Dimps working on Sonic 4!

Dimps working on Sonic 4!

Dimps, developers best known for the Sonic Advance and Sonic Rush series, have been listed on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace website.

This is good news indeed for anyone praying for a return of the tried and true momentum based game play from the days of Sonic’s classics. While most of the developer’s Sonic related projects have largely revolved around the infamous (but fun) speed boosting mechanics, it should be noted that only has the developer worked on a game that played very much like the originals in the form of Sonic Advance, but a few people who would later go on to found Dimps and work on Sonic Advance, also worked on Sonic Pocket Adventure for the Neo Geo Pocket, an obscure but classically designed game for SNK’s ill-fated handheld. Sonic Stadium will be doing a feature on this game later in the month.

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Nuckles87 has been an editor at Sonic Stadium since 2007, and has been covering events like E3, PAX, and SDCC since 2010. An avid retro gamer, he runs a monthly stream on Twitch where he explores obscure Sonic oddities, and how aspects of the franchise have evolved over the decades.


  1. Looking at the leaked trailer form 1up, it was pretty clear to me that it taking inspiration from Sonic Advance….not that good to me, but heh.

  2. @ Blake

    Gosh, is that the actual gameplay mechanics? I hope it’s really an alpha, cause it looks awful. But Dimps are good guys, I hope they come up with something cool in the end!

  3. Good news! Rush was the best Sonic game in the last ten years as far as I’m concerned and even Rush Adventure was good. I’ve more faith in them than the Sonic Team proper at the moment. As for the gameplay… well the source claims it is an Alpha and with 5 months until release there is plenty of tweaking time left.

  4. That was most definitely an alpha, the footage.

    Seriously, Nitro? SERIOUSLY? Did you even read the news post? You DO know they made a lot before Sonic Rush, right?

    I swear, some people….NOTHING about this game looks like Rush, at all. Even the alpha vid.

  5. @ rafthehay

    Unfortunately i guess so. if it didn’t seem like i was playing Sonic on the moon with less gravity, it wouldnt be so bad. hopefully they will fix that since its just an alpha. but one good thing is that the levels look awesome and the music is good. and i dont think there are just 4 zones cus b4 Sonic 4 was announced, Splash Hill Zone and some Egg zone was announced as well, so there should be at least 6 or 7 zones. I hope at least. and for everybody wondering what the running animation is like, at his faster speeds, the classic feet that look like wheels is back, something like that…

  6. This looks… encouraging for an alpha stage.

    Assuming it is, of course, an alpha stage.

    Of course, there are the complaints as normal, but hey guys Sonic 2 Beta didn’t need any tweaking to become Sonic 2, right? All the animations and physics were perfect right from the get-go, right? …Right?

    …Yeah, thought not.

    In other news, that snippet of in-level music is already worming its way into my brain.

  7. I trust DIMPS can bring a fun experience. Though, I think sega are making them pull some wrong moves. Mainly making the levels look some much like Sonic 1 and 2. The levels should have more of their own look like the first Sonic Advance did. I hope only ep 1 will look like this.

  8. lol, it was a fine game, Burtz. Not like the 360 version was AAA either.

    Besides, all they did was design the day stages. They didn’t fully develop it like Sonic Advance.

  9. sonic advance had the same physics, new badniks and cool new surprises.
    and with the boost deconfirmed these are awesome news.

  10. Fellas, 1:03 in the video. Watch very closely. Sonic definitely has a running animation (like the one in the beginning when it says Sega), and if you look very closely, it looks like he might even go into a figure-8 when running even faster.

  11. hmmm funny is this guy evaded a speed booster.
    and the homing attack wasn’t really shown oh and this is clearly alpha.
    Sonic stands on the wall! and from the look we have 5 zones with each 4 acts making 20 stages.
    you can also see newtron, but no buzzbomber or new badniks.
    really looking forward to that game (=

  12. ahm after a closer look the zone in the middle is the special zone but on the bottom youu can see a 5. zone

  13. 4 zones, with 3 acts and a boss. It’s really more like 12 stages. And there is no 5th zone. I don’t know what you’re looking at. Perhaps you’re mistaking the Chaos Emeralds counter as a stage counter of some sort.

    Anyhow, if the second episode contains just as much content, the combined games will be just as long as Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Although I wish it was 5 or 6 zones with 2 acts a piece. They’re REALLY taking after Sonic 1 with this game, which is odd to me. It’s a sequel to Sonic 3, why not base it off of Sonic 3 and add stuff to that? It’s only a natural progression…

  14. AWSOME! The dimps design for sonic unleashed did not suck, by the way. It was more playable and had better level design. Still, while playing it, I couldn’t help but wonder why sega did’nt just let them make their OWN game for Wii. Now that we know that dimps is working on this game, I think it’s safe to say that It WILL be great. Dimps does a great job making sonic games. Advance one was awsome, many complained about the ‘straight-foward’ level design in advance 2, and dimps actually took notice to that (something that sonic team never does) and made sonic advance 3 have more to do with good-old fast paced platforming, back-tracking, etc. and just had better level design alltogether. Sonic advance 3 also brought back the under-water segments, in wich the player would have to gulp air bubbles for oxygen. The Sonic Rush games were a bit more like sonic advance 2 though, relying on quick reflexes and often holding the right butten, but they were still awsome. Still, I can’t help but wonder–with those games keeping sonic at his roots for the sake of classic fans– why so many people say that ALL recent sonic games suck (there are people who actually say that).

  15. Other than that Jumping animation being off I think this looked excellent. I mean for an alpha build it looks great. However, it’s pretty obvious to me that they’re going for a rehash of zones more than originality. I’m starting to think we’ll pretty much only see old badniks and zones that are similar in ways to the old ones. It’s obvious Mad Gear is a play on Metropolis zone from Sonic 2. However, I’m hoping they’re not identical in design and DO feature something unique.

    If you look at this screenshot, it tells me that the game is going to tell the story in each act. Splash Hill is pictured at SUNSET here, which means each Act will likely change things up similar to how it was done in Sonic 3 or S&K in Angel Island or Lava Reef zones. And the last act of each zone appears to be a boss battle.

    However, I DO think that Episode I only has 4 zones. Especially given that leaked thing on the Sonic 4 site recently that made it appear as though there were only 4 zones. I think each episode will only have 4 and there will be likely 3 episodes totaling 12 zones. I could be wrong though (I HOPE SO)…

    Looks promising, but not perfect yet.

  16. People keep justifying anything bad they see by stating it’s an alpha version…

    This game is four months away from release, people. It needs to be finished in at most three months time, if not a little earlier. Games do not usually receive major changes within 3-month time periods. I remain hopeful that they change the way the jump looks, but I wouldn’t be counting on it.

    Also, Sega didn’t even plan to have this much gameplay footage released already. They probably didn’t plan on showing it to us for another month or so atleast (hell, they’re spoon-feeding us stuff like concept art, I wouldn’t doubt we don’t see an official trailer for another two months). That would leave two months of time to gauge fan reactions to the trailer. Do you really think they’re going to change much within two months?

    I do hope they are already aware of such qualms so that they change it, but I am not certain that anything in this gameplay footage will be much different from the final release. They should already be at the stage of development where they are primarily focusing on fixing bugs and really testing everything out to ensure it’s as polished as possible by the time it releases, as well as finishing up small things here and there.

  17. Actually if you read the act titles…

    Act 1: Adventure Begins
    Act 2: High Speed Athletics
    Act 3: SUNSET Dash
    Act 4: Showdown with Dr. Eggman

    It appears to get dark by the time you play as Eggman, which leads into the Casino Night type zone… so I guess it progresses like that, so in a way it’s a mixture of Sonic 3/S&K and Sonic 1/2.

  18. My excitement for Sonic the Hedgehog just went down the shitter. Not only is Dimps the developer, but the footage appeared to have the an combination of the awful, shit physics of the Rush AND Advance.

    I have finally lost faith in the Sonic series. I can take quite the beating. I’ve seeing Sonic Adventure 2 turn into two horrendous, gimmicky blunders. I’ve seen what would have been a return to form get released in a grossly premature state. I’ve seen Sonic run around with virtually no control in a fairytale world, and then again in another fairytale with a talking sword. I’ve seen Sonic transform into a werewolf. But now, they’ve taken the original Sonic series and handed it off to Dimps–hands down the most incompetent team to ever work on a Sonic game–in an attempt to bring back good old Sonic? Is SEGA not paying attention to their games? Dimps is the reason 2D Sonic has sucked for the past decade. Dimps is the crew that killed the 2D fundamentals and swapped them for a new, incredibly stupid set of adrenaline-pumping high-speed bullshit. As if it’s not insulting enough, the game appears to only have four Zones, as feared.

    For the first time, I feel Sonic’s star fading. Perhaps there never will be a good Sonic game again. Unless everyone at Dimps dies in a fire or something, SEGA will continue to outsource to them to take care of all of the 2D Sonic games, while Sonic Team continues stumbling around in the dark trying to figure out how to make a good 3D Sonic game again. Wat a crushing fucking blow.

  19. Ah, excellent! Dimps really know what they’re doing when it comes to 2d Sonic.

    There’s only one thing I really want to see: Super Sonic.

  20. @Brianzilla:

    Do you want to start that fire, Brian? …Then go ahead. It’ll never fix your problem. 😐 In fact, it’d only make things worse for you (prison and all that). And wishing somebody would die, no matter what reason for it, is never a good thing. Hope you snap out of that.

    No, I mean, you’re still allowed to bitch and moan about this (heck, there’s a possibility you might even be right, and some people don’t care either way anyway), but you should NEVER wish death on anyone.

    (The new game is also ‘Episode One’ of Sonic 4, not the full game. So when you’re saying it’s only four zones long ‘as feared’, you’ve kinda not gotten the point of the game’s title.)

  21. @Brianzilla2004: WOW! I’ve never seen someone so negitive. For the record Sonic advance did NOT have “Shit Physics”, it and advance 3 had level design very similar to the old school games. To be honest, you don’t even sound like a sonic fan. You don’t even sound like one of those fan-boys who hate 2D sonic titles but love the gimmicky modern games, or even like a typical sonic fan who doesn’t like any of the recent titles EXEPT the advance/rush games; as the keep the series at its roots, and also enjoyed the day-time stages of both versions of sonic unleashed. You just sound like one of those so-called gamers who spend most of your time bashing ANY videogame for flammatory reasons and tend to overuse the term “Overrated”. You also remind me of those guys who spend most of their time playing first-person shooters on the xbox 360, mainly because the reason’s you give for not liking recent sonic games: Okay, yeah he’s in a fairytale world with a sword, but so is Link. Give valid reasons WHY you think a game sucks, less you sound like one of those teenagers who hate games with an immaginitive story. AND NO; I don’t like the recent storylines for sonic games. I am just pointing out that just becaus ANY game has a non-relistic storyline–and is not full of sex, use of drugs and alchohal, or is just another generic first-person shooter–doesn’t mean it sucks.

  22. Oops, I meant to say “Isn’t just another first-person shooter”, as in, a game does not have to be a first person shooter to be good.

  23. Awesome. For an Alpha build, I’m already loving this. As for the running animation, I’m sure SEGA and Dimps will fix that up, if not, it doesn’t really matter, I already enjoy the game from the footage I saw.

  24. The first Sonic Rush was fun, if just a psuedo-3D Sonic Advance 2 with awesome music and possibly the most boring stages ever. Didn’t like Rush Adventure or Sonic Advance 3 much at all.

    Sonic Advance 1 however is among my all-time favourite Sonic games. I personally think of Sonic Advance 1 as a worthy Sonic 4 at least up until now. The physics and speed levels in that game were just right in my opinion, the music and the variety in the levels were great, (Egg Rocket = epic) and you could play as the 4 most important characters in the whole franchise with Eggman as the only villian and a decent enough Super Sonic final battle.

    I do feel that the importance of Sonic’s long-time sidekicks has been horribly neglected for many years now. The last game in which I got to play as Tails (without a mech) as a main playable character in a major Sonic game was… Sonic Adventure. Think about that – TAILS has not been given a (conventional) playable major role in a console-release Sonic game in over ten years!! Why must it always be Sonic + new friends with Tails, Knuckles and Amy taking a back seat OR just Sonic? 🙁

    As far as Sonic Advance goes, I couldn’t have asked for more at the time, so if Sonic 4 will be like Sonic Advance in HD that conciously makes its best effort to pick up where Sonic & Knuckles left off and then justify it with new, imaginative stages and whatever else, I will be happy. No developer has a clean record with Sonic games, but Dimps have probably made just as many good Sonic games as they have awkwardly unconventional ones, even though every single one of them endeavour to play like the classics. You can’t really say they don’t have experience in the field.

  25. and yeah I saw that footage last night. I guess it looks good but (and I highly doubt I’m the first one to point this out) they need to fix that low-gravity jump and some of the other physics.

  26. Yeah, finding it really hard to enjoy what I’m seeing/reading.

    I dunno whether to love this game or hate it.

  27. @ Shazzo:

    So is Emerald Hill Zone. And Angel Island Zone Act 1. And Seaside Hill from Sonic Heroes. And Turquoise Hill from Sonic Triple Trouble. Should I continue?

    And BTW, the only real problem with Sonic Rush Adventure is the travel sequences. And possibly Marine. That’s the only reason people hate this game. It’s the Sonic Unleashed thing all over again.

  28. “This game is four months away from release, people. It needs to be finished in at most three months time, if not a little earlier. Games do not usually receive major changes within 3-month time periods. I remain hopeful that they change the way the jump looks, but I wouldn’t be counting on it.”

    @ Mit You…do know that videos and demos are RARELY of the latest code, right?

    As an alpha version, this coding could very well be from MONTHS ago. I mean, has Dimps EVER released a game this buggy? No? So why would they started now?

    Plus, this is a downloadable title, meaning it doesn’t have to be finished months in advance of it’s release to make time for production and shipping. It only needs to be approved by the companys that run the services which, looking at some of these releases, isn’t terribly extensive.

    @ Brianzilla

    Dimps is basically the company that has kept Sonic alive. All of it’s 2D titles have scored extremely well. It’s from a team very experienced with 2D games. The game is being DIRECTED by people from Sonic Team, if thats somehow better.

    And, let’s not forget, Dimps made Street Fighter 4, the highly acclaimed revival of the biggest 2D fighter ever.

    You may not have cared for the high speed Rush and Advance titles, but Sonic Advance and Sonic Pocket Adventure where about as close to Sonic 4 in terms of level design and physics as you could ever hope to get.

    They have done it. THey can do it. They will do it again. And keep in mind, this game is only 4 stages because it’s going to be episodic. It’s not being released at full price. And at 3 acts each it’s just as long as Sonic 3, a game which featured a similar episodic approach.

    Seriously, if you’ve survived the likes of Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic 06, too of the buggiest games in the franchise, I am quite confident you are just overreacting here.

  29. Blimey, a lot of trolls in here.

    I think it looks awesome.

    Also, I AM TEH RETROFAG. I love the word ‘retrofag’. I love the denial it entails. It’s like all the fans of the 3D series have become so protective of the Sonic-based mediocrity we’ve had recently and managed to turn it into a term that’s brilliantly backwards and ironic.

    I really can’t understand how anyone could think the 2D games aren’t as good as the 3D games. The gameplay still stands up today. My 6 year old cousins play Mega Collection more than the new games. Mainly because they’re so muddled and drawn out. They 3D games will never appeal to the audience they’re aimed at. I’m talking kids here.

    Quick blasts of 2D gameplay over unnecessary 3D weirdness any day.

    By the way, I’m not looking for an argument here. Don’t like it? Bugger off to TSSZ.

  30. @nuckles87
    they made street fighter 4?!
    i only knew they did the 2d Dragon ball games lol
    and i agree with you sonic advance 1 was the closest thing to Sonic 4 you can search for. and alpha versions are about 30% done, so i’m still confident.

  31. Ummm guys did you forget about the Sonic 20th anniversary title? maybe Sonic team at hard work right now and gave the duty to Dimps, yes that was a bad exuse but still Dimps has done wonders with Sonic games can we just give the chance they deserve ( oh and they deserve it more than Sonic team).

  32. Hmm, puzzling. When I saw the leaked footage the otherday, I noticed that it loaded up with a ratings screen, classic/redone Sega logo screen, and Sonic Team logo… but there was zero sign of a dimps logo. Bit odd.

  33. Wait, wait, so because Sega didn’t intend to show footage for, we’re arbitrarily guessing, a two-month period, that means that when they did show footage it would be *of this exact build with no changes in two months?*

    Also, it’s mentioned that they should by now be at the stage where they’re working to fix bugs and polish things. Well, *yeah*. That’s.. probably why they have a playable alpha build at all. Uh.

  34. Here I go again…

    To all you naysayers, according to GameRankings:

    Sonic Advance (2002): 83.42%
    Sonic Advance 2 (2003): 85.47%
    Sonic Advance 3 (2004): 81.29%
    Sonic Rush (2005): 82.79%
    Sonic Rush Adventure (2007): 80.15%

    And IGN actually gave Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure a rare 10!

    So with Dimps around, there’s nothing to worry about.

  35. I gotta agree with N. Harmonik. You can’t dispute the facts, and the facts show that Dimps has done a good job on Sonic games, better even than Sonic Team. And I don’t wanna piss any fans off that like Sonic Team’s games, but I think I can be safe by asking when the last time they ever made a Sonic game that scored 10/10 by IGN? Far as I’m concerned, if it was up to me, I’d choose Dimps to do this game over Sonic Team any day.

  36. @DarkNoise: I don’t recall seeing Dimps’ logo during the openings of any of the Advance or Rush games, either.

    Anyway, as long as they can put a leash on the floaty physics, I’ll be happy. Their work’s definitely been satisfactory.

  37. @nuckles87:

    However, there are many things to consider that make this video look like it’s from a fairly recent build. For one, it does feature an ESRB rating, although that could just be them anticipating what rating they’re going to get. For two, was this video not leaked alongside 1080p screenshots? That’s high quality stuff. That’s not something someone doing a casual leak creates on his own to show off. That’s something stolen straight from Sega. I wouldn’t doubt we see those exact same screenshots featured on the website fairly soon.

    And I’m sure to them the game does not look extremely buggy. The jump is probably exactly how they designed it to look. Even standing on that hill, that was possible in old Sonic games as well. He was likely holding right to move forward, but the running was being countered by gravity standing on the hill in the position. He then proceeds to slowly fall as he awkwardly tries to run up parts of the hill with no momentum. The only thing that really looked buggy was when he was using the spring to go up into that loop, and kept hitting the ceiling (although there is a chance that could be intentional). In any case, that’d be a rather small fix.

    Completely changing the physics of jumping, as well as the animation for it, is not such a small fix, and is not something they would have in their development plans. It’s probably coming right along as intended, unless this truly is a very old build, although it all around looks too great to be that old.


    Completely changing jumping physics and animations is much more than fixing small bugs and polishing the game.

    Accordingly, when they finally do show footage I don’t think things will be changed very much, as this looks like a pretty recent build. When they show the footage and fans once again lash out on the game for the wonky jump physics, it’ll already be far too late to change something so major.

  38. @Umiyuri

    I never said I wanted to start a fire that would kill everyone at Dimps. I don’t wish any harm to come to any of them. I’m just pointing out that SEGA has a chubby for them, and there’s pretty much no possible way I can see another developer doing a 2D Sonic game.


    I’m sorry, but you’re an inept opponent. You tell me I need to provide examples for why the games sucked? First off, no I don’t. Second, why don’t you provide me with examples for why I don’t seem like a Sonic fan? I’m not stupid enough to assume that you don’t have reasons for assuming such a blatantly idiotic idea, but then again, it’s obvious that I have some reason for hating SSR, SBK, etc. I’m not writing a review, numbskull.

    As for explaining myself, I’ll make it nice and easy for you. I ALREADY explained myself:

    “I’ve seen Sonic run around with virtually no control in a fairytale world…”

    Yes, you failed to note the part where I came right out and said that you have virtually no control over Sonic in SSR. You glossed over what is essentially the ONLY problem I have with that game (SBK is similar, but it also has an overwhelmingly stupid concept to compliment its broken mechanics). You pass your eyes right over my post and come to just about the worst conclusion anyone ever could. Like adding 2 + 2 and getting -4. You really are breathtakingly thick.

  39. All these people who act like they know all about how you develop video games… where did you learn all this information? Who says that changing the jumping is really something that cannot be fixed in 3 months time? I think it’s realistic even if this is a recent build to fix that problem, and considering none of Dimps other games have that problem then I highly doubt it’s going to wind up in the final game.

  40. Why do you think Dimps thinks it’s a problem? This game has been in development for a long time, most likely. Jumping physics and the game engine overall is probably one of the first things worked on and nearest thing to completion. If they thought it was a problem, we would not have seen such wonky physics in an obviously long-in-development build of the game. They would’ve fixed that ages ago.

  41. @Mit I didn’t say Dimps thinks it’s a problem. But I do. I’ve played games before with the “floaty” jumps and it’s not as responsive as games without that. Given than I can’t think of any Sonic game with that problem really, especially one made by Dimps… I’d say that it’s an issue they’ll fix. Otherwise I think it’s a problem that could really hurt the game. Controls are a big problem if they aren’t tight, especially something that seems as unimportant as jumping.

    … realistically it’s entirely possible that this video was leaked on purpose and then covered up so they could gain general opinions from the public on the progress so far without it seeming like they messed up if you don’t like it.

  42. I would hope that’s why this was leaked, but I have a feeling they won’t take anything to heart until they release a trailer of their own, which, if it features the same jumping physics, then it will be too late for them to bother making such major changes, as I had mentioned before. They’d probably just shrug it off as a few rabid fanboys and not pay too much attention.

    Makes me wish they had really shown more of this game sooner, and really took a lot of community feedback to heart on it to make the game as good as everyone wants it to be. After all, they’re really only doing this game to shut up all the people who whine about Sega not making old-style Sonic games anymore. That, and to copy Nintendo’s idea which made them tons of money: revive your oldschool gameplay systems with pretty graphics (New Super Mario Bros.).

    Although, something I remembered that makes me more hopeful that atleast the jumping animation will look different: Sonic’s jump in the official trailer (even though it was clearly some flash animation and not real gameplay) when he’s jumping on badniks in front of the text in the background, is an old-style jump. Perhaps this is a fairly old, rather polished build. As far as the animation goes, all they would need to do is speed up his rotation in the air, and add a blue hue over it to achieve what was in the trailer. Physics is another story, though. Worst case scenario on why they might not change, is that certain things/features/levels might actually be designed around how the jump currently works, and they might be unable to mess with it too much, or atleast wouldn’t want to re-assess the entire game to make sure a change to jump physics wouldn’t mess anything up.

  43. @Brianzilla2004

    Actually, you seem to be exactly like most Sonic fans: criticizing the games to no end before they’re released, buying them, playing them, and then proceeding to attack them some more. Are you honestly going to tell me that you’re not going to buy this game? I doubt it.

    “For the first time, I feel Sonic’s star fading. Perhaps there never will be a good Sonic game again.”

    Right. Like I’ve never heard that before. >_> You’re dissing the last decade of 2D Sonic and the essence of all modern Sonic games (what you call “adrenaline-pumping high-speed bullshit”) yet only now you’re saying this? Who are you kidding?

  44. @ Mit: your evidence that this is a recent demo is sketchy at best. For one, the graphics in this game are already fairly nice, even in this alpha footage. As such, using screenshots from this build wouldn’t be out of the question.

    More importantly, though, is that these screen shots are not neccessarily from the same build. For one, there is a notable difference: in this build, all of the levels are unlocked, where as in the screenshots, the special stage can no longer be accessed from the menu. That alone points to it being from a different build.

    You yourself have already helped debunk the ESRB rating.

    And finally….it’s been stated, from the source, that this is ALPHA footage. I don’t know much about game design, but what I do know is that alpha is VERY early, and a lot changes between alpha and the final build. A LOT. Physics are among the things that can change. An alpha is a far, far cry away from any “final” build. If this where a beta, you might have a point, but it’s not.

    I, personally, don’t see much wrong with the physics. The bug I was noticing was the bug that kept Sonic from jumping through the loop dee loop towards the end, something that obviously won’t be in the final build.

    Now, what I’ve said so far is generally pretty common knowledge and pretty vague. You could ask most anyone thats know a little about making games, and they will tell you the same thing about alpha builds, I garuntee. What your saying is far more in depth, and would require more knowledge on the subject then I think you have. Unless you’ve got lots of experience in game development that I don’t know about, I’m afraid you can’t make much of a case.

  45. @nuckles87: I’m mostly going off of previous games that were seen in alpha builds, had complaints from fans/gamers about rather major things, and did not have their problems fixed before the game was shipped, if at all. Happens almost every time. It just seems like at that stage in development, the developers already have what they want nailed down. Jump physics was probably one of the first things they designed, and accordingly developed, as it’s a rather base element to the game, that can even be important to further level and game design. They probably do not now look at it and go, “this is a problem.”

    Continually springing into an invisible ceiling trying to get into a loop? Yes, that’s a bug, that’s something they’ll fix. The entire jumping physics look off? Not so much. I could see the animation changing between now and release, I don’t know about tweaking the physics, especially with how major that can be in a fast, momentum-based gameplay engine.

  46. i think the bug in the end is easily jump dash, the homing attack without enemies.
    the player also use homing attack on that spring
    however later today we’ll get some new info on the website of sonic 4.
    hopefully something new

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