Screenshot of Sonic 4’s boss battle? [UPDATE 2]

Screenshot of Sonic 4’s boss battle? [UPDATE 2]

Sonic games are no stranger to leaks these days, and this latest one could very well provide another glimpse into what to expect from Sonic 4. The following screenshot, originally posted up on the Sega news site SegaBits by their resident troll Kogen, can be seen below.

Special thanks goes to SegaBit’s own Shadi for sending in the tip. Though, it should be noted that even this screen’s source is unsure of the authenticity. For the full size screen, click on the thumbnail below.



Seems the person on SegaBits got the pictures from Sonic Retro. Seems they where not meant to be leaked to the public yet, but where accidentally posted on Retro’s IRC channel. You can get the full story, as well as additional screenshots, at Sonic Retro’s website. It’s also been confirmed via one of these screens that the game will be selling for 400 microsoft points, or $5.

UPDATE 2: It should also be noted that these screens where leaked by Endri, proving that he has indeed confirmed the game.


  1. Urgh I hope not =/ I don’t mind recycling ideas and Badniks but cmon, this is pretty ridiculous. Also, Sonic looks a bit small in the picture? Maybe a sign its fake? Or just me?

  2. The more I see game videos and screenshots of Sonic 4, the more I’m afraid that this is nothing more than a Sonic 1 remake.

  3. Ugh. Sonic & Knuckles did it first, guys…

    What really irritates me about this isn’t that the boss it recycled so much as that Sonic 1’s first boss wasn’t really even that good! It’s iconic, sure, but I’ve never found it particularly fun or interesting… actually, I’ve never really been a fan of *any* of Sonic 1’s bosses, so I hope that if they’re going to do more of this that they at least copy from a different source.

    If this is legit, of course. Maybe it’ll be like NSMBWii’s final boss fight and throw a giant surprise at us.

  4. …………… Okay here’s what I’m hoping for.

    This is what you fight at the end of act 3. Then the “Showdown with Dr. Eggman” is more original… so? Feasable, right? …right?

  5. Looks pretty authentic to me. What’s to be unsure about?

    I had a feeling that we’d see this boss again…but I was hoping not. Maybe there will be some sort of surprise to it?

  6. Well I’m not going to be a jackass and complain about it’s originality so I’ll just say it’s cool! A blast from the past definately.

  7. I wonder if since this episode is a Sonic 1 remake that episode 2 will be Sonic 2, 3 will be Sonic 3, 4 will be Sonic and Knuckles and 5 will be original stuff?

  8. It’s obvious, isn’t it? Each Episode represents the four original games. The acts don’t have a boss individually…they have one big boss at the end of all four acts. The Second Episode is likely to have upgraded enemies seen exclusively in Sonic 2, therefore, the boss from that game will be the main boss in Episode 2, and so on.

  9. I love how everyone goes on about “Oh, remake the classics”, and when they do, you just piss and moan.
    Some of you will never be happy, so If you feel that might be you – why don’t you start playing another game eh? Save yourself distress and me from having to read your now boring comments.

  10. T-Bird, you speak a LOT of sense. And this is why even though I’m a huge Sonic fan myself, I despise most of the fandom – you people are NEVER happy. NEVER.

  11. I like the sunset background, looks nice, but I hope this will be the only boss fight that they have remade.
    I guess they just want everyone to start of the game with that Green Hill feel..

  12. @T-Bird: I know what you mean. Some people are never sastified. Every Sonic game I played with the exception of Labryinth and 2006 was good. I don’t care what direction Sonic goes in whether 2-D, 2.5D, or 3-D as long as his games are still fun. That’s really all that matters.

  13. It’s not so much the fact that its looking very remake-esque, it’s the fact they’ve sold this as a “NEW” part of the Sonic story, especially by calling it Sonic ‘4’, if they said “Oh we’re remaking Sonic 1” and showed me this I’d be over the moon.

  14. Maybe I´ll not buy the game afterall… there seems to be less originality in it than I thought… at least not in the first episode so far… . I´ll wait for more videos and pictures, but I do have to say that I´m less and less interested the more I see … . Thats not a good sign I guess.
    Anyway, we´ll see soon enough if Sega actually has something new and fresh in there, but so far it doesn´t quite look like it, and I hope Sega proves me wrong! :/

  15. i hate it wen peple say the classic fans will never be happy…its just because sega never come close to getting it right that we always seem unhappy… whats so hard about making a classic sonic game without Rehashes and Modern sonic? …..

  16. jump > homing attack > homing attack > homing attack > homing attack > homing attack > dead.

    Looks like Endri was telling the truth as well.

  17. @ T-Bird

    Wait for the all the “why should I have to play another game?” comments. This game is VERY nostalgic now. I for one am happy, and can’t wait for this.

  18. I know someone’s said it before but I’ll say it again: this seems as a no-win situtation for Sega.

    Fans want a back-to-roots game. Sega comes up with two options: 1. Remake (in a sense) the first 3 games but add enough different stuff to StH 4 to make it different, only to get the fans complain about it as a remake/rehash. 2. Make a almost completely different game compared to the first 3 but still retain the core gameplay feel, only to have fans complain that it’s too different from the classics and thus isn’t worthy of it’s title.

    I hate how Sonic’s got one of the most comitted fanbases but also the hardest to please. Do you guys not think that maybe that this is the next step in the right direction after Unleashed’s Day stages, or just see something and start complaining about the first thing that pops into your head?

  19. @Hudson: 1? Right. Stage design. Enemy Design. Bosses. There’s 3 right there. All I’m saying is that it’s not looking to be a ‘sequel’ in the same way 1 went to 2, to 3, to S&K. Rather a compilation.

  20. This. Looks. AWESOME!

    Some people are understandably miffed that they’re reusing old bosses, but who’s to say that every boss (or even most of the bosses) will simply be recycled? One of the best parts of any Sonic game is seeing what crazy new contraption Robotnik will pull out at the end, and I highly doubt we’ll end up simply refacing the stompy cylinders/eggrobo suit/Giant Robotnik Gundam w/ Lazar from S&K. Although, if this game were to have us face all those bosses in a row, followed by an all-new mechanical monstrosity, that would be A-OK as far as I’m concerned.

    Finally, the homing attack didn’t ruin this boss in Sonic Megamix, so who’s to say it’ll ruin it in Sonic 4?

  21. @SonicNKnux: Thank you!

    Should I be embarrassed to say that I was instantly excited when I saw this?

    I’m thrilled. It looks lovely.

  22. @TheRadicalMoron

    I always thought the modern Sonic fan was piss easy to please. Just show them some new Sonic game and they’ll love it like a newborn child, while any other normal person will scrath their heads and wonder what the hell they’re on.

    Take ASR (I know it’s not a true Sonic game but I’m making a point here) which for all intents and purposes is only an enjoyable racing game, nothing special. From what I’ve read on this site every person seems to be raving on how great it is. Really? Have you guys actually played another racing game.

    On the 2D side of things and on Sonic 4 looks like it could be good fun, maybe even great. The question will be whether it really is Sonic 4 or Sonic Advance 4. It looks to be heading towards the latter, with some Rush thrown in. We’ll see whether this actaully leads to an interesting result.

  23. Too many people do not know how to relax sometimes. If it were any other series of games, making a complaint about an old boss returning would be seen as somewhat stupid. Besides Ive not heard anyone complain about remakes of other games (bionic commando springs to mind). Remake or Original, if its fun (fun being an essential concept to games that some need to remind themselves of) then its successful in my opinion.

  24. I’m just stoked it could be as cheap as 400 MS points…that’s less than £4!

    I honestly think there’ll be a new twist to this boss (what with the whole “Eggman revisits some of his greatest creations” thing), but I really don’t mind if there’s not. Hey, it’s an iconic boss. 🙂

  25. Look at Sonics model. It has WAY too many polygons for even the Wii version of the game (look really close). The cell-shaded look is kinda off aswell. If you look REALLY close, you can also see that his eyes are black…not green.
    An incredibly well made fake?

  26. @T-Bird: Who said “remake the classics?” I didn’t. I said, “make a classic game.” Rehash central.

    Also, if you read the story on Retro, it proves that Endri was LEGIT and NOT LYING.

  27. I think it’s cool that they’re making a retro Sonic game, but I don’t think it’s cool that they’re rehashing so much. I had really high hopes for this game but it’s becoming obvious this is just pure nostalgia trip here. That boss up there has been re-used ALREADY in way too many Sonic games. Unless there’s something special about it, it’s just a re-imagining of Sonic 1.

    SEGA when fans say they want a classic Sonic game they mean a CLASSIC SONIC GAME WITH NEW STUFF TO DO.

  28. Chill, its just the first zone, there are three more in this episode and more in episodes to come. Just need to relax and wait for more information, mainly to do with the other zones.

  29. To further prove my point of the one boss per episode theory, look at Sonic’s lives. He has eight. If this was the first level, he certainly wouldn’t have eight lives already, correct?

    Although I do see reason in the fact that, thinking about the ‘Boss in every Zone’ theory, he could have collected lives from the other acts and faced a boss in the Final Zone, it seems unlikely. For four levels, eight lives is still a big accomplishment. Think of Sonic 1, where you could maybe scrape an extra life or two before the final boss, where you die innumerable times before.

    Then again, NSMB Wii provides an example; games are getting easier.

  30. *after looking at what Scartillery said and zooming in on the picture*

    …Huh…Anyone else notice that the left floating block is actually bigger than the right one? XD

  31. Maybe Eggman’s Rehash of the first Machine he used will end up with a new move, where he swings the ball in a FULL Circle, at a higher speed.

  32. It would be cool if this is a trick, and after you beat it you have to fight the REAL boss. Which would make more sense and I’d be more happy about. I mean, do people not get we don’t literally want to replay Casino Night Zone or Green Hill Zone but with a different design.

    Sonic 3 has Carnival Night, a spin-off of Casino Night. We wanted Sonic 4 to be the same general feel of the older games but with new stuff to do and the classic Robotnik/Sonic models.

    I am still mildly excited, but so much excitement has worn off from finding out that much of the game is not anything all that new. We’ll see though, maybe it plays more fun that it’s letting on. It is only $5.

  33. @ProjectZuel

    I’m not sure how the “modern Sonic fan” arguement would apply the way you used it. Granted I joined the Sonic fanbase (and I guess gaming in general) when Heroes came out but I don’t really see how it matters. While I’ve enjoyed the modern games, I do NOT see them as the greatest games ever made. I just see myself as open-minded until I actually play the game and don’t see why anyone would bother to complain about something when they know so LITTLE about something to the extent I’ve seen.

    For ASR, I don’t visit the forums often so I don’t know what they’re saying, but considering that people won’t be able to actually play it until tomorrow (unless ASR’s already released outside the States) I wouldn’t really trust what they’re saying. And who knows? I find racing games somewhat boring unless it follows Mario Kart to a certain extent and maybe others do too.

    Currently, I haven’t seen anything to overly-interest or uninterest me from Sonic 4. I’m interested, and hopefully when the DS Sonic Collection comes out I’ll have a better idea of what to expect and understand the classic fans’ POV better.

  34. Don’t really care if this is a rehash or not, this looks like it’s gonna rock. And, what the heck, It’ll probably be $10 on WiiWare, so I don’t care if it sucks, It’s Sonic! I thought Sonic 06 was pretty good, aside from some bumps in the road, metaphorically speaking. Sonic Unleashed Day Levels rock. I heard that Dimps worked on those, while Sonic Team made the Night Levels. Ironic, huh? A low developer has been doing something for several years that an experienced crew like Sonic Team has been trying to do since Sonic Adventure! So, If Dimps is working on this, like one of the previous posts said, I KNOW this game won’t suck. Rehash or not.

  35. @ Inferno the Fox:
    Dimps only worked on the Wii/PS2 versions of Sonic Unleashed.

    And yeah I think Sonic 4 Ep. 1 looks pretty good so far.

  36. @Casanova: Lol, I didn’t. I found it rather interesting. But the problem is, it’s fine with the advance series because they’re not directly related to the Genesis storyline. Because Sonic 4 is, you have problems with that. Old school fans are asking for newer stuff alongside a classic look & feel, not older stuff alongside a newer look & feel.

  37. Robuttnik’s really slipping. He’s used this in Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit), Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles and Sonic Advance. I wonder if he’ll also use the even more common giant-humanoid-mech idea?

  38. Show people one screencap and suddenly they think they have the entire game figured out 🙁 it’s sad really. The reason they keep using this particular boss is the same reason they use Green Hill Zone over and over again- it’s the first boss in the Sonic series. You can never get rid of it, and even if you liked the final boss of another zone better, it doesn’t quite hold the same sentimental value as the old ball-and-chain.

    I’m looking forward to what else they’re going to throw at us, especially the last boss. If you really don’t like the direction this game is going in just by this, tsk tsk tsk shame on you forming an opinion on a game you haven’t even played yet.

  39. Sonic 4 ep. 1 just 5 bucks? Hell, yes! If each episode is the same length and cost, that means we’ll be getting 16 zones for just 20 bucks. That’s three more zones than there were in the epic Sonic 3 & Knuckles, which would have cost probably 60 bucks all together back in the day. (I recall spending the $30 my grandparents gave me for my birthday on Sonic & Knuckles; it was probably the first game I ever went out and bought myself. Ah, memories.)

  40. While I am looking forward to this game… if this game sucks, I will gain a lot of respect for SEGA for trolling this shitty fan base on a large scale. Seriously, if this sucks I will laugh my ass off. This fan base has so many people who act like spoiled children, always whining and crying about pointless crap. Also, this fan base needs to learn the difference between fact and opinion.

  41. Cmon, I doubt the game is gonna suck. We can whine about the animations used from Sonic as much as we can but I still think it’s gonna be good. And the reuse of the first boss from Sonic 1? So what? It was done in Sonic Advance 3 too. I liked it there and I’ll like it here too. It’ll be a good game. And just 5 bucks?! Oh that is SUCH a buy!

  42. im not complaining too much about it. by the way, SEGA did say that they were using some of Eggman’s best machines and robots and making them better, so maybe this time it will sometime be harder. i think the coolest thing to rehash would be a nice old fashioned race against Metal Sonic from Sonic CD ;)) i would shit myself happy if they did that!!!!

  43. I don’t care what anyone says, I think it looks great! Robotnik’s face is awesome. He just looks like “Ima kick your ass, bitch.”

    And to all people who keep saying you’re not going to buy it now, you know you’re lying to yourself. You’re gonna buy it anyway.

  44. ^ I’ll buy it, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be exactly what I was hoping for or wanted.

    See what most of us classic fans really wanted was just a continuation of the original series with new things to do but in the classic look and feel (even if that meant updated graphics, like the old sonic model could have been used instead of the newer one).

    We’ve seen this sort of thing in the Sonic Advance series before. It’s not like tributes like this haven’t been found in another Sonic games. The only real difference is that it’s a “bigger” release because it’s for a home console.

    It might be great, I dunno. I’ll wait until I play it before I pass complete judgement. But it’s not looking to be as exciting as I originally thought it was when they said “Sonic the Hedgehog 4”

  45. It also proves that even if he was telling the truth – and there are still ways he could have known or even worked out what the boss was without playing the game for himself, however many WORDS you decide to EMPHASISE with ALLCAPS – that he only played the first boss and, at most, two zones. And his opinions are even still just that, as that same Retro article is at pains to point out.

    Although I am laughing at the people who were predicting Sonic Advance 2-type bosses from the original post.

  46. Also Olimar:

    There are 4 acts per zone. 4 acts in Sonic 2 would’ve been the end of Chemical Plant Zone. It was quite possible to have 8 lives by that point.

    Infact, 8 lives by Act 4 suggests lots of Rings in each level, and therefore, lots of places where they might be.

    Assuming, of course, the screenshot is indeed genuine.

  47. @ Dan

    Dan said “SEGA when fans say they want a classic Sonic game they mean a CLASSIC SONIC GAME WITH NEW STUFF TO DO.”

    Heh, but if they add anything new it would be BASH in a instance.

    For example, Homing Attack (not really that new but still) as soon it was confirmed WHAM! “It sucks! Oh my hopes for this game have been lost” (sees leaked video) “HOLY (insert word here) My faith as been renewed!” [For 5 days]

    You know what I find about the “Sonic Cycle”? It is the fans who do it!

    They sets their hopes up!
    They see leaked videos!
    They get their hope unbelievably high!
    Then their hopes crash to the ground!

    Take SU for example. when I got SU I only wanted it for the day stages. I had high hopes for day stages and very low hopes for night stages. At the end I was disappointed at the day stages and (somewhat) impressed (still didn’t like) the night stages.


    You fans always set your hopes too high and will always get disappointed.

  48. @Matt

    I looked at the LS again, and it turned out I was wrong. There are 4 acts until Chemical Zone. But not in each zone individually.

    But, saying that, four acts would be half the episode, right?

    I’m just saying it was difficult for me to get more than four lives in Sonic 1, and seems unlikely that the player would get Eight lives before the boss. The reason I say this is because the boss level looks more like Splash Hill Zone then Casino Street Zone, Lost Labyrinth Zone, or Mad Gear Zone.

    Also, my thoughts are on Seven Episodes to Sonic 4. That would mean there are 28 levels, a healthy amount, and a special stage for each one. It’s obvious, Seven Episodes, One Special Stage Per Episode, One Chaos Emerald per Special Stage!

    I may be completely wrong with that last theory, but it could mean linked episodes.

  49. To prove it, I looked closely at the Leaked Sonic 4 footage, and saw in shadow, ‘Showdown with Dr. Eggman’.

    That also means there are four acts in each zone, but saying that, it’s likely the fourth is just a battle with Doc Robotnik, no little side level before the battle.

    But it also disproves my theory of the idea there is a boss at the end of each episode.

  50. ^This.

    In fact if it weren’t for the impressive backgrounds, I’d flat-out say these pics ARE fake. Eggman doesn’t look at all the way he does in the trailer, and for that matter neither does Sonic! But again, those backgrounds look too good to not be real… Tough call. =/

  51. @ kirboy

    Honestly, I don’t set my hopes high for any games anymore and it seems to be beneficiary. I had zero expectation for Unleashed, zero gravity, Black Knight and Winter Games, and wouldn’t you know it, i ended up loving all four titles. I still can’t get enough of winter Games, so fun, I was very pleasantly surprised. I am not looking forward to ASR, but if this pattern continues, I will love it.

  52. ….yeah cos no ones ever used photoshop to make fake looking pictures before have they?

    I’ll be honest, I don’t care if this is fake or not. I just think it is, you think it’s real, thats good, but you’ve become so sure it is 100% real that you won’t believe anything else.

    Until we see something like this from Sega, I’m just going to assume it’s fake.

  53. @Kirboy

    I don’t think it’s fair to lump all classic/modern fans together like that, just in black in white terms. I’m a fan of the classics more than the modern, but the addition of the Homing attack doesn’t bother me. The “plastic grass” doesn’t bother me. What bothers me most is that the zones look just like (from what I can tell) the zones they’re emulating from Sonic 2/1. As a classic fan, I want new zones and boss battles to fight, because I’m TIRED of playing the old games. I’ve played them out, and I’ve been playing them for 15-20 years. I just wanted something that looked like old Sonic with new things to do.

    @ anyone who thinks this is fake

    Look at the OTHER screenshot provided at Sonic Retro of Sonic near the monitor. Then look at the leaked footage. It matches exact. And if you watch the Sonic 4 trailer again carefully, the Robotnik does look like the one here, it’s just harder to tell. Unfortunately, I’d say these are real. I hope the whole game isn’t just a nostalgia trip.

    I JUST BEAT SONIC 1, 2 and 3 again to PUMP ME UP FOR THIS ONE. What was the point? It looks like it’s the same old thing. 🙁

  54. @sonictoast

    Thus proving my example about SU.
    (Sorry I didn’t mean to say *every* Sonic Fan gets their hopes that high.)


    Dan, did you ever think the leaked video was fake too? It may be or it maybe not ,but I will wait for the game to come out first before I start listening to shady reviews. ^_~

    @Brad Flick Ever hear of photoshop?

  55. I guess everyone’s forgotten that this is continuing the franchise EXACTLY where it left off, just imagine this was made in 1995. Of course they are using the old enemies, they are making them more powerful! They are basically new enemies! Did motobug move his arms up and down and charge back at Sonic in the first game? No. The same concept went through the three original games and is going through here! We went through the 16-bit phase already, it’s time to accept that fact!

    @Dan. There ARE new zones. THERE are new fully improved more powerful bosses, and you should stop being a crybaby over wnating a new game with new concepts and….old concepts, however that works…And don’t say you’re not a crybaby, that frown emoticon makes you look like you’re about to drown your keyboard in your fanboy ‘I-am-not-satisfied-with-anything’ tears!

  56. Kirboy: Videos are considerably harder to fake than still images; basically, a large section of an entire level would’ve had to have been coded up from scratch to make that video a fake.

    As for the still image, I personally am not claiming that it is a fake. What I’m claiming is that, even if it is the truth, it proves absolutely nothing other than that, at some point during Splash Hill, Robotnik turns up with his wrecking ball.

    It doesn’t prove that Endri played the game himself – I’m not ruling that out, but it’s not conclusive proof.
    It doesn’t prove that his opinions of the levels are correct.
    It doesn’t prove that any part of what he may have seen or played is indicative of the quality of the entire game.
    It doesn’t prove that, because the TRIAL is available on PartnerNet, that the entire episode is available or even complete.
    It doesn’t prove anything about the layouts of the third and fourth levels.
    Hell, it doesn’t even prove that this is THE boss of Splash Hill! We do all recall how S3&K introduced Act 1 minibosses, right?

    Now, I’m not ruling out that any or all of what Endri has said is correct. For all I know it may be. But this isn’t proof.

  57. @Matt True videos are hard to fake but not impossible. (That is why there is a low chance of it being fake.)

    Second, I agree with the proof thing too.

    That is why I will wait for Sega to put out more info.

    Last point: Why is everyone stressing about this game? 85% of the haters are going to end up downloading it.(usually just to say ” I wanna see how bad this game suxs or something”)

  58. “Hell, it doesn’t even prove that this is THE boss of Splash Hill! We do all recall how S3&K introduced Act 1 minibosses, right?”

    Looks more like that Sunset place in the third act of Splash Hill, tbh.

  59. Oh! I know! If you hit it once, it turns into a giant weapon of mass destruction!

    …Maybe. In all seriousness, an unexpected twist to an old boss would be cool, though.

  60. @Kirboy

    They complain because they care. They download it because they want it to be more than what they’re expecting and they have to at least try it.

    Every person complaining has every right to complain. This game in particular has more legit reasons to be upset then any other because they touted it Sonic 4. That name carries a hefty weight. It may not seem like a big deal, but it is. To those who care.

  61. and btw, I personally think that this screen is probably the first PART of a boss battle. It would make more sense. Once you beat the “old Sonic 1 style boss” you fight the real one. The whole act is based around the boss battle so that makes me think that the boss battles have more going on then you think. It makes more sense, considering they list them as Act 1, 2, 3 and then the Showdown with Eggman.

  62. @Kirboy: Of course I’ve heard of photoshop. Good comeback. Try again, kid.

    Image is real. If you think this is fake, you have sunshine blown so far up your ass that you’re beyond listening to. There is such a thing as “too much optimism.”

  63. So anyone who isn’t complaining doesn’t care? Methinks not.

    I’ll complain when I have personally sighted verifiable evidence that this game isn’t how I want it to be.

  64. Ah yes, Sonic fans at their finest.

    When Mario recycles a boss fight, everyone’s like “Wow! This is just like *insert Mario game here*!” But when Sonic trys it, people are like “F$%& you Sega! We want something new!”

    Need I remind you all that you WANTED this to happen? Or do you not want a return to 2d roots?

    Honestly, it’s not the games that have gone downhill, it’s the fans.

  65. …..this is whats wrong with Sonic fans, there is a valid reason why other fanbases look down on us, and this comment section has only helped to prove it.

  66. @ Brad Flick

    Err what?

    I said the image COULD be fake.

    And what comeback? That wasn’t a comeback. :/

    Again, Why stress over this?
    If the game is any good then it is good. (people will buy it.)
    If the game is terrible it is terrible. (but people are still going buy it anyway because it has Sonic in it.)

    Brad said :There is such a thing as “too much optimism.”
    I say : So? I don’t care, there is such a thing as “too little optimism.”


    Brad flamed me, I put out the fire around me. 😀

    [End of TL;dr]
    Seriously Brad did you have to insult me? That sound more “kiddish” than my “optimism”, But that is just me.


    Everyone has a right to complain…?
    You’re right.
    So that means I have a right too 😀

    [complain]So the perfect sonic game is impossible now, cause of the fan base.

    Sonic 3&K is probably the closest though.

    See what I did there?[/complain]

    Second “They complain cause they care?”

    Yea, care about themselves and what goes into a sonic game :/

    Well I guess I will be flamed again by the loving,caring,fanbase. :/

    But really why stress about one game that is 4-5 months away ?

  67. you could throw anything at me and i would be still excited.
    btw there are no more whiners, these here are people who waited 16 years for this.
    no wonder they want it better be like they want.
    let me show you a difference:

    meh we had this boss fight 3 times already, how about something new? hope they fix it =/

    see the difference?
    anyway i’m pumped for this game

  68. @ Eggman123

    About the complainers, there are not alot of comments like that at all. If they do say something like that, its usually followed up with “Im not buying this game anymore! its gonna suck! sega sucks! blahblahblahblahblah!!” so most complainers are whiners. i mean really? who gives a damn about what color his eyes are??? you cant see them in the game anyways. and anyways, u were prewarned that this game was for the retro fans and the new fans.

    just wait for the game to actually come out to judge for urself.

  69. Here is my problem…If that is the ending boss for that level…Assuming that is act 2 of a world…WHY IS THERE ONLY 17 SECONDS ON THE MOTHERF+++++ CLOCK!?!?!?!

  70. Everyone needs to stuff their mouths with chili dogs and shut the fuck up.

    The fanbase is as confusing as Barack Obama’s decisions.

  71. I’m personally disheartened by this. We have in fact had this boss 3 times already. The story is that he’s bringing back his best. Ball on chain is far from his best, as is Motobug and Masher. And to be honest. I really don’t want to see a spiritual Sonic 1. In my opinion Sonic 1 was like Mega Man 1. Only worth playing once with no replay value. In both series the second game is where the series kicked off. But even still, I don’t want to see rehashes of Sonic 2 or Sonic 3 either.

    Make new enemies based off of old enemies, that’s fine. Sonic 2 and 3 did this and they were perfectly fine. I just don’t want the same enemies and bosses. It’s hard keeping optimism when all I see is Sonic 1 2 and 3 being redone. Even Mega Man 9 had new enemies and bosses. If this game is going to use the same enemies and the same bosses you can’t call it Sonic 4. It can be some side game but not Sonic 4. With all the recycled stuff I’ve seen so far this is basically a higher quality Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure.

  72. @Duuuuuude: We saw from the leaked video that there are 3 main acts and then a 4th act for the boss only.

    Also, even if there is all of this rehashed stuff, there will be more episodes, and perhaps we can suggest to SEGA that we don’t like all the rehashed stuff and get them to think of some new ideas.

    Personally, I think it would be cool to have the game start off with this nostalgia trip and then branch off in later episodes to have completely new stuff.

  73. I have a feeling that there isn’t as much “rehash” as there appears to be. I don’t have a huge problem with anything Sonic 4 is doing, I just wish it was more new stuff to do. Do you know how many times I’ve already played Sonic1-S&K? Playing that chain ball boss again is not something I wanted to do all that much since I remember doing this little nostalgia trip before in other Sonic games.


    How is voicing my opinion on what I want in Sonic 4 being selfish? Really. On anything I want to see or play I’d give the same kind of opinion. What do you THINK people are going to do. Just go on and on about how “Oh boy Sonic 4!” This is how anticipation towards a movie or game goes. Are you NEW to the internet or something?

    Just because I may not have 100% positive outlook on Sonic 4 doesn’t mean I’m not still excited and will play it. I never said that. This is part of the fun of it all.

    And why stress over a game that is 4-5 months away? LOL

    … really? Says the guy who is posting on a Sonic the Hedgehog website in an article about Sonic 4. LOL.

  74. @Dan

    First: No I am not new to the internet.
    Second: I never said you were selfish(I was really talking about someone else, Sorry for the mix-up) or that you can’t say anything about Sonic 4 or can’t say what you want in a sonic game. (I mean hey, I can’t stop you.) ^_^”
    And I would expect some of the fanbase not to bash 3 seconds of gameplay when it came out.

    (I am serious some people bashed it because Sonic’s “Full running animation” looked weird! (The funny thing is they didn’t even show it in the trailer.)
    And would expect the fanbase to complain over “ok” stuff (like Sonic’s jumping Hey, not even I like the jumping!)

    Third: I never said you needed to be 100% happy about Sonic 4 to be excited.

    Fourth: I said “stress” (like in get mad over over a screenshot or something.) not “care”
    If I didn’t care I wouldn’t be replying after my first post (or post at all!) :/

  75. Although I for one really look forward to this game… has anyone else become confused about its placement within the timeline? I mean I can understand having updated Sonic if you’re trying to keep it new and stuff but if it’s set before Sonic Adventure then Eggman should still have his original suit shouldn’t he? Maybe I’m reading too into this, but it just seems odd that they’d do that..

  76. ^ The designs of characters have no affect on the timeline. The timeline of a fictional world doesn’t take into account character designs. Why does Sonic look so different? Well because they re-designed him. There is no other reason.

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