New ASR Wii Footage

New ASR Wii Footage


Just a quick heads up for those looking to get the Wii version of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing, some more gameplay footage minus annoying thingymabob and Jen has been revealed courtesy of NintendoWorldReport. The whale from Sonic Adventure makes an awesome cameo only this time he’s not breaking your bridges but instead trying to show how much better at jumping he is than that whale from that movie, you know the one.

Some small details are revealed in the video too, one of the Cups is called Chao Cup and a scoring system where points are earned dependant on what position you are in at the end of a race.

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  1. i heard the xbox360 nd ps3 version a master pieve ive seen it and believe it the wii versions looks nice but the ds aint so great i haave a ps3 wii and ds im getting ps3 for graphic it better dlc racing online yea ? THIS SEASIDE HILL TRACK AINT THE SAME AS the ps3 xbox360 ones i think

  2. Has Mario been sighted yet? ­čśŤ
    I didn’t know I needed a gold membership on xbox live to play online… so I might be “steering” over to the Wii version

  3. Awesome! I preordered my copy last night for the ps3, took me a while to decide but the graphics will be better and I get the code for Ryo’s forklift to, bonus.

  4. Looks fine, but the drifting looks awfully awkward. I hope that was just that person being new to the game.

  5. that ain’t the sonic adventure whale, there are whales in seaside hill. Go play it and you’ll see them.

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