Fan Strip Spotlight: Timing is Everything

Fan Strip Spotlight: Timing is Everything

Heres something we all know: Seaside Hill has proven to be a very popular location in the recent Sonic games: Sega All Stars Racing and Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics. However, with ASR coming out this month, and with the Olympics in exactly a week, one has to wonder: why is an area like Seaside Hill so popular? This fan strip tries to find the answer…

-AAAAH (splat)
Years of smug smiling on Mario's part finally does him in...

This strip is from the Sonic Eggs filler series, Sonic Egg Whites, which you can find here.

It was written by Shigamado, known around TSS as “Jason the Jackass”, and pencilled by Greg the Cat, who’s work you can find at his DA.


  1. Call me slow, but I don’t get it..
    Sonic is trying to kill Mario and make it look like an accident?

  2. Ah, never mind, I get it now.
    At first it looked like Sonic was riding on Marios back.. his car looks like Marios cape

  3. *evil snickers*
    Excellent. Sonic. Heres the plan. We will hide the body in luigi’s kart. It would it so perfectly.MUHAHAHAHAHA

  4. @Lunar

    Yeah, people have reason to suspect Luigi as the culprit. 😀 If they suspect murder that is…

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