Is This A Screenshot of “Sonic 4?”

Is This A Screenshot of “Sonic 4?”

People have been sending us “Sonic 4” images on occasion to try and get us to post a SUPER AWESOME BULLETIN IN-DEPTH EXPOSE EXCLUSIVE or call some “friends” of ours to figure it out for us because we’re too stupid to see that it’s fake ourselves.  Well, we haven’t been doing that.  But, since we’re in the Hedgehog Week festivities… I might as well post two of the better “Sonic 4” hoaxes that we’ve received.

This image was sent to us a few times but it was never sent by its author, Luis Tejeda.

No idea what the hell this image in and who sent it in.  Still cool to look at, I guess.

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  1. That bottom one is a map that’s available for Garry’s Mod/Source games with a model put in/picture pasted.

    Sorry to burst the bubble on that one

  2. @Brad, I’ve been awake since 5am with work and read it wrong in my sleep-deprived stupor. XD Sorry

  3. The first pic: Well it fake obviously from the old school lifes in the bottom left hand corner but it could past for real. THe reason it dosent past is bc they said it was only sonic >.> Dont be lyin to lunar Sega >:L

    The second pic: If you think that is really from Sega YOU FAIL bc after all the years, and playing with the graphics from sonic unleashed, sonic and the black knight AND sonic allstar racing, Sega wouldt come out with something like that…

    Final word: The first would past if there was some creativity going on with the life icon. The second pic is…er….uh…yea…

  4. The top screen is way too large, you’d need binoculars to see the score / time, Sonic doesn’t look all that retro and the tornado is too small, but the rest is rather gorgeous.
    The bottom one looks like a Smash Bros Green Hill Zone mock up

  5. Again, you guys don’t need to tell us why these images are fake. We’ve known from the second they landed in our inboxes… that they were fake. It even says at the beginning of the post that “these images are fake.”


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