Destructoid Takes a Look Back at Sonic

Destructoid Takes a Look Back at Sonic

Jim Sterling of Destructoid is a funny man.  His video series, “The Videogame Show What I’ve Done,” is the perfect parody of bad YouTube video game reviews, right down to the Windows Movie Maker titles.  In this episode, Sonic stops by to take a look at his past games.

Stray observations:

  • “Sonic the Hedgehig is gaming.”
  • I really want to play “Sonic Charonicles.”
  • “I was Unleashed as fuck, son.”

Watch “The Videogame Show What I’ve Done: Sonic the Hedgehog 4.”

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Slingerland is a staff writer and editor for both The Sonic Stadium and Sonic Retro. His area of emphasis is the inner-workings of the games and laughing at everything.


  1. Yeah, I love most of his The Videogame Show What I’ve Done, they are all rather hilarious! This episode was no exception 😀

  2. Saying that Sonic ’06 was a spin-off after Shadow the Hedgehog. Brilliant 😀

    And the last sentence, well, I know he’s not the only one saying that!

  3. I’m not seeing it. I click other video links and see the vid right under the description, but not on this one. Was it taken down, or is my computer just being inconceivably dickish?

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