More Sonic 4 Footage For Those With Eagles Eyes

More Sonic 4 Footage For Those With Eagles Eyes

Forget the early bird gets the worm, how about the eagle eyed gets the hedgehog? Was the 3 seconds of Sonic 4 footage not enough for you? Well SEGA actually put more footage in there for you, you just have to look closer. The guys at Sonic Retro looked past the picture and spotted footage of the Sonic 4 Sonic riding a pulley akin back to Sonic 3’s pulley’s you’ll remember from Angel Island Zone. The pulley has the retro star on from the star posts in the Mega Drive/Genesis games too, how cool is all that?

Thanks to the guys at Sonic Retro and Frozen Nitrogen at the SSMB for the heads up.


  1. I didn’t get any of that.
    Wow, there has been a lot of eagle eyes lately, huh?

    It’s still a bit hard for me to see what’s going on. I see a smaller Sonic inside the circle, but everything else is hard to figure out what it is.

  2. @Tiago J7 Monteiro
    Behind the circles it shows Sonic jumping on to the pulley and then riding it, you can also see the star from classic star posts on the pulley.

  3. I bet this game will have downloadable content to have older skins or versions of Sonic’s models in previous games (Sonic, Sonic 2, S3&K).

  4. Hope this isn’t one of those tricks where you squint real close to the monitor and a loud scream is played D:

    …. Oh, look at that!

  5. I wish I had as good pair of eyes as the ones at Retro.

    But then again, that’s the only bit of Retro I’m jealous of.

  6. Bet they had the trailer on full screen with HD quality. That’s how I believe they were able to see that. lol

  7. And with that I now know that the past will be used and some new things. WOOT Robotnik, this ain’t about the world now is it…ITS ABOUT REVENGE *cracks evil laughter and passes out*

  8. I like where this is all going except for this new design of Sonic. I think it needs to be more retro. The spikes, his head and torso, they’re TOO different. Check out this forum post for a good comparison:

    and no, it’s not my forum, it’s SEGA forum. Bad Sonic design will seriously stop the game from being as good as it could. That art there looks like a dream come true.

  9. That art looks like it would make precious little difference to the quality of the game.

    Would everyone kindly stop looking a gift horse in the mouth? The important thing here is that they get the classic Sonic GAMEPLAY right, not how long his freaking spikes are.

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