[NEW UPDATE] Limited Edition of Sonic Classic Collection Confirmed for Spain, Australia Only

[NEW UPDATE] Limited Edition of Sonic Classic Collection Confirmed for Spain, Australia Only

Not only is Spain getting different boxart (here’s the U.S. version), it’s also getting a special edition!  The special edition of Sonic Classic Collection will come in a tin case.  In addition to the game, players will receive 5 illustrations (boxart for Sonic 3, Sonic Chaos and a pair of Sonic Screen Saver images) and a classic Sonic figurine.  If only the Sonic on the boxart could follow suit.

Will this super cool package come to the rest of Europe and/or the U.S.?  Who knows.

[via GoNintendo]

UPDATE: EB Games AU has put up a listing for the limited edition now (in English, too).  Their listing also includes an “O ring sleeve:”

  • Limited Edition Tin
  • O-ring sleeve
  • 5 x postcard – exclusive imagery
  • 2D styled – 3D Classic Sonic Figurine
  • Game Case

The price that EB Games lists is $58.  Fiddy-8 Aussie Bucks.

[via EB Games AU]

UPDATE 2: AAUK has confirmed at the Sonic City Blognik that this limited edition of Sonic Classic Collection will ONLY be for Spain and Australia.

Why those two countries?  I don’t know.  It is what it is.

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  1. Does it even matter? I bought the Ratchet and Clank Trilogy boxset for PS2 from Portugal, and apart from the box being in Portuguese, the games themselves are still in English.

    So long as there’s a language option, you SHOULD be able to import it. Bit strange that Sonic Chaos artwork’s being used for the postcards though, when it’s not even on the game, haha.

  2. I like how you have a small, barely visable picture of the US box art.

    I’m kinda interested in getting this.

  3. @Brad Flick – I didn’t intend to sound narky or anything, so I apologise off the bat if I’d come across as such.

    I do appreciate that it’d be better if the Special Edition is released in territories other than Spain, and I would find it even stranger if it didn’t find it’s way Stateside, as it’s certainly a good method of getting sales for the game in.

    All I was saying was that it’s not as if the game was region locked, thus making it a Spanish exclusive that nobody else would be able to get their hands on.

    Again, I do apologise if the tone of my first comment was misinterpreted. It wasn’t my intention to sound argumentative.

  4. Wow I just realized that Sega is trying to get the first 3 sonic games out to the children so they can be persuaded into buying the 4th.

    Now THAT’s smart

  5. im not too bothered with importing… thats how i got the limited edition dissidia psp (still unopened…… i got 2 other psps i use…… meh, it might sell for alot 10 years from now, lol)

  6. Awesome sauce. I don’t care how many copies of the same game I have as long as I can get that figure
    $58 for all that is quite cheap too.

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