MORE SONIC 4! Motobug animation found along with…music?

MORE SONIC 4! Motobug animation found along with…music?

I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

Watch him in all his Stabby Stabby action!

and…some Wheezer?

By the looks from some of the xml tags on the site, it looks like the game will have 5 zones.

This is just bizarre. Anyway, cheers to the keen eyes of the Hawkz!

EDIT: Wheezer track’s gone. Oh well. It was Buddy Holly btw folks. Ooooweeeoooo….


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  1. Did one of the employees at Sega upload that so they could download it from their home computer later or something? hurrrrrr

    Sonic may have been around in the 90’s but I doubt music from a band from the 90’s will be in it, but who knows.

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