Ridiculously Low Price Drops Result In ASR Wii Selling Out

Ridiculously Low Price Drops Result In ASR Wii Selling Out

UPDATE: All retailers that were selling the solo Wii version cheap then sold out have removed the listing. /UPDATE END

You may remember a few days ago we reported on many UK retailers listing ridiculously low price drops for the Wii & DS versions of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing well you can guess what has happened, they are now sold out for the Wii version at least but we expect the DS version will soon follow the same path so if you want that version jump in now.

Sold out status would normally be somewhat good news but selling out at those crazy prices you have to wonder if its at a loss to the retailers. To the consumer though a price drop makes a saving on the wallet, so if you want the DS version jump in now. Those retailers who sold the Wii version cheap still have stock but only of the Wii wheel bundle and its not as cheap as the solo version was listed at.

Retailers listing the DS version ridiculously cheap are :
ASDA: £17.91

Woolworths: £17.97

WH Smith: £17.93

Chips World: £17.99

Zavvi: £17.95

UK retailers still stocking the Wii version and the Wii version & Wii Wheel bundle at standard price are –

DVD: £26.99
DVD wheel bundle: £29.99

GAME: £29.99
GAME wheel bundle: £34.99

Amazon: £29.73
Amazon wheel bundle: £29.99

HMV: £29.99
HMV wheel bundle: £34.99

Zavvi wheel bundle: £29.95

Simplygames: £29.95

Play: £29.99
Play wheel bundle: £34.99

Gamestation: £29.99
Gamestation wheel bundle: £32.99

Gameplay: £29.99
Gameplay wheel bundle: £32.99

ShopTo wheel bundle: £29.85

Woolworths wheel bundle: £29.97

Tesco: £31.47
Tesco wheel bundle: £31.47

Chips World wheel bundle: £29.99

ASDA wheel bundle: £29.91

WH Smith wheel bundle: £29.93

Argos: £29.99

TheHut wheel bundle: £29.73

CD Wow: £30.99

Blockbuster: £34.99


  1. Actually, I wouldn’t worry that much. Most places online dropped the price of Mario Kart Wii pre-release to around £25-30 since it was getting some fairly average reviews and not a lot of hype(Plus, it seemed to be coming out of nowhere in a lazy April schedule). The reduced price caused it to sell a ridiculous amount online and sales went utterly crazy at retail. It even kept selling once it went back up to RRP. If anything, this is going to be a very positive sign for sales.

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