Play3’s Video Preview of ASR PS3

Play3’s Video Preview of ASR PS3


As seen in the above video German PlayStation gaming site Play3 have recently got some hands-on time with the PS3 version of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing. It looks to be the same build Playr recently got to try out but this time we get to see some more of the Jumble Jungle track and a glimpse of other characters in action such as Ryo and Shadow. It sounds like even German fans get a crazy commentator too.

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Thanks to Tom over at the SSMB for the heads up.


  1. translation:
    they love it, seriously they said everything would be awesome and it would be far better than mario kart.
    well but they aren’t really professional, they refer ryo all the time as the “shenmue guy”.
    But they had a lot of praise for the multiplayer.

    still waiting for the demo…

  2. Erm, from what I heard they used lots of good verbs. And they said “richtig” a lot. Which means, correct, or properly. Dunno what that was about. But meh, meine Deutsch sind sheize.

  3. they say its a shamely clone of mario kart but it’s a very good clone (“better a good clone that a bad new game and the game is realy really good”) and in the same time they use very very good words for the game, they like the most the multiplayer part and are happy there is a splitscreen. The tracks are very vary and awesome and there are cool weapons. They repeatedly say the game is really fun.

  4. im just glad they show sonic impatience in the car…otherwise it would be odd to see him drive
    in actually gets a laugh from me…seeing him jumping up and down or standing up

  5. It may be a Mario Kart clone, but hey it’s a Mario Kart clone for non-Nintendo consoles. Other than that, I must admit that game seems pretty fun and the graphics are stunningly beautiful.

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