ONM Want Your Sonic 4 Questions

ONM Want Your Sonic 4 Questions

Official Nintendo Magazine UK are starting a new feature on their website called ‘ONM Asks’ where they gather your burning questions to ask game developers about upcoming projects coming to Nintendo consoles. To begin this new venture they will be posting a recent Q&A they had with the team behind the Ace Attorney games this Friday but afterwards they’ll be seeing the Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 team and they want to take your queries regarding the game with them. If you would like to take part you can post your questions at their forums.

Thanks to Trainer Gold at the SSMB for the heads up.

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  1. I would assume, they’ll ask if the running and jumping animation will get a complete overhaul, since it’s so important where sales are concerned.

  2. I wanna know what the next few episodes contain, though they probably won’t answer a question that big too soon.

  3. @Rurouni
    that seems… REAL! And i think it looks amazing. New super mario bros approach!

  4. @thehumblefellow

    rehashing every old badnik and zone, crappy physics, and adding new sonic games things like homing attack and new character models only pisses old fans off more and does not make it a continuation of sonic 3 and knuckles

  5. Edge: I’m an old Sonic fan, likely older than you are.

    You do not speak for me in any particular.
    Stop pretending you are the voice of the old Sonic players, because you are not.

    My question for ONM is as follows: Sega, please confirm exactly how far along in development was the leaked build we saw, and please confirm what Dimps see as the primary fine-tuning issues they have been working on since the time of that leaked build.

  6. Excellent question from Matt.

    I know people have already asked if Tails or Knuckles will be playable in future episodes, but I’d like to know if there will be secret areas that only they can access like in Sonic 3&K. That’s something that the Advance series lacked, despite having 5 characters to choose from.

  7. MK Skillz : Thank you … here is my question “How does the story of Sonic 4 work is if takes after Sonic 3 & Knuckles since Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, Heroes , Shadow the Hedeghog , & Sonic Unleashed were the next main games in the series ?” – Edwin Shy

  8. 1) Will Knuckles be playable, perhaps as an unlockable character after finishing the main game? I really like his slightly slower, exploration-based gameplay.

    2) Will there be any unorthodox boss battles in the game, like the race battle against Metal Sonic from Sonic CD or the somewhat different Sonic robot from the Game Gear version of Sonic 2? That battle differed from the one in the Genesis version since you could touch the Sonic robot even if it was in ball form as long as Sonic was balled up too; it created a very cool feeling of two opponents smashing into one another repeatedly and being repelled, like an anime-style fight scene.


  9. @ matt

    I never once said I am the voice of the old fans. when I said it pisses off the older fans I meant that a majority of older fans are not happy with the way sega is taking this. And after all the disgruntled comments on the sonic 4 blog at sega, I can assure you that a majority of old fans were not pleased. In other words, I purely meant that most older fans aren’t happy and that’s why I wrote it that way.

    And I can assure you that I am an older Sonic fan as well. I will not say how old as it s personal information and personal information is something that I don’t like to give out and I expect you to respect my privacy.

    I expect you to respect my oppinions and not try to start stuff with me also.

  10. @Sonic2: It’s easier for me if all of the questions are posted in the SSMB topic, but I’ll do my best to keep checking this blog post for questions too.

  11. Did everyone forget the thing about a month ago where Sega said only Sonic would be playable? If so, how, seeing as they spent a whole week telling us?

  12. why are they making people pay for induvidual episodes instead of releasding the whole thing?are they trying to piss fans off as much as 4kids did

  13. I loved the original Mega Drive games, I loved the Advance series, and I loved the Rush series.

    So no matter if this turns out to be Sonic 4, Advance 4 or Rush 3, it’s still gonna kick a supreme amount of ass in my opinion. ­čśÇ

  14. How many old Sonic fans are there, Edge? And do they all hang out at the Sonic 4 blog? Or just the ones that were, as you put it, “disgruntled” enough to head over there and complain? Do not make claims that cannot be backed up.

    I’m not trying to “start” anything with anyone. I just don’t like it when people use blanket statements to disguise opinion as fact.

    And as for your age: Why on earth would I ask or indeed care about that? I didn’t suggest that you were in some way required to “prove” you were a classic Sonic fan. Just than I am too. And, as I’ve been playing these games since Sonic 1 on the Master System in 1991, that I’ve likely been playing them longer than you have.

  15. @Edge
    1. So you know all about the game? You know, for sure that all the badniks will be rehashed? LOL The gameplay was alpha, so it will be different.
    2. The majority of old fans aren’t happy? I didn’t know the small amount of people who are displeased are the “majority”.
    3. Your age isn’t that personal, unless you are an older lady who doesn’t like giving their age. It isn’t like thehumblefellow can find where you live by just your age. I am guessing you are under 14 by what you say though.

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