Ring In ASR Launch Day With This New Trailer!

Ring In ASR Launch Day With This New Trailer!

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSBMmmobuLA[/youtube]


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  1. Ha ha, you beat me to the post XD

    You might want to mention the trailer confirms DLC, that other site hasnt noticed it yet lol!

  2. mario and luigi aren’t male?! O_o OH MY GAAAAAWD!!!
    anyway one request from me to tss.
    could you confirm in the next few days if you can play online with 2 players, like in MK Wii?

  3. damn gamestop i was going to play this game today but then the game dosent get shipped till tomorrow
    i really cant wait till tomorrow or today if i find it somewhere

  4. @Eggman123
    Steve Lycett did answer someone at the SSMB who questioned that, I cant remember exactly what the answer was. I’ll try and dig around the SSMB to see what he said.

  5. “No longer must we endure racing without downloads.”

    Does this confirm DLC for the Wii? Because if not, that trailer was totally lying.

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