1. Here I was hoping that he’d eventually hit everyone in Sonic Heroes at least. I still say the first one, and Batface the Rogue were the only good ones… ( ok nipples the enchilada made me smirk too… )

  2. This series of comics were weird by weird comic standards, but the final panels of this were just beyond comprehension…

  3. I really don’t understand how people are scratching their heads and going “I don’t understand”. Maybe you never saw Tails Doll or played Sonic 06? Otherwise you’d get these hilarious jokes instandly.

    Great strip and I really wish Sonic would smash Shadow’s face in for real.

  4. Maybe it’s me, but I never find these comics funny. I get all the “jokes”, but never once laughed.

    Glad some people do.

  5. The first few were funny, but this one was a bit predictable.
    The only funny parts of it were the drawings for me really.

  6. this was halarious! i am sad its over too, but you all must remember that the comic is still boxer hockey .com!!! you guys need to read the other boxer hockeys, they are just as funny!

  7. Anyone who enjoyed these Sonic webcomics should go check out the rest of the Boxer Hockey saga. Most of them are pretty hilarious, and it’s definitely unlike any other webcomic out there.

  8. LOL I love how many people are saying they lost interest in these comics….as if the artist gave a crap about impressing anyone. If you follow this guy on DA, he clearly states he’s just a Sonic fan who wanted to do something wacky out of left field.

    People are grossly over-assessing these comics.

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