[UPDATED – FIXED SCREENS] 27 Sonic Classic Collection Screenshots Released

[UPDATED – FIXED SCREENS] 27 Sonic Classic Collection Screenshots Released

Thanks to Fred D. for sending us this tip!

French Sonic fansite Eversonic has uploaded 26 high resolution photos of the upcoming Sonic compilation (UPDATED – now we have the high res greatness).  It looks like the top screen shows the game and the bottom screen has a “load/save” feature with some fun facts.

Also, the game’s boxart says “4 games in 1,” featuring Sonic 1 thorough Sonic 3 & Knuckles, but there is a screenshot of Sonic 2 & Knuckles.  Lock-on play is coming to this collection!  Check out our gallery below:

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  1. I didn’t think high-res was a term applicable with 125×104 thumbnails… did you screw up with WordPress?

  2. hmm do i spy sonic screensaver images, or just another “museum” of sonic images that every sonic fan has seen before in every other collection?
    interesting none the less

  3. The Blue Spheres are probably gonna be in the game. I mean, it’s not like they’ll replace it with a version of Sonic 1 that has Knuckles FULLY Playable.

  4. “I didn’t think high-res was a term applicable with 125×104 thumbnails… did you screw up with WordPress?”

    I would like to agree with this, anyways, you can see the pictures in Eversonic’s site (link provided in the article). 😉

  5. It occurs to me that they could have done a lot more with that bottom screen than just sticking a synopsis of the game story and a few settings options etc. How about level-specific information? You could find out about badniks, specific objects that you’ll encounter (imagine how useful it could be to bring up a bit of info on that drum in Carnival Night Zone if you didn’t already know about it!), or even follow a map that you can zoom in and out of, while you play! Basically a pint-sized version of my website in there. Wouldn’t have been hard to do and would really make this collection something special compared to all the others.

    Oh well, suppose the opportunity for that has passed now.

  6. Those are some nice screenshots lol

    Does anyone know if they’ll implement multiplayer modes with Sonic 2 and Sonic 3/3&K?

    Anyway I’m definitely getting this XD

  7. I clicked on one of the photos (which here is the twenty-fifth thumbnail).

    Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

    The bottom screen is just like a book blurb for the game mode. I think it’s that way for neeeeearly every screen.

  8. These are bound to be mockups. One of the imaegs with Knuckles in Angel Island says “Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog 3.”

  9. Screenshots are iffy. Hard to tell if they’re real or not because they’re just some prepared images superimposed over a DS. I want to know how this is going to handle the graphics. If I am correct, games like Sonic 3 had a resolution equivalent to 320×244. The DS only outputs 256×192. How are they going to make up for the loss? Some of the screens look sloppy, and I have a feeling they’re just going to go with some crappy emulation resizing (which is impossible to make look good), or just chop off a fairly significant amount from the edges of the screen.

  10. I was hoping they’d have Sonic CD… Oh well, it’ll still be great, and I’ll still buy it!

  11. Upon closer inspection and comparison it looks like they’re chopping the edges of the screen off. I might just get a PSP and use an emulator on there for my portable Sonic fix…

  12. Much better.

    Well, doesn’t look all that different from the other Sonic collections, but that’s not stoppin’ me from gettin’ this game!

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