Playr’s ASR Video Preview. More DLC Characters & Tracks Confirmation

Playr’s ASR Video Preview. More DLC Characters & Tracks Confirmation

UPDATE: Just a heads up, we’re getting reports this video is unfortunately blocked to anyone outside the UK and U.S. /END UPDATE

Playr in the above video preview Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing giving us a deeper look at some of the tracks, weapons, mission mode and 5 pretty good reasons why this game is better than Mario Kart. We also get another mention from the media that the game will have more downloadable characters and tracks after launch.
Anyway, what are you reading this for? Click play now!!


  1. Might wanna chuck up there that this is only available in certain countries.
    Us aussies get the “This video has been blocked in your country by IMG media UK”

  2. Those 5 reasons weren’t that great. Sure it is better because it is on multiple platforms but how is the actual gameplay? Doesn’t matter if you can get the game on a ds or a PS3, if the game isn’t fun who cares. I will have to rent this and see for myself I suppose.

  3. Eh, i could probably think of 5 reasons why Mario Kart would be better than this game. But it still looks awesome.

  4. Well this is just fan-fucking tastic, i can’t watch it since i live in canada. If someone could re-upload this video it would be greatly appreciated. and an updating here with it would be great also

  5. February 23rd? Well all these updates over the weeks, the amazing features and graphics and this video, which showed off how the game would actually, have convinced me this a day 1 purchase. Looking forward to playing it, I hope its successful because this time it seems to actually deserve some success!

  6. I live in Germany and can watch the vid by entering the vid’s URL in my local Google-Translate page. Here in Germany it’s There I enter the URL, then it works. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Man, I wanna play this right now! It looks so awesome! While I enjoyed the preview, it felt a little biased. Clearly the narrator doesn’t care for Mario much. Then again, neither do I. :p

  8. It looks good, the game seems a bit faster then the code that was at Summer of Sonic 09. The mission mode reminds me of Heart Attack mode from Out Run 2, it would be really fun if these heart attack style challenges were in the actual single player race modes like asking you to drift round the corner or hitting blue cones etc as I think that would make single player more fun.

    So far i have to say the game is coming along really nicely.

    Oh and lol at the women drivers comment XD

  9. I love how this idiot says Mario’s face is annoying (which isn’t true), when this guy’s voice makes you want to punch him. What a fanboy.

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