EU & U.S. PS3 ASR Demo Out Now

EU & U.S. PS3 ASR Demo Out Now

[youtube][/youtube] Thanks to Kamicciolo at the SSMB for the video.
UPDATE: Both the EU & U.S.demo have now hit the PlayStation Store weighing in at 827MB, playable characters are Sonic and Doctor Eggman. PS3 users get a Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg track to test out, named Blizzard Castle: Rampart Road. The Yakuza 3 demo is also out now. /UPDATE END

Mike Kebby of SCEE’s PlayStation Store Team has just posted on the European PlayStation Blog a list of items hitting the store later today. PS3 owners patiently waiting for a Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing demo will be happy to hear its coming today, SEGA fans will also be getting a Yakuza 3 demo to try out too. No details about what the demo’s contain are revealed but we’ll let you know once they’ve gone live. SCEA have yet to post todays update contents but we’ll update here when the list is posted.

Thanks to DSR3 over at the SSMB for the heads up.


  1. @ Thomas Daly
    The EU Store normally updates between 5pm and 7pm GMT, dont know about the U.S. Store.

  2. Looking at the store update that has been published, today is the worst day for my PS3 internet connection to be down.

    I’ll have to wait until about mid-day tomorrow.


  3. @ Sheza
    Yeah, I think it was made available to Silver members Monday.

    @ Chillidogz
    It might well be made available to the U.S. later today, just the U.S. PS Blog hasn’t posted todays U.S. PS Store list yet to confirm wether it is or isnt coming today.

  4. I think the U.S store updates around 7 pm i really hopes that the demo comes out today I’m sick of waiting

  5. Yes it’s updated, I will inform you who the second character is unless someone beats me to it which they probably will.

  6. Downloaded it myself. The other character is Eggman, so no exclusive for the PS3? Oh and the track is a Billy hatcher one set in Blizard Castle =D

  7. The US store has no specific time. That’s one of the more annoying things about it. It can update as early as 2pm to as late as 9 pm (I’ve even remember some people mentioning that it updated at 12PM a year or two ago). Though I usually check it around 6PM EST and that more often that not is about right.

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