EXCLUSIVE: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Coming to iPhone, All Versions Out July 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Coming to iPhone, All Versions Out July 2010


We have found an image within the Sonic 4 website.  The “mystery console” that’s locked out at the bottom of the game’s website will be the iPhone.  “Episode 1,” which had a vague “summer 2010” release, will be out in July.

Here’s the image on the Sonic 4 site.

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  1. Ive said it once and Ill say it again, this game is going down in the wall of speed.

    @ Alan Davis
    I think itll be on DSiware. Were gonna hav to wait abit.

  2. @ Alan Davis
    I think itll be on DSiware. Were gonna hav to wait abit.

    @ MegaRed
    Same, with the PSPGo, it might be downloadable. Theres no promises, but if its true, I guess we could go for a jog together xD

  3. Humm, the link to Sega doesn’t work now so I can’t confirm this with my own eyes, iPhone seems like a good choice but why is the text in the “leaked” image so different to the one that does not reveal the 4th platform? Surely the dude(s) at Sega building the site would use the same font for both…

  4. Bullshit it’s on the iPhone. That is the worst looking promo banner ever, not to mention, why would the hide the iPhone? It’s most likely something that’s not released yet, so Sega cannot reveal the console name.

  5. @those wanting this on DS and thinking it would be a better choice than iPhone

    It’s looking completely impossible.
    First, this game is being split into multiple parts, surely it at least approaches WiiWare’s 40MB game-size limit (hence why it is being split into parts)? DSiWare allows a maximum of…20MB. If there were only 2 or 3 episodes of this game in Wii/360/Ps3, that would equate to 4 or 6 games on DSiWare…yeesh. That’s a lot of cutting up, which requires work converting it, it would affect sales knowing you’re getting less bang for your buck (knowing DSiWare’s prices are so restrictive, unless this game is $10 you would end up paying MORE for a much toned down version of the real versions). The iPhone doesn’t have the same kind of restrictions in size limit or even price, there are numerous apps over 80MB, double WiiWare’s limit. And if you were hoping for a cart release…

    Secondly, the iPhone is so much more powerful than the DS it isn’t even funny. Let’s look at the DS’ specs…
    -16MB of RAM, 133 MHz of CPU speed, less than 256MB of internal memory for games (plus this 256 is split between photos whether or not you want it to be)
    Now take a look at the specs of iPhone 3GS
    -256MB of RAM, up to 833MHz of CPU speed, a bare minimum of 7GB (some space of the 8GB model is used for formatting and therefore doesn’t count in this instance) for the cheapest model
    Even the weakest model of the iPod Touch (1G) far surpasses the DSi in every conceivable category with its 128MB RAM and 400MHz of CPU speed.

    My point being…if it’s running on Wii/360/Ps3, would it theoretically be able to run on the DS? Nope. The iPhone/iPod is comparable to a Wii console in terms of power, but the DSi doesn’t come even close. Multiply the DSi’s specs by four and it’s still weaker than the worst iPod Touch. It’d take about 6-7X the power of a DS to be comparable to the iPod Touch.

    Last of all, I’m pretty sure that even if Sega could somehow overcome those restrictions set by Nintendo, it would be irritating to consumers that they would not likely have enough space for all of the episodes. Even with only 3 episodes on the Wii/Ps3/360, that would be roughly 90MB, split into about 5 episodes. 90MB would use nearly all of the space available on the DSi system. Yes you could re-download and/or transfer to the SD card every time, but it is a nuisance none the less. Not meaning it would be impossible for Sega to split it up that much, but this would be an irritation for gamers.

    Sure, iPod Touch may not have as accurate controls as the DSi, but it is possible to make a playable Sonic on the iPod Touch, it just takes a little time getting used to the control set-up. Or at least I found Sonic 1 playable, just a little tough in Marble Zone where you need uber precision.

    Which all in all, is to say there is 0% of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 on DSiWare unless it is completely remade.If that were to happen, would it even BE Sonic the Hedgehog 4? Why not make a completely new Sonic game from the ground up, maybe with a few gameplay elements from 4. Sorry to burst any bubbles but I just wanted to put that out there. o.O Errr…and yes, I have nothing better to do with my life than type basically an essay on this. ;_;

  6. Not that thrilled about the iPhone, but it’s gonna’ be fucking sick. Still so down for it. haha : ) Sonic is baaackk whoooo. k.

  7. It’ll be way cooler if this is going to happen. Sonic on iPhone?? Totally ecstatic! I’m pretty sure most of the old school gamers will be thrilled about it.

  8. The processor chip is described as a little recent design amount but it and the GPU are likely the similar pace as the 3GS. The old Touch with the similar Processor and GPU since the 3G was faster. Apart from getting the clock pace turned up higher the Touch has less software programs to run because it is not a telephone. It ought to do better than any iPhone to this day in overall performance.

  9. one word… ITS FAKE! look whit atention !! it as a giant black squire for a small sonic 4 logo???????????????????????????? not make sense !! sega’s make this jut for hackes have try to invade the site to try discovery the secrets plataform and spool that !!! and now because that ,sega can dont do the i-phone game jut to unbelive the spoilers !! and try to do for pc plataform!!

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