Jun Senoue’s All-new band – Bubblicious Blvd.!!!

Jun Senoue’s All-new band – Bubblicious Blvd.!!!


Ok, ok, so I’m taking my sweet time to sort out the Senoue interview…I apologise I’m quite busy this week! So, to tide you over until then, here’s some nice juicy Senoue-related news, in the form of Jun’s brand new band, Bubblicious Blvd. They’re a Tokyo based band at the moment, and they’ve only played one gig back in January, but here’s hoping we see more from them!

Jun descrbied them as his “fun” band, and you may actually already know some of the members of the band…in fact the singer is none other than CJ Szuter, the All-Hailer Shadower himself, from the band Magna-fi. If you’re lucky enough to be around the Meguro Ward of Tokyo next Sunday, the 21st (it had to be the day after I fly back to the UK, didn’t it?), you can head down to the Live Station and watch Jun and Mike at work in the flesh!!!

If you can’t, well, then you’ll have to make do with the videos on their Myspace for the time being – keep an eye on it for more material in the near future!

If anyone figures out what Bubblicious means…let me know…in the mean time. If you can beat this with something else Bubblicious, let us know!

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  1. Now here’s some unexpected news! Checking these guys out when I get home from work. It makes me happy that my band has more “friends” then Jun’s though 😀

  2. Interesting band name, I didn’t know he got a new band. Bubblicious is a brand of bubblegum I see often in stores and it’s a mix of combining the words “bubble” from bubblegum and the word “delicious”.

  3. Bleh, I hate that band name, >(. It’s cool that he has a “fun” band to do silly shizz, but still, that name sounds dumb in my opinion, D;.


  4. Im not a fan of the newer sounding Crush 40(anything after their covers of His World and Seven Rings in Hand) or any of Jun’s other works. But good for him I suppose, of course, they could’ve picked a better name because the name Bubblicious Boulevard… it sounds rather… fruity.

  5. I’m sorry, that is the worst name for a band, unless it’s a bunch of kids singing nursery rhymes

  6. First off, CJ Szuter is NOT the singer of “All Hail Shadow”. That would be his brother, MIKE Szuter. Anyways, people are taking this band way too seriously. They are a cover band who play pop-rock songs, aka “Bubblegum Rock”. Hence the name.

    I don’t expect to ever see an original song by them, let alone a CD. So let Jun have you fun, you crazy metal heads you.

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