PS3 ASR Trailer Shows You What Victory Looks Like

PS3 ASR Trailer Shows You What Victory Looks Like

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Those crazy, ASR-playing kids are back (at least they’re not talking).  This trailer provides a minute of PS3 footage and showcases how much fun you’re going to have.

But wait… what are those wheels those kids are holding?  This game isn’t for the Wii.  Is the PS3 getting some wireless wheel action?  HEY, S0L. You know what’s up with that?  Please, do tell.

EDIT: I’m a big ol’ dummy.  I really need to educate myself on PS3 stuff.  Thanks to commenters below, they have enlightened me.  Haha…

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  1. Oh for goodness sake…

    Am I the only that knows those wheels have been out for months? Only theres no good racing games out at the moment so nobody has bought one!

  2. Wheels! It’s actually a piece of plastic that the PS3 pad fits in…. mind you it’s just as a technological breakthrough as the Wii’s wheel.

    Oh just google ‘ps3 compact racing wheel’

    You know, watching the trailer, they all turn the wheels at almost the game time… you know I can’t help but wonder if they’re actually not playing the game? Either that or they’ve all decided that they’ll play the game by racing in a horizontal line.

  3. Boo! Hiss! How dare you include a link to The Satan Sucking Zits (or whatever TSSZ stands for) News on here!

  4. Arg, don’t know which version of the game to get. 360 has Avatars/Banjo+DLC but PS3 has Motion+DLC and Wii has Motion+Miis but no DLC. D: [leaving out DS for obvious reason,s might pick that one up though] This trailer just tears me even more.

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