? Is it the power of history? What are the usual phases of making your songs? Do you enjoy working for SEGA? And if so, Why? And finally, would you like your band to be more mainstream, like on Radios or Live Tours?
    -Thank You for your time.”

  4. The question I would ask: “In every song that you write for the Sonic series that has guitar in it, the guitar has this very distinctive tone to it which most Sonic fans refer to it as the ‘Sonic Twang.’ What do you use to get this distinctive guitar tone?”

  5. How did it feel to take part in the biggest collaboration of video game music artists with the Super Smash Bros Brawl soundtrack? To be recording independent music one day, having that honor the next and everything in between, I can’t imagine how you must have felt.

  6. “How different would you say the American and Japanese music industry are today? What are their similarities?” ~ Legendary Emerald

    That’s my question for this contest.

  7. I would ask this.
    “what do I have to do to get that amazing black sonic adventure guiter you own!!?”

  8. how did sonic affect your life?
    is he just a video character for you, or has he changed your life dramatically?

  9. When you play a “Super Sonic” theme to a Sonic the Hedgehog game, do you feel alive, like you are actually in the epic moment?

    1) How did you get to know Johnny Gioeli?
    2) If you could play favorites, what would be your most favorite song that you composed and why? Your least favorite and why?
    3) Can you play any other instruments besides the guitar? If so, what are they?
    4) With Sonic 4 on its way following Sonic 3&K, are there any songs in the game that will resemble the late Michael Jackson’s work at all?

  11. Hmm… I would ask… hmm… how about…

    Q: How did you first learn how to play the guitar, and what made you want to play for the specific music you have chosen?

  12. If any of your tracks were to be included in the Rock Band Video Game, which ones would you pick for submission?

  13. I’ve heard a rumour you can play the guitar, but what else can you play? Drums? Piano? Chocolate cheesecake? But most importantly, can you play the hedgehog? To be this good takes AGES!

    DISCLAIMER: Jamie Bailey does not recommend the use of hedgehogs or chocolate cheesecakes as musical instruments and accepts no responsibility if said guitarist gets injured or suffers death by chocolate.

  14. “Are you an actual Sonic fan, or do you just compose Sonic music for teh monies?”

    Not implying anything.

  15. my questions would be…..

    1. how were you discovered by sega?
    2.If you could create a song for a classic sonic game what would it sound like?
    3.How do you come up with the songs for the sonic games i.e. shadow the hedgehog and sonic heroes?
    4.Do you like to go out after recording the song and hang out like a normal person?
    5.Have you read sonic archie comics?
    6.Does sega give you sonic game for free to you when its been made and you play it to see the opening song to it?”
    7. what did you think of Summer of sonic 09?
    8.Who is your faveorite character in the whole sonic franchise and why?
    9. how long have you been playing the guitar for?
    10. what is your faveorite food in thw whole wide world?
    11. how did you guys first met?

    these are the questions i would ask ^_^

  16. Are there any personal or nostalgic relations between your connection with Sonic and your music?

  17. Has Sonic inspired your career and if so, has he pushed your passion towards, OMG Im sorry but seriously can I have your autograph?
    *clears thoat*
    Ok now has sonic inspired you to be what you are today?
    Do you look towards your fans for adice when creating your music?
    If you meet sonic what would you say and/or do to him?
    Will you sign my all my sonic games and CDs?
    *brings out games*

  18. Have you ever had any influence in the Sonic series apart from music? As in, did you have any say in the creation of any characters, in the artistic style of certain stages or in the designs of enemy robots?

  19. What’s the main techniques for guitar? and what inspires you for your songs? or how do you feel, what feelings come to you when you play your songs either live or whenever. 🙂

    Even though I wont win, a feedback for a learning guitarist would be awsome 🙂

  20. Mr Senoue,

    What was the moment in your career that you would signify as your moment. By this I mean was there some point you were down and not much was going your way, something changed and now you produce and compose music for one of the greatest gaming chracter/franchises in history. What was the moment where you deicded you would show everyone “what you are made of” (pun totally intended) and how does that moment affect how you compose music today?


  21. After hearing your re-mastered version of “Angel Island Zone” in SSBB, are there any other pieces of Sonic music you’d love to go back and recreate with a modern twist?

  22. what would you oppinion of sonic be and how has he developed your guitar carrer?
    Crush 40 rule

  23. “Guitar Hero: Crush 40 Edition. Is that something you’d like to see made? You just know it will sell like hot cakes!”

  24. If you could ask any question to a certain Crush 40 guitarist, what would it be?
    Here my question then

    Mr Senoue What is your favorite Sonic game you have composed for and why ?

  25. “Do you know where I can find that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald?”

    On a more serious note…

    “What has been your favourite Sonic game soundtrack to work on over the years?”

  26. “When composing songs for the Sonic games, do you take any inspiration from the classic music or even the modern level themes?”

  27. How do you keep the familiar sound of Crush 40, but vary the tracks so much. E.G The pure rock-ness of What I’m made of compared with something like Live Life or Fire Woman.

  28. If you where successful in getting the Cd’s to Europe, what would this mean for your group? Would it lead to a tour?

  29. ‘What do you do with the millions of hedgehogs you’ve persuaded to ‘follow’ you and ‘escape from the city’?’

    If you want a serious question, it would be:

    ‘Do you feel obliged towards Sonic Team, or would you consider making music for a videogaming franchise other than Sonic the Hedgehog?’

  30. ‘Do you believe Bentley will ever take your place as king of Sonic music, or that you’ll hold that tiitle til the very end?’

  31. Mr. Crush 40 Guitarist,

    If you were to sell your guitar on EBAY, how much do you think you’ll get for it?

    Also would you donate that money for charity or waste it all at the casino?

    Kind regards,

    Mr. Darkspeeds – The E-Gaming Attendent at the only casino in Perth.

  32. Q – If you were to form a supergroup with anybody from the music industry (bassist, drummer and vocallist), who would you choose and why? Also, what would said supergroup be called?

  33. How do you feel about not being approached to create the OST for Sonic and the Secret Rings? Do you feel betrayed at all?

  34. What is the one question that you wish someone would ask you that doesn’t have anything to do with music?

  35. That’s it folks !

    ===== CONTEST CLOSED =====

    Loadsa good questions here (loads of silly ones too), I’m narrowing this selection down to a handful.
    Stay tuned to find out if you’ve won, and what you’ve won!

  36. Do you think ASR should have had a 1970’s trousers mode? Yeah I know the contest is over….

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