Official Needlemouse Party Thread

Official Needlemouse Party Thread

I think that you’ll agree with me that the Needlemouse reveal will be the biggest announcement that SEGA has made in nearly a decade.  It is huge.  Site stats have tripled, servers are crashing from traffic, and excitement has reached a fever pitch.  In just under 8 hours, GameSpot and SEGA will reveal what exactly “Project Needlemouse” is.

Let’s have a fuckin’ party!  Post links to images, music, YouTube videos, or just your pure excitement in the comments!  Celebrate with your fellow Sonic fans!


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  1. I’m gonna release a special compilation album of all my Sonic-related songs just for this party for FREE download. BRB gonna go do that now.

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRTTAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry about that, the ‘Sonic LSD’ just kicked in.

  3. I’m going to go ahead and beat Sonic 1, 2, 3 and Knuckles in celebration of the hopefully announced Sonic the Hedgehog 4!

  4. Im just gonna sleep ’til 3 a.m.(12 pacific) , see the reveal, go to sleep, wake up, go to school.


    Don’t screw up SEGA.

  6. I normally never stay up on weeknights, not even for studying, BUT DAMN IT THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT!!!
    Till then, its Sonic classics playthrough night for me :p, yeah…SCREW Modern Warfare 2 or…whatever guitar hero game that was recently cashed out to the public, if this succeeds, then I AM PROUD TO BE A SONIC FAN AGAIN!!!

  7. Ugh, why did they have to choose a school night?!?! XD I’m gonna have to find out about it in the morning, not like I’ll be awake enough to enjoy it at that time anyway. Midnight my time I could handle, but this is gonna be like… 3am my time -.- Maybe I’ll set an alarm and get up just for it and then go back to sleep… Still there better be some good footage this time.
    Anyway, I suppose I should post a link to something amusing, huh? Let’s see…. there, first sonic related favourite I could find.

  8. Ya don’t have anything Sonic Related to give out right now, but I am gonna try to stay current with this…. while watching Gurren Lagann. xD

  9. Blue Jello Vodka shots anyone?
    *Passes them around*

    This is like.. the new years eve countdown… but it actually means something 🙂


  10. Oh my, the Fresh Prince of Collision Chaos posted there makes me laugh so damn hard. Its so perfect.

  11. I’ve been eying your site for the past month for any scarce news I can find on Needlemouse. I’m ecstatic to see how the game will look and play.

  12. I did what secretchaos1 was thinking

    I feel fine I guess. I wish that school was delayed.. but it doesn’t appear so! >.<

    Ah well.

  13. Guess I have to contribute since all my jello shots are gone..

    I recommend anything from OCRemix 🙂

  14. It’s 11:32 according to my cell phone…
    I’m supposed to wake up early tomorrow…but…
    screw college! D<
    I wanna know this now!

  15. 22 minutes left? Enough time to watch one episode of Sonic The Hedgehog! My favourite? Sonic Boom, since it features Ironlock Prison!! That place didn’t get enough airtime. Mobius’ answer to Alcatraz!

  16. Thanks John. Well. With 18 minutes left…I’m going to play the final segment of Sonic and Knuckles and hope for the best.

  17. Not long now…is there going to be an update on Gamespot UK straight away? I hope so, as I can’t get to the US site. 🙁

  18. Yea there’s a lot more of SatAM I wish could’ve been touched upon. Thank goodness for DVD special feature interview at least giving us an idea of what would’ve happened.

    14 minutes to go. If anything I am gonna remember the fun and excitement I had waiting for Needlemouse news, having a small “Needlemouse” unveiling party, and of course the unveiling of information itself.

  19. Anyone know any good remixes to kill the last 13 minutes?

    Geeze…I’m beat…
    Just arrived form talking to some tax dude about…taxes xP
    Gotta love the IRS 😕

  20. @TailsFox88

    I should be doing my online class homework crap but I’m too damn lazy to do so XD
    I should be because I will be busy packing! 8D
    yay…moving! >_>;


    Oh yeah!! the tax guy was from the UK and he mentioned a lot of interesting things in the UK…
    I wanna like visit England or something ((not good with Geography)) and find out more about the country!…yeah…

  21. In a few minutes, we all need to sing the underwater countdown until it’s unvieled. XD

  22. Confirmed in the interview that this takes place right after Sonic and Knuckles. This is going to be absolutely amazing…a brand new trilogy.

  23. Welp, I need a chance of pants then bed time.

    First thoughts – Thats not the classic Sonic design

    I believe! Sonic 4 : Episode I !!

  24. Wow. It’s an actual Sonic 4. With a freakin’ mobius strip!
    Set after Sonic & Knuckles!

    As for the post-Sonic Adventure design: Meh. I was never opposed to the redesign so using it in this game concerns me not. Don’t split hairs 😛

  25. Fuck new school Sonic design and homing attack. You don’t need homing attack in the 2D games.

    We shall wait and see how it plays. It screams Sonic Rush to me right now.

  26. OH MA GAWD *cleans up pillow of drool* I mean serioulsy, hat was an epic win for a short trailer *hands out award for shortest trailer with most drooling fans late at night*

  27. Yes! Finally! Sonic 4!

    Unfortunately, I missed the reveal by 1 hour and 40 minutes.

    I fell asleep…

  28. I’m just going to scream, k?


    I think that covers itohnowaitherecomessomemoreAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHH.

    Okay, done.

  29. Do you guys really think they can pull this off? Creating a Sonic that will have the same vibe of the old days, with the music and everything?

    I’m doubtful, it will take more than the name Sonic 4 to please me. I’ve been fooled once before by that tactic (Sonic 06).

  30. Sonic 4. Have to admit it’s a nice surprise even if it was one many already guessed. If they keep the template of the original games while adding some fresh ideas then this could be great.

    As long as the fresh ideas don’t turn to absurdness.

  31. Sonic 4 after like 16 years sega finally gets its act together i know there is much doubt but at least there going in the right direction

  32. I can;t even own a disk with cover art and a box… DOWNLOAD ONLY! only hardcore fans like me will buy this and the worst part is sega will probably mess it up. I really hope its fun because to me this is extremely disappointing…

  33. If you don’t like it, play Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver! Either that or MegaMan 10. The reason Episodic would work would be that Sega can use the time to improve on the game as the time goes by. I mean, with a Disc-based Full Version of the game, the limits normally set by Download capacity could be broken, and the speeds could be unlimited, the Clear Times could be quicker to achieve, and the game would save a lot of space on our Wii systems and SDHCs. I’m a MegaMan Supporter, anyway. BLUE BOMBER FOREVER!!

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