1. it seems sega is going for remake…. which would be sad….. maybe they’re remaking each official numbered 2d game in a single episode?like episode 1 is a recap of sonic 1? basically rehashing all the top levels until episode 5 and have that be the official new levels….. OR maybe the whole game is just rehash….. they say its a continued plot…. why would robotnik use the exact same machine from sonic 1? hese never done that before… maybe something similar….. maybe a 2 part boss? that’s just theory though, i hope this episodic thing is there to recap whats actually gone on so newcomers know. and then dash straight into new levels….

    but just look at the leaked footage you have splash hill-emerald zone remake and then you have lost labrinth which is obviously a rehash of the labrinth zone and then you have casino street from sonic 2 and also metal gear which looks like a remake of metropolis zone from sonic 2 as well, if this is an established pattern expect to see remakes of the marble gardens, ice mountain,sandopolis and the last sky act of sonic and knuckles. i would expect this before you see new levels.

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