SEGA Opens Tracks Section Of ASR Site

SEGA Opens Tracks Section Of ASR Site

SEGA have finally opened the doors to the Tracks section of its official Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing website.

Tracks listed are as follows –
Whale Lagoon (Sonic series)
Icicle Valley(Billy Hatcher & The Giant Egg)
Pinball Highway(Sonic series)
Outer Forest(Curien Mansion)
Turbine Loop(Sonic series)
Shibuya Downtown (Jet Set Radio)
Jump Parade(Samba De Amigo)
Treetops( Super Monkey Ball)

Each have a small bit of information about the track aswell as a video so you can get a little feel for the environment you’ll soon be speeding around in. We’ll keep tabs on any further developments on the site and report our findings back to you.

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  1. I’m sorry I’m not much into this game and what’s going on, but are they going to use that Sonic Heroes 1st stage theme in Sonic’s stage? I mean, it’s been used before in Superstar Tennis, right?

  2. What’s with Sonic and these GIANT orcas? What a horrifying beast. It’s like a megalodon!

    Anyway, I really like the designs of the tracks, but I hope that some vintage Sonic stages are among the DLC. I’d love to see a Scrap Brain Zone track with conveyor belts, saw blades, those little zapping towers, and Caterkillers! Maybe they could even have an area where you drive into a slot of a large, rotating wheel and it spits you out on the other side. There could be a switch you can try to hit just before you reach the wheel so it will rotate in the alternate direction and send you on a different path!

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