SEGA: Sonic 4 Model Not At Full Running Animation

SEGA: Sonic 4 Model Not At Full Running Animation

I almost didn’t make this a news story, but it’s been the most controversial and hotly-discussed element of the recently unveiled Sonic 4 trailer that it sort of bears extra weight. RubyEclipse from Sega of America has revealed on the official company forums that the ‘Sonic trot’ does not represent the blue blur at his fastest speed.

Actually, it is not his fastest speed! There is a faster animation for Sonic’s running that was not shown in the trailer,” wrote the SoA employee (emphasis not ours). “It is more akin to what you might be familiar seeing from Sonic 3 & Knuckles or Sonic CD.

Good news all around. We’re to be treated to more footage featuring Sonic at full-pelt soon, apparently – until then, about the only legitimate complaint at this stage of the reveal has been nuked. Enjoy!

Via SSMB – Cheers G-Force!

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  1. I think by ‘Super Peel Out’, Grinder just means the figure-8 style rather than the act of a standing speed charge. I agree with both of you; Peel Out animation FTW, but I never really used the actual Peel Out move at all in Sonic CD. 😛

  2. YESSSSS. this was the last thing what bugged me.
    btw it looks like it’s hard to achieve this animation he was pretty fast in the trailer and he didn’t use it yet.

  3. This was kinda obvious guys really, it probably doesn’t help that in the actual game play section he’s come off a spin then immediately went through a twist section, which isn’t exactly the best point to be gaining speed.

    I’m sure next time you’ll see full whirly/figure-8 ness or something akin to it

    Hopefully a bit less dust as well, just noticed that…

  4. Figure-8 peel-out did look cool, but it was so useless because you couldn’t kill things while doing it…

    Anyhow, this is great news. I just really hope they give him some sort of blurred feet animation like a twister or figure-8, and not just make his legs move really fast…

  5. I can’t believe this was big enough to be a news story. The only people who were seriously distressed over this were the people who think the game is going to be a failure because Sonic has green eyes.

  6. Sorta figured that, seeing as, you know, it’s Sonic, he goes fast… that wasn’t… yeah.
    Maybe this is a little ungrateful, seeing as we just had a HUGE Sonic announcement, but I wonder if Chronicles will also get some love, say, this E3?

  7. @ brainzilla

    we aren’t complaining over eye color we call new sonic green eyes sonic

    this is not sonic 4. Sonic 4 has chubby cute sonic. Not radical dudical skinny sonic. We are pissed because sega took the new sonic and put him in place of the old sonic
    they misled and lied to us

    this was supposed to be a game for older fans not a game beefed up to be more geared towards the newer fans

  8. It’s a classic Sonic game with modern graphics. I don’t see the ‘deception’ in that.

    You guys all realise of course that Sonic has had just as dramatic design changes between Sonic 1 to Sonic 3 & Knuckles, right? I wonder what the nerd ragers would say if this was 1994 and we were looking at trailers for Sonic the Hedgehog 3?

  9. I pretty much love this Unleashed styled Sonic. It looks KEWL. 😀
    But tell me something: why iPhone? I’m a handheld fan, I play handheld games everyday, but come on, would it be hard to release for the DS (or even for the DSiWare)? Oh well, I’m waitin’ for Sonic Rush 3. 😀

  10. @Edge
    Yeahhhhh… i dont remember sega telling us that Sonic Team will be using a older Sonic model so i dont know where you got that infomation from plus what’s wrong with sonic’s design of today yeah i personal would like a older sonic look but i dont think it would work 15 years later it might of worked for megaman 9 but i doubt it would not work for STH 4, STH 4 I Feel is doing a NSMB Wii but its going to play better than slowmo game and hopefully in a simple button settings lol

    *this was supposed to be a game for older fans not a game beefed up to be more geared towards the newer fans*
    What the hell this game is for EVERYONE in this fanbase not just for old school sonic fans like myself and others plus it gives the younger fans more of a idea what sonic & robotnik was really like back in the 90’s

  11. He did look a bit slow there, didn’t he? Glad that’s not the final, that’d be really embarrassing.

    Ooh, super peel-out, that’d be nice to see. I did like that CD sprite.

    i actually prefer that odd infinite shape for sonic legs at high speed than the classic circle

  13. I thought it was obvious..I guess most fans would jump to the conclusion that this is the final product.

    I would love to see the super peel out move, that would be awesome!

  14. After seeing Sonic’s peel-out animation in Brawl, that is what they must use. NO MATTER WHAT! Sonic’s newer look makes that movement his own.

  15. …I see absolutely no issue with the use of Sonic Adventure-designed Sonic in this game. As Dreadsy says, the model changed from Sonic 1 to 2 to 3. I’m sure there were the purists back in 1994 who tutted at the “new” design in S3 too, not to mention the Fire and Lightning and Water Shields.

    And this is coming from someone who loathes Shadow’s game and Sonic’06, and considers the 16-bit originals the best in the series, and actively believes this game to be geared towards the older fans and to be a better game because of it.

    The concern over Sonic’s redesigned model would have been nonsense in 1992 and 1994, *was* nonsense back in 1999 and continues to be nonsense a decade later. Build a bridge.

  16. Dude

    What Sega showed us is what Sega will deliver.

    Why would Sega advertise a Sonic product they wont deliver to consumers?

    Will Sega be stupid enough to swallow their own pride and alter what they already presented to us?

    What you saw is what you will get!

    Simple Business Logic.

    And the Sonic 4 we saw is the big nail in the coffin of our beloved Sonic the Hedgehog.

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