New ASR Artwork & Screenshots

New ASR Artwork & Screenshots

Hedgehog Day happenings continue with the release of some more Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing artwork, this time of the Bonanza Bros, Akira & Jacky and some more track in-game shots of a Final Fortress stage, a Samba De Amigo stage and Jet Set Radio track 99th Street. The artwork is sure to please fans with its usual attention to detail and great presentation.

We have the track in-game shots, screenshots and Jacky & Akira art for you below –
Xbox 360:



Thanks to Jolt over at the SSMB for the heads up and thanks to nikkart24 there for the Akira and Jacky artwork.

Sources: JV247, Xboxygen, Wii and DS.

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  1. beyound Virtua Fighter, this red car could represent Outrun series… A beach track playing Splash Wave =)

  2. Look in the picture with AiAi’s Allstar move (The other monkeys.) To the right you can see a Cream The Rabbit Plane!

  3. @ SOL
    Thanks for clearing that up, I thought as there was nothing happening in them that they were some form of digital concept art/renders. Me and my imagination lol!

  4. Nice screens. Xbox360/PS3 version were looking better already. Akira makes his expression on it.

  5. Any cross-over deserves at least one lesser-known, but good character, and that’s what the Bonanza Bros. are. If Sega’s going to reveal more, then I’m hoping for Axel Stone in a police car (from the Streets of Rage series) and Flash Gal (from the arcade game of the same name).

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