Ryo Hazuki Is A Big Fat Liar

Ryo Hazuki Is A Big Fat Liar


Thanks to Doctor Eggman at the SSMB for the hilarious video.

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  1. The funny part is that Ryo doesn’t actually look much better when rendered on an Xbox 360 than he does on a Dreamcast…

  2. Man that brings back memories, the game looked so good back then, still looks pretty good, voice acting was piss-poor though, even then. Conker’s Bad Fur Day had MUCH better voice acting and that was a CARTRIDGE game.

  3. @Barry the Nomad: It really depends on which territory you’re from; while the original Shenmue was Dreamcast exclusive worldwide, its sequel was Xbox exclusive in the USA, Dreamcast exclusive in Japan, but released on both consoles in Europe. I guess we got the best of both worlds!

    Additionally, the Xbox 360 is fully backwards compatible with the Xbox iteration of the second game, if anyone wishes to try it out…

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