New ASR Wii Gameplay Video At ONM

New ASR Wii Gameplay Video At ONM

[youtube][/youtube] Thanks to sonicfan293 for converting the video to YouTube format.

Just a quick heads up, Official Nintendo Magazine UK have posted a new gameplay video of the Wii version of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing at their site. The track being showcased is the Seaside Hill Ocean Ruins track, a track we’ve seen little of until now. In the video you get a better look at the undersea tube and the huge jump that follows it making for one awe inspiring track.

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  1. For a Wii game, the graphics are pretty darn good! Also, I do like the look of that track! A pity the game doesn’t let you chain tricks together in order to get super speed boosts! That super jump would be a gold mine!!

  2. @ Hedge Hog
    You can chain them together, the more you do before landing the longer your speed boost.

  3. Wow, the graphics are verrry good.

    Now I have more of a reason to get the Wii version >_> If only it had DLC I would be happy.

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