French ASR Double Wii Wheel Bundle Pic Revealed

French ASR Double Wii Wheel Bundle Pic Revealed

You may recall ArchangelUK revealing in a past Blognik entry a France exclusive ASR Double Wii Wheel Bundle, well recently I oddly asked the good man if there was any info/pics of that yet and after looking into it he’s managed to get a picture together which he’s unveiled to the masses on the SEGA Europe Blogs.

Now I wonder if the collector in me will be tempted to import one?


  1. @Eggman123
    Tell me about it, my eyes are sore from keep looking at this screen and my fingers sore from constant clicking and typing lol! I don’t think my heart can handle much more excitement either and we got Needlemouse stuff to come yet XD

  2. @Shadzter
    well thanks for the hard work to keep us informed.
    hell i can’t wait for Project Needlemouse info.

  3. @FTA
    We’re getting the single ASR Wii Wheel bundle in England, France is getting this double ASR Wii Wheel bundle.

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