More Sonic 4 Concept Art: Masher Returns

More Sonic 4 Concept Art: Masher Returns

Today was filled with more broken countdown clocks on the Sonic 4 website.  Hopefully, everybody has come to realize that despite the longer wait, the payoff isn’t going to be that great regardless (see: motobug).  SEGA of America really needs to fix that site.  It’s a real mess.

I digress.  The “concept art” (note the quotes) is of a badnik from Sonic 2‘s Emerald Hill Zone.  It looks like Masher will be hoppin’ up some waterfalls to bite your blue balls as you cross wooden bridges in Sonic 4. CHOMP.

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  1. The more I see of this game, the less impressed I am. All you need to do is play Sonic Mega Collection and you’ll get a gist of what you’re gonna get in Sonic 4.

    Why doesn’t sega just look at Sonic 3 and Knuckles and just continue where that one left off? They’re taking one step forward, two steps back

  2. SEGA are streaching out every piece of data so that they can always have something to put up, I’d rather just have a bulk update with some new things once a month rather than wating 4 days for the next one to be told of some data that I already know about.

    The site was a nice idea but needs to be tweeked a bit.

  3. So Robuttnik’s reusing some designs, it’s not like he hasn’t done it before. (Buzzbombers in Sonic the Hedgehog and Buzzers in Sonic the Hedgehog 2)

  4. Yeah, Sonic 2 had plenty of rehashed stuff. Emerald Hill Zone was basically Green Hill Zone with more waterfalls and corkscrews, Buzzer was basically Buzzbomber, Masher was basically Chomp, Grounder was basically Burrowbot…

    Of course these are more or less identical to their original designs, but still.

  5. @Legendary Emerald

    Yeah not only was that a bad 4chan reference.

    But have you not played Sonic games? Everything’s been a rehash. Sonic 4 is more of a re imagining since the original Sonic Team ARTEN’T here any more. So comparing classics to this is pointless. Different people, different company status.

  6. Why Sonic Team, why? Some of the old Badniks are cool, but we need some original ones as well. I’m really frustrated right now.

  7. …Is there any point to having concept art for these badniks? I mean, CONCEPT art? I always thought that concept art showed new concepts. Masher is most certainly NOT a new concept. Not by over 10 years.

    I’m scared for this game…

  8. It’s probably along the vein of Konami’s Rebirth Series. It takes the best elements of past games for the series in question, and implements them into the game, and then improves on those factors.

  9. This game has the potential to be really great, but I just feel like it will ruin people’s opinions of the good ol’ days of the Genesis if it turns out bad.

    I think SEGA should have gone all the way and pulled a “Megaman 9” by actually making “Sonic 4” LOOK like a Genesis game. That’s what everyone wants, isn’t it? For it to be like the classics? Well, it doesn’t get much better than old-school graphics.

  10. it’s already been established that Dr Eggman is going to use his best Badniks, so it’s no surprise really.
    I for one like the new design, i just hope that’ll it’ll be like the Motobug and have new patterns of attack, like chasing the player or biting into Sonic like those tiny fish from S3&K

  11. im too lazy to say this in english but…


    dejen de quejarse, disfruten el juego y ya! les cuesta nada!!! -_-

  12. They’re probably just resuing old ones so they can focus on the gameplay a little more. They’ll probably add new stuff in the sequels.

  13. Even if it was a rehash, the game still looks damn cool. Actually, no matter what it’s about, it’s at least awesome to get to play another Genesis styled game, something people have been bitching for ever since it left. Now that it’s hear, people seem to be bitching about it, >(. Some of you guys confuse me, D;.


  14. Blur, your not the only one that is mildly confused. People have been complaining for a new Genesis style game, and once we get information about it, they begin to bitch. Hate to tell ya, but Masher has had three variations (Sonic One, Sonic 2, and Sonic 3 I believe), but so what? The game still looks awesome, and just because they’re reusing some old bots I’m not upset.

  15. No series is more guilty of resuing enemies than the mario series (goombas and koopas anyone?). Im glad the old badniks have returned for a rematch.

  16. I don’t really care. As long as the level designs are imaginative and the controls are good. Just wait until we actually see some more gameplay from this thing.

  17. Sonic fans are the most stubborn and nit-picky people I’ve ever met >_> I mean you all keep complaining but you know you’re going to buy it anyway, just like all the other games.

    I’m just about ready to jump back to Nintendo like I did when I was younger.

    ANYWAY, I think it looks cool. Always loved those little buggers. And by loved I mean they annoyed the piss outta me but they look cool.

  18. Interesting, this design is suprisingly similar to that of the 3rd boss in “Rocket Knight Adventures” (does anyone remember this game?). And chill out, guys 🙂

  19. @Skullcrushin’: Mario enemies have always been the same ones in every level. Sonic established a tradition of new enemies unique to each zone. As a result, people expect to see different things.

  20. Well, at least we all know by seeing some old elements returning, that Super Sonic in levels will return. Unless SEGA fecks that up. haha…

  21. At least they’re rehashing good stuff. So it’ll be good. Then they’ll add some new stuff. Then they’ll make Sonic a vampire at night.

    And then we can all have a sexy party. It’ll be great. <3

    We already saw this guy in All Stars Racing, he's old news!

  22. I don’t get the hate for this? They’re making a new Sonic game that purposefully has a retro feel and people are upset because it uses badniks from the past? As though there has never been a repeat in badniks in Sonic games anyway?

    This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the only ones in the game. There will likely be new ones as well. And for the guy above who can’t figure out why it’s “concept” art because these are old badniks… well, they have to sketch up what they will look like in THIS game.

    I mean really, how can the bitching get any worse? Even if they made this game look exactly like S&K people would be upset about something.

  23. I think that its going to be ace to see old badniks back in action, after all its what we all wanted sonic the hedgehog back to his roots.

  24. @Kali:

    It’s been a long rough road and I’m finally here
    I move an inch forward, it feels like a year
    Everything I feel seems so unreal, is it true?
    Is it true?

    I take one step forward and two steps back
    Got a hundred thousand pounds sitting on my back
    Up, down, all around, don’t know quite what to do
    To get through

  25. Oh geez…not more Newgrounds-styled “BLAM THIS PIECE OF CRAP” kind of comments.
    And I would agree especially with Daniel here.
    And @Kali – They ARE continuing from where Sonic 3 & Knuckles left off. If you hadn’t begun to realise the leaked story…
    As I said in another post, there’s no need for extra characters. Just Sonic should be enough.
    Actually, I have a question for you people – did you complain about the new style for the other characters when Sonic Adventure was released i.e. Tails & Knuckles?
    EVERYONE is complaining about Sonic’s design so much that the other character’s new designs are basically forgotten.
    And why does everyone have to blam the other games? At least they were a new take on the franchise, let’s just face that fact.
    I mean, Sonic Adventure – made to compete with Super Mario 64, really.

  26. @Daniel: Actually, there never HAS been a “repeat in badniks in Sonic games.”

    Re-imaginings? Of course. Buzzers are very similar to Buzzbombers. Different, but similar.

    Sonic 4 is, in fact, establishing a NEW trend. Re-using enemies. This is something a Sonic game has NEVER done. Mario? Yes. Sonic? Nope.

    Is it a bad thing?

    No. Not in and of itself.

    It does, however, cause concern. Am I upset to see Motobug again? Of course not! Does it worry me that the designers might not be able to design enemies that are similar to the original games but still unique? Perhaps.

    We haven’t seen nearly enough level design to determine that.

    But Sonic Team still has a lot to prove here. I could draw some “concept art” of a palm tree, but does that mean I should get 100% faith to develop a new Sonic game?

    As always–cautiously optimistic.

  27. Most of the games had 3 to 4 different badniks per stage and if the rumours are correct with there being 4 stages for episode1 and them copying level design/gameplay to mirror the megadrive games I’d like to see half of them new and half old school with 15/20 badniks in total

  28. You people said you want classic, it’s better to be same badniks because Sonic team is not the same any more if they make new badniks it’ll may make the game worst, also Mario uses same enemies in every game and it is still good so why Sonic

  29. Explained this already: Sonic games have badniks unique to each zone. The Genesis games established that. Mario games have used the same enemies in every level from the first game.

    Little details like zone-themed badniks is what made Sonic games unique at the time. They could at least and try and show some creativity. You cannot imagine how happy and excited people would be if original badnik concept art were posted.

  30. Why are some of you moaning all we have asked for is classic sonic in 2D we finally have that and your moaning its not ‘original’ what do you want? just be happy that SEGA are finally giving us what we have asked for!!!!

  31. By repeat in badniks, I mean a repeat in general design. The story says Robotnik (eggman, whatever) has retooled them to get revenge on Sonic or something of that sort… which means they likely have new attacks or something. The reason they are re-using them is a nostalgic one and it’s on purpose. I’m sure there will be some new enemies as well.

    Yeah, cautiously optimistic is what I am, and I think it’s the right state of mind to be in. But I haven’t seen enough of anything to really justify complaining.

  32. Intresting. I had a feeling from the moment this game was announced that the fan-boys would hate it. It seems like only yesterday that everyone was exited about the old-school badniks returning, but now that everyone has seen gameplay footage, only the critics and classic sonic fans are satisfied. It makes sense, though. Not only do most of you guys who are suddenly bashing the game probably like Sonic ’06, but just loooove the screwed up camera, tedius, repetitive combat, and large number of enemys -that attack you all and once and dodge or block when you try to hit them, giving the others time to attack you from behind- in the Sonic werewol–sorry, wer-HOG stages. I can understand Brad Flick’s complaints, as he supplied valid information as to why he was dissapointed: with a name like “Sonic 4”, one WOULD expect new enemys, a classic sonic/robotnik design, etc.; You guys appear to be complaining that it JUST HAPPENDS to be reusing, enemys. Brad flick also made sence when he said that the new sonic design would be okay IF they weren’t calling this game sonic 4, but because they are, it’s hard to believe would even consider it. He also mentiond Sega lying to us, and they did, for the um-teenth time. The rest of you guys who complain just don’t make sense, though. just a month ago you all were saying “YAY, classic badniks are back!”, “Project needlemouse will be GREAT!”, and my personal faverate, and coutesy of the fan-BOYS, “Project needlemouse will be fantastic just like Sonic Unleashed, and the critics WILL bash the game for no ‘good’ reason. They’re all a bunch of biased mother-f’ers.” And I kid you not, comments like these were being posted like wildfire before ANYTHING had even leaked or revealed (exept for that teaser, of course). But now, those same people are bashing the game for flamatory reasons. Wow, it’s almost as if you guys feel you just HAVE to disagree with the critics and 2D sonic fans. You must really love conflict.

    The above aplies to all who bitch about this game for being “rehash”. Especially when you all can tolerate 8-bit graphics in megaman 9/10, wich is-more or AT MOST- rehash, cheap technology, etc.

  33. See, this is what i don’t get, people ask for classic designs, badniks, ect. but then complain when Sonic Team delivers? They always put in they’re classic in Sonic advance 1-3, no one complained
    about that, then they put in some in this, they complain, the heck?

    Honestly, Sonic 4 is nto just a pile of rehash, i mean, isn’t this what you guys wanted
    in the begining? Just Sonic as a playable character, Eggman as the only bad guy, the return
    of Metal/Mecha Sonic(They gave it away in the intro section), GR8 platforming, Zones,
    and all this other stuff this game is giving.

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